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A moment in time when you cast out your beliefs for what you are or want.

He just got married. The end all to end all, supposedly.  What he’s been waiting for for his whole life. Now he’s all over me like a dirty shirt. I don’t see his partner until I’m about to leave.

Tell me, is this life, now-a-days?

Or was it always here. We just didn’t recognize it until we were older, wiser or ” in the know “?

It really doesn’t matter. What matters is how you live with it.

What’s Wrong

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This Site.

What the Hell is going on. Every time I enter this site it’s different. Can’t you stick to one thing and be consistent? I don’t want to wrack my brain every time I enter, to put up a blog.

As an employee told me years ago,…….get your shit together!

How Can You Find What You’re Looking For

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spyglasswhen you’re all about ‘Me’?

Your wants, your desires, your needs and answering those questions only to yourself. You talk to strangers and they comment on ‘you’ so you can express ‘yourself’.

But you forget to ask back to the source…’what are you feeling’?

Therefore you get lost in yourself. Your this and your that. There is no room for anyone else.

Hense….your loneliness. You’ve made everything external. You’ve forgotten that it’s all internal.

Are you feeling empty?


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A waste of money.

If you want to express yourself, you were given a tongue.

Life Experiences

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life experiences

A series of memories tied together to make us whole.

Yet, we’re empty.

At the end of life we look back and review our choices.

We lived, we assumed, we pretended, we lied, we loved, if we were lucky, and we consumed.

Now, there is reality.

Nothing in equals nothing out.

No risks, no rewards.

Mediocrity equals squish.

Dependency equals entrapment.

Violence equals regret, possibly death.

But, in the end there is always the life saver.


Mail vs. Male

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Originally posted on TWA2R's Blog:

Mail was the life line to the outside world, when I worked at Echo Bay. Depending on the weather, the plane would bring mail either once a week, or sometimes if the weather was bad, once every three weeks. Specially in winter. Everyone would rush to the post office to check to see if anyone had sent them mail. It was an isolation camp and you couldn’t even receive radio signals unless you had an expensive short wave radio. There was a phone in the office (short wave), but it was only available for emergencies and office to office communication for the mine manager. They didn’t ship junk mail into camp, so if no one wrote to you, you were out of luck. There were always depressed faces on mail day.

Things have changed. Most of us probably wish we had isolation type mail. We’re subjected daily to a bombardment of printed…

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Our essence.

It leads us to what we believe is real for us.

So we show outwardly to the world our belief system and what we want. Everyone is different and the ‘showing’ is different.

I’m watching him. He has the gifts of God. Good looks, body, personality kindness, and an ability on all the levels you can think of. They fawn all over him like candy given to a child. But politely he moves on and looses each and every one in a crowd of rejects. I seize an opportunity and approach him in an ungarded moment.

“What are you looking for?” I ask. You have the most beautiful men in the world all over you and you cast them away like waste.
“I’ve been watching you”, I say.

He replies; “They are all children”. He asks my name and I tell him. I ask his name and he tells me.

Then he says “I like that you’ve been watching me”. “Well”, I say, “I hope you find what you are looking for”. I look a t the group around him and they are staring at us. ” It wouldn’t look good for you if they saw you leaving with me”.

He smiled. I left.

So, in conclusion, we just want some sort of recognition.

Then we can believe what we think,…… real.


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We think, we want, we desire.

We’re looking for fulfilment on some level

What is fulfilment?

Everything you believe.

Belief in something is temporary. But, …….. only because there is constant change.

We believe, but there's more to our belief than what we think we know.

The part we don't know, is that we're only filling the game of life.

What game you ask?

Believing anything we do is actually real.

I Don’t Want To Talk About it

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I Don't Want To Talk About it


An escape from reality as you’re feeling it.

Truth exposed!

I’d rather live with myself.

At least I would know the lies.


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The act we ignore unless we want it.

So I tempted him. I felt like the devil, asking for his soul in exchange for all the material things in life.

I lied. I told him the impossible. He liked it and being young, it was entertained as a thought.

I was only looking for his reaction. He held his own, but since he will be here all weekend, I will keep testing him to see what it takes for him to relinquish who he is.

It’s not fair. He’s young, but very knowledgeable about life and how it works. I do it with humor, with laughter and non-expectation. He is welcome to leave the game anytime it gets too much. But he likes it.

We need more of life.

I’m only entertainment.


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