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November 25, 2012

It’s all in  the mind’s eye. We impress upon ourself our desires and beliefs. But, we have only ourselves for our existence. Our existence can be meaningful or entrapped.

 He tells me he’s sixty-one . I’m sixty three, but the distance between us is  non-comparable.

He’s layer’s of wrinkled waiting and wanting, but his belief in  his desires and soul permeate his every word..

Will he make it to his obsession or will it fall on deaf ears and humanity?

He really deserves a chance for the fulfillment of his dream, but will any one listen?

His T-shirt hangs on  him in layers of perpetual  rebellion, and still it looks gracious. Why?

Because he is greater than who he feels.

I am dragged  away from the energy of a thousand  moments, un-realized, but I go.

Sometimes saving the moment is more important than what your end result will reveal.



November 25, 2012

One can be selfish. An expression of the inner self to be realized. Totally unnecessary, but inevitable with our egos. It’s only the smallest amount of love that we are looking for, but we go to extremes to realize our desires.

Youth dance to an inner force of who they are. They can develop muscles to entice their image, or pretend they have what they need. But all in all, they’re searching for the one.

One what? Everyone’s desires are different. Like DNA. It’s amazing that some actually meet their other half.

What they do with their existence when they meet the One, is tormentuous. Extremes are conquered or waylaid, but in the end a need is fulfilled.

For this time around, it’s all most of us need.

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