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Illusions (edited to make sense)
June 18, 2011

What is real?

What we want to perceive in our minds, or what we want to believe in our hearts?

We can charm our listeners to make them believe what we want, or we can be what is honest and true.

The difference?

Belief in the beholder, and either person may be the beholder.

The result may not be what you want or wished for.

But that’s what it’s all about.

In the end, we want experience, so it makes it all worth while.

Live your illusion to its fullest.

Live it to its fullest.


Middleman – The Agent Syndrome
June 15, 2011

It’s permeating our whole society. Everyone wants to make a fast buck on something that already exists. They want to be the agent that makes a commission for selling something that someone else makes.

China has become the second largest economy in the world. It won’t be long before they are number one. Why? Because they still produce products and will continue to produce products until they are number one. In contrary, we like the Romans have allowed others to do our work for us. We stand back as middlemen ready to re-sell something someone else has already made, or we expect to receive money for services that require no work. Take banks for example. They really aren’t interested in lending money, servicing your account or dealing with you at a counter, anymore. That costs too much. They can make more money, every time you swipe your credit card. without doing anything except to set-up the machinery to count the end game. How long do you think it will take banks to start charging for ‘free on-line banking’? Airlines record profits this last year from baggage fees and ticket changes are another example. Pharmaceutical companies are producing most of the medicines we use, outside of our borders. Look what happened with the swine flu epidemic a while back. We had to wait for some other country to produce the vaccine. It will all lead to us being held ransom some day. Oil companies and insurance companies are already holding us ransom. And, look at how we pay.

If you happen to believe that you buy your materials, you apply labor and create something, and then resell it to make a living from the difference, then you’re being left behind because the paradime has changed.  The trend is to stay away from labor. Producing something and earning your money is dead. We’ve given up the responsibility of work. We just want to make profit off something that is moving down the chain without putting in effort, skills, or even love. Our love has moved from making to taking.

There are very few things left we don’t outsource. They are usually things that must be made in the local physical location. However, if they happen to be labor intensive we outsource this because we can’t make enough money from the hard work. We hire hard workers for little pay.

There’s your work ethic… greed.

We have become a society of non-producers.

Just Another Day
June 14, 2011

As I’m driving to work, my head has already started to pound. I usually never get headaches, but for some reason I have one today. The impatience is all around me as I drive. I’m in no hurry to get to work. A favorite song comes on the radio and I turn up the volume to drown out my thoughts. I don’t want to think, I just want to feel.

The feelings begin. I don’t like what I’m feeling and I go back to concentrating on the radio music. Work mode is in progress when I reach the office. Questions abound, needs are filled and everyone leaves me alone. I get ready for my appointment and head back out the door.

Disillusionment is what I’m feeling. The homeless person waiting at the light has all of his clothes on hangers on the shopping cart. The bags attached to the cart are also hung neatly. He looks completely unkept. Contrast. He heads out from the corner four times, stopping each and every time, because he has misjudged the timing of the stoplight. Even he is full of impatience, and he, I assume, has nowhere to go.

Exhausted. I pass billboards promising the good life. I see expensive cars pass me, and I wonder if they’re paid for, or just leased for looks. I haven’t travelled this route in a while, and there are new buildings, and old ones being torn down. Constant change. The lady selling fruit is still on the corner, offering exotics and cherries. She always has a smile for me. I buy some cherries.

Imbalanced. A few short breathing meditations while I’m waiting and I’m a little more relaxed. On the monitor in the waiting room, I watch a Star trek film I’ve seen, and relive details I’ve forgotten. They’re ready for me. I take the corridor into their office, relate my relations and take the corridor out.

Calm. Hopeful.

A new view.

June 12, 2011


Sequestered in a single room like an island with no outside contact. Self restricted to life lived through a book of pages detailing someone elses imagination. A lonely choice of isolation, but unwilling to change. Limited to a diet of mediocrity in conversation, people and food. A soul starved of life for no apparent reason. Over time, the pendulum of  life swings so far to one side, its balance produces a clamoring for everything nourishing. But, trapped by a mind that won’t bend, life force subsides and a self-made prison slowly begins to self implode.

Unwilling to communicate through misunderstanding or fear, a soul longs for fulfilment on unknown levels of emotion. The search leads outside…… like we’ve been taught to do. Endless samples pretending to be the solution find their way to the unfulfilled. Some tested, some rejected, but none the answer. Secrets revealed to strangers in dark places, but not to the one who needs to hear the words.

Looking for freedom from the inside, nourishment from outside love is rejected as complicated. Stifled communication leads to separation, while all that was required, was openness. Understanding comes at a great price.

Whatever starvation you feel, be gentle on yourself, and love your feeling till you are filled.  When understood, love can bond the emptiness.

 The answer, is in the love you won’t share, for whatever reason.

We All Have Problems
June 10, 2011

Years ago in my restaurant, Beans and Barley, one of the waiters came to the ordering window and described a conversation that was taking place between a couple in the dining room. The conversation entailed  an argument on who was giving more fellatio. Other customers around their table were more than embarrassed. Because it was quite late and close to closing, most of the customers left for the evening. However, the waiter relayed the story to myself and the staff inside the kitchen. We were all young at the time. We were still laughing, when the waiter commented with “well, we all have problems”, which made all of us break into laughter even more.

I have used this expression many times since then, mostly to change a conversation from dense to light. Problems follow us through life, like an endless shadow. When acknowledged, we tend to ignore quick solutions. We get tangled in the emotion and forget the solution.

Many problems stem from a lack of love. Here is an email I received this week from a friend in San Diego, slightly edited.

