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That’s what I gave him. It was my ride home in a taxi, but he needed it more than me. To me, it was nothing, to him it was everything. I’ve seen him before. He’s young, maybe 28ish, his dog loves him. As all dogs do. Maybe this is the lesson.

Love without condition.

So, since I was walking and had no money for the cab, may as well stop in at the local watering hole. It’s Bear Weekend. And what I see is only what I don’t want to see. Beer bellies are not my thing. As I leave, I say to the door man “That was scary”. He ignores me.

So I walk home, and I think.

That’s the best $6.00 I ever spent in my life.


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Unbeknownst to ourselves, as we live and grow we create a cage around ourselves. It consists of our trials, errors, hopes, desires and mostly, what we believe. The trouble with cages is that they are confining. They limit us. They limit our thoughts, our dreams , desires and life. Somehow, without knowing, we let these cages encompass us until one day we wake to entrapment. And then………we desire freedom. What is this freedom based on?

Knowledge…Beliefs….Trials… Life Experiences…..Regrets….Love….Hate….

And we realize it’s been a game we brought upon our self because of conditioning, environment, or acceptance.

Then we try and d-construct our cage.

Truth is a hard realization.

But it is love, only in it’s truest meaning, that we evolve.

Love truth.

The Matrix – Deciphered – Part Five

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Morpheus is wounded and captured, taken to a military stronghold and chained to a chair. Agent Smith begins his interrogation of Morpheus. During this time Agent Smith, orders a Sentinel attack on the Nebuchadnezzar, then unplugs from the Matrix and describes to Morpheus his feelings about humans versus the machines. Agent Smith correlates the human race to a virus that spreads and devours everything on the planet. The machines are the cure. The one thing Agent Smith detests the most is our smell.

In our world of form we have either order or chaos. Man does not mix well with nature. He tries to change it because he doesn’t balance himself. All things in the universe are interdependent. Any in-balance in man creates in-balance in nature. As we are able to raise our consciousness as a whole, so will the planet become more balanced. It’s a fallacy to think that if machines were allowed to govern the world…

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The Matrix – Deciphered – Part Four

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The Oracle represents and portrays our “choice” and “free will”. She also represents the un-knowingness of fate. She likes to bake cookies. I took this to be ‘memories’, and her way of preserving them. Our memories evolve out of  our choices and our free will to be able to make these choices. Memories can be fed with love, so they last, or they can be erased. As the Oracle mentions to Neo after she feeds him one of her cookies which he eats.  “You won’t remember any of this when you leave, out that door”.

The oracle has been part of the Matrix since it’s beginning. She has existed since the revolution against the Matrix. She has told both Trinity and Morpheus their purpose and future in life. Morpheus was told that he would find ‘The One’. Trinity was told that she would fall in love with ‘The One’. Because Morpheus trusts The Oracle, Neo is…

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The Matrix – Deciphered – Part Three

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With Neo secured on board the Nebuchadnezzar, his journey of discovery begins. In the beginning, discovery will take more time than in later years. Your inner body is weak and it needs to be transformed before you can experience higher forms of energy. This is represented in the movie when Neo begins medical rehabilitation. Progress is slow in the beginning. You’re removing the embedded past and replacing it with a freer way of thought. Your awareness and acceptance of that awareness is increasing.

After Neo’s initial recovery, and before his trip to see the Oracle, he begins his training. Morpheus shows Neo the construct. In order to accomplish this, Neo is strapped in a chair and a probe is inserted into the back of his head. This connection in the back of the head, connects the brain and his nervous system directly to the Matrix computers. It allows Neo and the others to…

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The Matrix – Deciphered – Part Two

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Neo is taken to a ‘safe house’ where he meets Morpheus. Morpheus shows Neo images of what the world is like. Morpheus explains to Neo, the circumstances leading to this current existence. The truth is hard for Neo to comprehend and believe.

In relation to these facts, we, as individuals have created our own darkness in our lives. This darkness permeates deeply into our psyche and being. It is part of who we are. It will take a lot of effort to clear the debris.

There will be disturbing images, during your first initial steps into meditation. You will see images you can’t understand, and images that make you feel uncomfortable. Your choice to leave this world behind and explore new worlds will create a vacuum.

It’s like, all this time, you’ve been resting on top of a lake, waiting. Now, your decision to change, makes you want to explore the lake. During some…

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The Matrix – Deciphered

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When I first saw this movie years ago and discussed it with friends, I was surprised how many didn’t understand what the Wachowski brothers were trying to say. The reviews I read on the movie were no more enlightening. The reviewers spoke about the special effects or about an un-understandable theme/plot/character synopsis. Or, they analyzed the script.

Here’s what I thought the movie was all about. Because there is much to know and understand about this movie, I will break it down, and submit it for review in sections. This is the first section.

Matrix is an allegory/metaphor about self-realization in life. The movie uses deceptive imagery to strengthen its impact and meaning,  through layers and layers of symbolism and subtleties.

Depending on where you are in your soul’s growth, you’ll likely decipher different meanings than your friend or neighbor. I liken it to reading a book six months after you first read it. Based on…

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Something that is less than attainable. It’s our wants. Desires. Notions. Dreams and anticipation.

I see it tonight in a never ending trough of expectations. I find it interesting in the most part, because it’s human nature, and it’s great to watch and experience.

Desires that think they will fulfill you.

Notions because you can believe it will happen to you.

But, there is always reality.

You only have you.

Make the best of it.

Stars In the Night Sky

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When is the last time you looked up? At night? With a a sky filled with stars?

What did you feel? Did you take time to feel what you saw? How does it make you feel? What is it telling you?

In one word……’perspective’.

We come from star dust, we yearn and search, we live and we learn.

We become!

Give back without expectation.

You’re not alone. You are part of the whole.


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The creation of space.

Unencumbered by thought. A period in time with nothingness.

Don’t we all need it? But we never make time in the noise. Things to do, always too busy with life, always surrendering to future or past.

B_ r_ e_ a_ t_ h_ e.


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