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February 29, 2012

Hope is an energy we create while experiencing struggle. Hope is the driving force that can take us from despair to joy.

Strength comes from hope through the process of burning dross from gold. As complicated as we make our lives, we have only to look for something simple as our solution to any problem. It is hope combined with love that will lift restriction and replace struggle with reward. With reward comes appreciation. And appreciation is something we wait for on a continual basis.

Hope is warmth born out of cold. It is soothing to a soul that is troubled. It’s a ‘lightness of being’.

Hope can take us to One. One is all anyone really needs.

One word.

One life.

One love.

And finally……



10 Short Cuts In Life
February 26, 2012


So it began. I was on the dance floor and he began to dance with me. He said, “It doesn’t start with a kiss”. “In all due respect Robert, the physical is not what it starts with”. “A kiss means committment and a relationship”.

On this level he came from, he was right. On a universal level it was a restriction. A contraction. Limits placed on a world that lives by contraction instead of expansion. “You have nothing to fear except yourself”, I told him. “You have to release your feelings”. And so the conversation went from moment to moment, interspersed with deep warm hugs of immense caring. Connections on an non-verbal level, signifying a connection beyond the physical, rooted in a ‘knowing’. So, as we danced I began to give him what I believed to be some shortcuts in life.

Feel. Be open. Let the world pass through you. Let nothing stick to your energy.

Be free. Probably the primatial rule.  Connect with the source. Feel your inner energy. It is your direct connection with the Source.

Accept yourself. We know ourselves better  than any one else, and, because of this fact, we know our utmost enemy. Conquering this facet of our life takes a life time. Shorten it by accepting who you are for whatever purpose and reason.

Everything you hear may be false. Question the source. If it isn’t from your inner most depths during a meditation, it may be un-true.

Make friends. We all need some one from time to time to help us though life and the moments it presents along the way. Friends, unknowingly, most of the time ….’care’….and there is nothing as beautiful as someone caring about you.

Love who you are with, if you have someone close. They feed you, and believe it or not, you feed them. Two hearts are better than one.

Listen and watch. How else will you learn what you came here to learn. In the most surprising ways, you will gather a wealth of information that will take you beyond your wildest expectations.

Love what you work at. How else will you be able to accept humanity as it reveals itself to you.

Be silent. A direct connection with the Source will reveal your path in life and spread the utmost love in the world. You have to be the connection between the Universal and this world.

Take a moment each day to reflect. Be here now.



February 17, 2012


A direction unknown. It’s that place we believe we belong, but don’t. Black versus white substance.

We want what we miss and yet can’t afford what we feel. We splurge to carry us through to some small reward, but come back to reality.

She’s Eberhard’s mothers age, but so full of life and living. She’s a hostess at a burger restaurant and she seems to be living life to the fullest she knows.

In contrast, a short distance away, the plant outside her window dies a bit each day even though it’s fertilized, watered and has sunshine. What makes the living give up life when there is so much to live for and feel?

People want to change, but won’t, or don’t for all the unknown reasons in the world. But they’re living . And, they’re dying. All in the same moment.

The two couples sit across from each other, just friends, but mirror images of each other. Clones in a world of disparity. Viewing their cell phones for attention they’re not receiving in their own group, but just experiencing what they grew to know as normal while growing up.

He enters in regalia fit for a queen, but receives no notice, does about turn and leaves for an entrance later.

She was the most beautiful man I’ve ever met. I was on the dance  floor and we looked at each other. There was an instant connection. She refused to accept the feeling, but it was there.

“Great energy” I said. She kept dancing and a flock of women encased her.

A fickle society looking for the right answers and ignoring accepted parameters. The old is old and the new has belief unproven in a state of flux, but it offers a hope in change that is fearful but exciting. People want it but they don’t.

Nothing new here at all,……just the dichotomy that is life.

A wonderful trip to experience.


Cold Cold Heart
February 14, 2012

Do our experiences determine our love quotient for giving?


While going through life, we so subtly absorb pain and channel that pain into closure on so many levels. If lucky, sometimes a single caring moment, word or thought can release years of accumulated closures into a realization and an opening of the heart. It comes as a surprise. Unexpected. Like an awakening. This is evident when you realize that over the years you had closed off to ‘receiving’ love naturally.

Let’s hope it’s not too late to know what you’ve always had, but were too fearful to realize.

You’ll know this feeling as an expression of extreme joy welling up inside of you. It may bring you to tears.

It’s beautiful.

It’s inner, and a release of restriction.

Your heart will feel warm. It will say…..

I love you………

So Much!

Happy Valentines
February 11, 2012

Love makes the world go round. Apparently there seems to be a lot of love lacking in everyone’s lives. Even those away from the day-to-day toil of life seem to experience upheavals.

Harmony is not easily found. More often it is lost in todays routines of existence. We have reprieves by taking in outside activities. A group of friends, a meal at a restaurant, a drive along an unknown road, but still, we end up coming back to who we are and what it all means in our lives.

There’s no known solution to what we are feeling, or an answer to our problems. There is only ‘one’ of us. If we abandon our fears we can release ourselves. But abandoning ‘who we are’, takes courage.  When we give ourselves up to the unknown we have ‘our’ truth. That’s the hardest to face. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time we resort to what has kept us chained in our mediocrity.

Step forward. Release your feelings. Feel your feelings. Express your feelings.


It’s better than what you’re feeling now.

Valentines is all about ‘love’.

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