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August 31, 2016


He’s here for a short stay. She knows him and seems like she is looking forward to the change. We will be leaving for a short sojourn of five days. He will be taking care of her.

We all like change when it looks like we’ll get what we want. Otherwise it’s painful and unwanted. It seems this change for her is “her escape”.

I’m listening to her conversation with the guest. She says ” I like to eat different things, not the same thing every day. The meals should be small. I don’t like to eat too much. I’m eighty pounds and that’s my perfect weight”.

It reveals, that as we suspected, she in her mind, feels that eighty pounds for her five foot one frame is a good weight. She would be blown away in a ten mile per hour wind, and if she turned sideways, she’d almost disappear.

Her mindset is like Fort Knox. Inflexible and like steel.

All these years I’ve fed her every morning, noon and night, varying her menu so she wouldn’t get bored with the food. Bending over backwards to accommodate every whim and wish, only to discover it all meant nothing to her. She could care-a-less. She is only interested in maintaining some illusional weight configuration in her mind that , as she sees, is perfect. I may as well be serving her ice cubes.

So after the sojourn, maybe when I return to her care taking, her meal will be a grain of rice, or a trip to Syria.

Nothing like contrast to bring a person to their senses.


August 26, 2016


That part of us that refuses to accept the norm. There are two axioms that ‘different’ conjure: ‘Original’ and the ‘Opposite’ from what is expected.

He’s standing there protecting that which needs no protection. I summon him with a few words of encouragement. He approaches on the auspice of ‘newness’. It works. We chat. It’s fun. We banter. We amuse ourselves in frivolity. Then, there is an addition to the equation and he leaves, but we will see him again.

It’s this initial reaction to ‘newness’ that captivates. If you can continue the captivation, you will succeed in your endeavor.

Captivation depends solely on being ‘original’. Being the ‘opposite’ of what they expect will make them yours forever.


A Young Genus Dei, “Cooking for Jesus” from One, a musical
August 19, 2016

Cooking For Jesus11

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August 17, 2016


I’m sitting in a waiting room for an appointment and I overhear the couple next to me talking about lost treasures being found. Gold, silver and artwork. Sometimes it’s found just a few feet below ground when a farmer plows a field in France or England or a construction site begins work. They talk about how it’s been there for hundreds of years and yet no one noticed until now.

And I begin to think. Aren’t we all passing up gold and treasures that are right next to us? Treasures of life that have been next to us for all of our lives and yet we don’t see them.


We have to be childlike again and discover the wonder around us. Wonder without pre-conceived ideas, notions and dogma. Every reality available in the universe is right next to us. We only have to open to its existence and act.

Don’t let the world hold you back. Worse still, don’t let yourself hide from you what you’ve always known and loved.

Innocence, from One, a musical
August 17, 2016


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August 7, 2016




From birth he has had no hearing. He navigates through life with resources he has learned. Sign language and his cell phone, where he types furiously with his two thumbs to convey his thoughts as speech

He is a puppet to two who convey their desires upon him. I watch his eyes convey  a wrenching of inner desires. Somehow as I sign language him in non-sign language his heart is being squeezed and his eyes weep for the freedom he can’t experience.

Love without condition, just a simple expression of his I AM. Will he ever feel those things? In a simple way, I tried to show him there was much more than what he was experiencing. At such a young age I don’t know if he truly ‘got it’.

He offered only what he had to give at that moment, cautiously viewing his captors.

Sometimes giving the only thing you have to give in a captive environment is enough to set you free.

It’s a start.

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