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October 29, 2011

Sweat drips into my eyes. I long for a semblance of sanity. The world, our friends and all in between want peace in their minds. But, all around us is constant turmoil, longing and un-satisfaction.

How do you change that which will not change.. Time. You have to wait for the right moment in time. But, time doesn’t exist. It’s only a figment in this reality.

If the fan is turning and the blades spinning, you have to go with the flow, until someone unplugs the unit.

The poop will stop when you realize you can unplug the fan.


Pre-Conditioned Thinking
October 23, 2011

We’re all apt to belive our own thoughts. Why? They sound good to us, and they make sense in our realm of cognizance.

It doesn’t matter, if what we spew to others around us is true or not, it’s all a matter of convenience. It’s comfortable. And, as long as we can believe what we talk, it consoles us on many different levels. Stepping back and viewing what we are regurgitating from ‘our story’ , is hard to do, without questioning motives, desires and thought processes.

Then there is reality. Someone who has been though the game, has sensed the pain, frustration and longing, realizes it’s just part of life.

Don’t make it more than what it is.

We’re here to experience. nothing more, nothing less.


October 14, 2011


Life wasn’t meant to be so serious. You have to get out and play sometimes. You may find resistance, but deep down the resistance is an affirmation of what is good, accepted and needed. We can’t always show what we are feeling, because of preconceptions, obligations and standards. But, we can feel it when we are in the presence of someone who is dishing it out. It’s fun and there should be more of it.

Break the chains. Be free. Let yourself go. You can still be original and decent.

Most of all,you can be human.

Everyone is looking for it now-a days.

The Valve
October 14, 2011

In my dream, I was walking along a road with Eberhard, in a city I used to live as a child. There were beautiful homes, raised on a hill, overlooking a golf course and a river. But the homes were missing something. Underneath the homes, where there was supposed to be waterfalls and water features, the water had disappeared. All you could see were pipes and foundations and rust. Rusty water dripping from unused pipes and fountains. It looked barren.

As we walked along the road, I came to a large valve in the middle of the road. I looked at Eberhard and said, “here’s the problem, someone has shut the valve off”. I immediately opened the valve and the water began to flow into a cistern from where it fed the homes above.

All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, behind me I could see plummets of rich, black smoke rising. I turned to view the smoke. As I did this, immediately, there were large explosions happening. All of the oil refineries that were on the other side of the river were being destroyed, one by one.

Eberhard turned to me and said, “it’s your fault”. “The water released hydrogen and when it reached the refineries, it became too volatile with all the chemicals there, and the refineries all exploded”. I became scared and woke up.

After reviewing my dream book, and sourcing my feelings I came to the following conclusion:

Sometimes we inadvertently close ourselves off to what is around us. The beauty that was once there has disappeared. We have to find ‘the valve’ we used to close off and re-open it. As life begins to source through us again, the debris will be cleared away. It may seem explosive as these changes take place, but in the end, the rewards will be lasting.

Beauty always beats darkness.

October 13, 2011

A lost and found scenario. From the first time we experience ‘affection’, we never forget the feeling. It is that part of us that connects with ‘realism’ on this plane. The fact that we lose affection after experiencing it’s bliss, makes us crave it, for-ever more.

It turns into a struggle for the rest of our lives. trying to replace that which we feel has been lost.

The truth is, affection is never lost.

We’ve just forgotten how to feel.


Predator and Victim
October 6, 2011

Desires bring out our predator instincts. The stronger our desires, the stronger our intent and victimization. Victims of predators are not guiltless. Somewhere in their psyche is also a desire or need, that they haven’t fulfilled on some level. When predators and victims of predators come together, a balance happens. Both get their desires fulfilled.

The viewer of a predator/victim situation can only judge the outcome through their own life experiences and knowledge. So reactions will be varied. In the end, it will be a slurry of emotions that we recognize. It can be any of the major emotions: joy, fear, guilt, freedom or love.

The outcome, for each individual at play, in this scenario, will always be the determining factor in their growth. If the deed is consummated, both parties must accept the outcome.

If they don’t, they will be burdened with torment for quite some time.

It’s this torment that changes victims into predators and predators into victims.

Piece Of The Pie
October 4, 2011

I dream an illusion and the illusion is real.

Infected eyes pour out a phantom mirage.

The rush for the RUSH is on.

Armed with vacuums, they descend for the thrill, but the suction is weak. The poison seeps beneath their feet.

True knowledge is lost on personal whims. Time is unkind.

An electrical background lights the sky. The rush is carried by waves of excitement. So close, feeling protected, but actually in grave danger.

They sacrifice, like a thousand dollar payment for sin. Trapped by greed, the viceroy of gratification. Filling a second, instead of a lifetime.

False lies devour the soul.

They turn on their vacuums for protection, only to find it’s unplugged.

Now, the danger of loss, is real.

It’s just a piece of the pie, that everyone wants.

And………………few eat.

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