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The Gift
July 28, 2011

He’s sitting on the sidewalk, crumpled like a ball of crushed blackened paper. His skin matches his clothes and they are both darker than the pavement beside him. His ‘life’s shopping cart’ is also the same blackened color. A gentleman offers him a quarter. The price for the quarter is a testimonial of God. The real gift here, is the gentleman’s time. The gentleman is acknowledging the existence of a human being that has disappeared from societies radar.

I take the last two dollars from my pocket and also hand it to the man. My gift, is a small need fulfilled. In return, the man on the pavement offers me back the quarter he holds in his other hand. The gentleman looks offended. This could be construed in several ways. Firstly, just a token of appreciation from someone who has so little to give, or, a relinquishment of the gift that has a price that may be too high to pay.

Last week, the man on the pavement chased me to my car. I wasn’t sure what he wanted and in my haste, I left the parking lot. But, not before he placed the foil wrapper of a cigarette package under the windshield wiper blade. When I look back on this now, maybe the foil was a gift from the previous day, when I gave him some money. Possibly, the quarter he offered me, was a gift.

The gift of appreciation.


July 28, 2011

Older people should take the time to experience youth. It’s a close up review and questioning of ‘new’ versus ‘life experiences’.

Youth tend to be open, fearless and willing to test the waters of life. Unmoved by  pre-conditional thinking, they are only challenged by the sensuality of life. They are knowledgeable without knowing. Here lies their purity. Their bubbling energy comes from the freedom to live.  That part of us that has been taken away by living ‘life’. They are untainted by sorrow, grief and regrets. Like the Constitution, they live freedom of expression in the pursuit of happiness. They have the freedom of self to live moment by moment as if it were ‘real’. Truly, they can make blue eyes turn green with envy.

When they show their freedom, it comes in bursts, expressed as part of the five senses. Who can deny their keenness of listening for knowledge or their laughter from giving.

But this is where change happens. Each new thing we learn and absorb, as we grow, takes a chip of the youth from us. This is the balance. What is learned, is balanced by a replacement of ‘experience’. Each time this happens, youth fades. It’s as if we were in Antarctica. The slow-moving glaciers of events, in an environment of constant change, force upon us, the hostile and cold world. Precipitous icicles hanging like gnashing teeth are always waiting for our unawareness.

But all transformations bring their own rewards. Youth carry the seed of ‘trust’  and ‘innocent honesty’. By observing their traits, their inquisitiveness and sense of adventure they can reveal to us, the wonderful complexities in the puzzle called life. 

We have much to learn, from youth.

Go out a meet a young person.

Christmas In July
July 23, 2011

Last year at this time we were moving. It was drama and resolve.

This year I’m absorbing and reflecting.

 There’s a tribute on the screen to Amy Winehouse. There’s Norway on my mind.

The bartender reaches for my empty glass, and without looking, his energy extends past the glass and pulls a piece of me. Not sure of what he has, it’s the mystery that entices. Others pine for him relentlessly with shots and favors, but he’s not there.

I give my chair to Amy and later Rob and Amy exchange chairs so she can be close to her friends. They are infatuated with Moulins Rouge on the screen and they sing along with Chris the bartender. They are a match, except Amy’s girlfriend doesn’t have a beard.

Steve and Eberhard say that when Zac Efron marries Justin Biber it will set the world upside down. They think it’s inevitable.

There’s an AIDs benefit tonight and the Theme is ‘Time Warp’. People from the event parade though the bar with their costumes and excite the crowd.

Handsome. strong and masculine, he sits next to me, after the girls leave. He’s with his lover that resembles Richard Branson. Small talk from myself he absorbs without commenting too much, but when he gets up to leave, he rubs my chest and his arm reaches across my shoulder. He smells good. Very protective of his manhood he longs for passion and release of his fears. I leave shortly afterwards and see him smoking, while Branson waits and looks on. They don’t see me. I step into the dance club and have a few dances. The music is house, uninteresting and after a few dances I leave. Outside is manhood and Branson. I rub his chest with my hand and tell him smoking is bad for him. He shows me his hands without a cigarette, looking at me in bewilderment. Nothing special here, but it moves his energy and he thinks.

I am followed home by a couple arguing semantics. Nothing special here either, They’ll end up making love and forgetting the conversation ever happened.

It’s nice to be home.

July 16, 2011

Rejection only occurs when you are in the process of giving. That is why it is so painful. It’s roots are based in emotion and if you cannot assimilate the feelings into a positive experience on some level, it may scar you for life. Whatever the outcome, your perceptions relating to the ‘not being loved feeling’ remain and influence your future actions/reactions for a long period of time.

The process of giving is that inherent part of you that comes from some belief pattern you cherish. When your belief pattern is held ransom to another’s belief or needs, in comparison, the dominant ego wins. It is a learning and growth process. If you are experiencing the rejection, your wants are squashed, while the person performing the rejection is fullfilling their needs on some level. Believe it or not there is a balance happening at this point. Just not the one you were hoping for in this scenario.

Your only way out is to love. Love yourself for being able to experience this emotion and, most of all, love that what you thought you could never love.

It will prevent you from contracting.

It will prevent the pain.

The Writing Is On The Wall
July 14, 2011

Our perceptions are based on our reality in this moment.

As we continually ponder our futures, moment by moment, in our everyday life, things in the world are changing around us. The collective consciousness will be moved towards more separation and contraction. A world burdened by debt has no other alternative than to pass the burden. There will be massive changes in our ability to maintain our status quo. Look carefully around you and cherish what you have now.

Move towards freedom of burdens. Discard what you cannot use.

The saving grace for us all will be expansion on all levels.

Expand in love.

It’s An Unruly World
July 9, 2011

I would like to blame Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney for the way rules are disregarded now, but in reality the core base of what we see happening around us now began long before they came on the scene. They were just the vehicles that made us aware. They broke all the rules and got away with it. Responsibilities and consequences were brushed under the rug. People emulate what they see, and in this case, they saw it in our leaders and copied their actions. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

However, when two people choose to break the rules and it is copied by millions, the effect becomes overwhelming. There are endless examples around us each and every day. Here are two. ‘Stop’ signs have been mentally changed into ‘yield’ signs. Carpool lanes are for single people only, unless you are caught. And who’s to catch them? There is no enforcement, and the people breaking the rules know it.

Two factors make all this possible. First, is the thought process behind the action. The person breaking the rule is coming from a place called selfish. From their point of view and the world they live in, nothing else matters but their agenda. Secondly, they assume they will not get caught. But, if they do get caught, they will deny the action. “Prove it” will be their response. They will spend endless amounts of energy denying ‘what is’ or ‘what was’. And, why would they take this approach? Because, they have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, if they get away with it. Kudos to the distorted and twisted way we’ve come to think. Where has our conscience, manners and belief systems gone?

The way of Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. Living the good life, at the expense of others.

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