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That part of us that refuses to accept the norm. There are two axioms that ‘different’ conjure: ‘Original’ and the ‘Opposite’ from what is expected.

He’s standing there protecting that which needs no protection. I summon him with a few words of encouragement. He approaches on the auspice of ‘newness’. It works. We chat. It’s fun. We banter. We amuse ourselves in frivolity. Then, there is an addition to the equation and he leaves, but we will see him again.

It’s this initial reaction to ‘newness’ that captivates. If you can continue the captivation, you will succeed in your endeavor.

Captivation depends solely on being ‘original’. Being the ‘opposite’ of what they expect will make them yours forever.


A Young Genus Dei, “Cooking for Jesus” from One, a musical

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Cooking For Jesus11

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I’m sitting in a waiting room for an appointment and I overhear the couple next to me talking about lost treasures being found. Gold, silver and artwork. Sometimes it’s found just a few feet below ground when a farmer plows a field in France or England or a construction site begins work. They talk about how it’s been there for hundreds of years and yet no one noticed until now.

And I begin to think. Aren’t we all passing up gold and treasures that are right next to us? Treasures of life that have been next to us for all of our lives and yet we don’t see them.


We have to be childlike again and discover the wonder around us. Wonder without pre-conceived ideas, notions and dogma. Every reality available in the universe is right next to us. We only have to open to its existence and act.

Don’t let the world hold you back. Worse still, don’t let yourself hide from you what you’ve always known and loved.

Innocence, from One, a musical

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From birth he has had no hearing. He navigates through life with resources he has learned. Sign language and his cell phone, where he types furiously with his two thumbs to convey his thoughts as speech

He is a puppet to two who convey their desires upon him. I watch his eyes convey  a wrenching of inner desires. Somehow as I sign language him in non-sign language his heart is being squeezed and his eyes weep for the freedom he can’t experience.

Love without condition, just a simple expression of his I AM. Will he ever feel those things? In a simple way, I tried to show him there was much more than what he was experiencing. At such a young age I don’t know if he truly ‘got it’.

He offered only what he had to give at that moment, cautiously viewing his captors.

Sometimes giving the only thing you have to give in a captive environment is enough to set you free.

It’s a start.


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Character from One, a musical. Opening number.


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A Sign Of Conflict

A sign displays the conflict in relationships.



The inability to entertain the notion or idea of anything but your own thought. Inflexible constitutes change and a choice. If the energy is not there to move these two, the situation ends up in an unending circle or a stalemate.

What is the answer when there seems no out? If you ignore the situation, you get the repeat which led to the inflexibility. If you initiate the change required there is resentment and a closing off of communication.

Time is a factor here. Why? Both parties are suffering. How do you break through suffering?

A lot of love and a lot of patience.


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Frustration is running rampant throughout our lives right now. On an international level its extremists and how to cope. On a national level it’s dealing with deep divisions in beliefs, and on a personal level its dealing with the myriad moments of daily life. Finding a solution isn’t that easy. If you ponder all of these scenarios throughout any given day, you end up with a cacophony of unending thoughts and turmoil in your mind.

Maybe the best solution is to simplify. Take the three necessities in life: food, clothing and shelter. Are these needs being supplied? And, are they being supplied at a level that does not invoke stress? If stress is involved, you must remove the stress factor or whatever is causing the discomfort. You must start from a point of peace in your mind. Searching for that peace will give you an open mind to finding peace in other areas of your life.

The world will always be there with all of its woes. Starting each day from peace will eliminate most of the frustration you feel. A pill will never cure your feelings. Money will not fix the emptiness and feeling of lack. All you can do is start over and start from the basics.

It will set you free.


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A retraction of feeling and emotion.

It usually pertains to an individual, but it can be used to encompass a nation or a group of individuals.

When used, it leaves behind an emptiness, loss, and a feeling of despair.

Not pleasant.

But, we use it everyday to justify our needs, wants, desires and unfortunately, our need for acceptance.

It’s the wrong emotion for what we need.

The emotion we need is ….


Moon Over Inibition

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We live in this Cosmos.

Yet, we hide our essence like it’s not welcome.

What is Cosmos?

It entertains the idea of freedom in expansion to life.

Do we feel it?

Only when we subjugate out feelings of life as we know it.

Is it better to walk home to what we know than to open ourselves to the unknown?

If so, we remain locked into our own cage.


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