“So I’m driving home when I pull off the highway and I see the stop lights are all flashing red…it’s a highway interchange right by my place….the woman in front of me is not moving and I give her a little toot on my horn, when I see this man in the car next to me get out and say call 911…I get out of my car and a woman is lying in the middle of the road WITH CARS DRIVING AROUND HER…I give the man my phone, as I move to protect her, and he calls 911. The woman is lying in the road crying and screaming ‘I want to die’ and ‘nobody loves me’.  I try to get her to tell me her name and look for signs of injuries…finally I ask her for her hand. She keeps saying the same thing over and over. I tell her ‘I’m sorry you’re in pain but I’m not gonna let you die tonight’…The police are on their way, so I tell her to put her arms around my neck which she does, and I carry her to the sidewalk. She holds onto me and cries and starts to relax and calm down a little. The police came and thanked me and the other gentleman and tell us to go home”.

I reply with comments suggesting a ‘sign of the times’.

I have a coffee, while waiting for an oil change and observe a slice of life in the near-by Burger King.

She holds a tray of cupcakes in her hands, the sacrifice of love lacking in her daily moment, with groupies in tow, her best friends now….waiting for the first taste of friendship.

All dressed in prerequisite school uniforms, except for designer shoes, handbags and totes. Plugged into cell phones, but not themselves. Wanting originality in a cookie cutter world.

He’s confident and talking into the air with his bluetooth. Slowly people join him at his conference table. Lacking an office, he conducts his business meeting here. He pulls papers from a briefcase and passes them to the attendees. They are read, with some encouragement, and then the attendees sign.

With a beer wrapped in a paper bag, he informs the counter server what they are doing wrong at this fast food restaurant. If they want a better place, they should listen to him.

He is cleaning the floors with broom and dustpan. His stomach protrudes so far over his view he misses most of what he is supposed to be picking up. He looks frustrated with his job and his life. He doesn’t know how to change.

A woman is on the side of the freeway with three small children huddled close to her side. She looks fearful and her car, broken from wear and tear, stands next to her.

I laid off two staff this week for lack of work. Staff that can’t afford to be laid off. One has been with me for eight years and it rips fragments of deep pain from my heart.

I consider retiring and closing the business of twenty-three years. I weigh the pros and cons. I feel the loss already, but futurize the freedom.

Problems are those things that cause change in our lives. It’s up to us if we want to accept the change and the so-called ‘pain’ that comes associated with the adjustment.

We can only do our best.

The Unknown
June 3, 2011

‘Unknowns’ in life are governed by our fears. To step into an unknown would entail a relinquishing of inner subject material. Beliefs or living patterns that we may have to change. We consider these ideas sacred.

Who made these beliefs sacred?

We did.

 We accepted the status quo and conditioning and belief patterns that were fed to us.

After that, our ego accepts these so-called truths as real and believable and we live by them.

Step out of your fears. Give yourself the freedom to change.

What surprises you will find.

Helpful Hints
June 3, 2011

How do you stop bananas from turning brown?

Sprinkle peeled, sliced bananas with powdered sugar, from a wire mesh strainer.

If you’re cooking and grease forms on top of your finished product, how do you remove it? Eg; Soups, Stocks, Crock Pot Dishes.

Lay paper towels over the surface. The towels will absorb the grease and leave the rest. Throw the paper towels away.

How do you stop sliced apples from turning brown? Place them in a bowl of lightly salted water for a few seconds.

Thanks Mark. This blog is for you…..r

June 3, 2011


Here’s another way of  looking at life.

Take the volcano. It’s energy lies deep beneath the surface of the earth. As tectonic plates move, molten lava from the earth’s core is disturbed and moved. If there are blockages, the molten lava builds up pressure as it tries to find a path of escape. Eventually the pressure is released and there is some sort of explosion. The results are usually both death and life. Death of the old and birth of the new.

Surrounding the volcano is nature and life as we know it. The closer we are to nature, the more aware we will be of how the interaction will play on us, when this eruption occurs. The further we are from its source the less affect the volcano will affect us. If you consider the volcano as a source from which to draw from, you want to be close enough to receive the benefits, but not so close that you get burned in the process.

What are we missing from not tapping into The Source? Why would we chance living close to the volcano?

It’s for the experience.

If you don’t experience life, you don’t really live.

June 2, 2011


Although we start pretending at a very early age, possibly though some form of rejection,  it allows us a form of escape. It morphs with our reality as we grow and mature. And, it is always there in some way or form for survival purposes.

Let’s pretend our life as we know it, is a movie, and you are the main character. In reality, life is just that. But, we tend to look at our lives and existence as ‘real’. The other characters in the movie are players who inhabit your life now. The movie begins and you are thrust upon the scene in which you are living your daily life and routines. The other characters are doing the same.

As we interact with others, we hold our reality as our own, as do they. Yet, the fact that we are drawn together in this one movie together, makes us connected. From them, you require something and since there is balance in all things, they require something from you. This game keeps playing until the need is fulfilled. Then the characters change.

During this process, we learn, or grow, or continue in perpetuity as the same. If we remain the same, we can pretend we have changed, because the scene had a different background when the last movie played. But, in reality we coast. And the same scene will play a hundred times again until we process what we haven’t learned.

All of the people in your film have a responsibility. Your interactions have brought you together, so ultimately you can learn. When the learning has been processed, move on and break the cycle you hold on to.

Step back occasionally and view your movie. You want to see your energy increase and feel a greater expansion on a space level.

Why else would we show up here?

This isn’t pretend.

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