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February 28, 2014


A notion conveyed upon us by our parents.

It’s meaningful. We can’t avoid it’s encumbrences.

Those who ignore it have no concience.

It’s for our own good, weather we know it or not. Supposedly it guides to a higher ‘state of being’.

What is this state?

A connection we fail to observe in any moment to moment.

There is only us here in a universe of vibrating material to guide us to the next moment.

Wake up and enjoy your surroundings.


February 22, 2014


A step away from presumption.

An emotion that rules our day-to-day lives. It’s a comparison.

Comparison to what? Just our own life experiences. What if our life experiences have been limited by factors.

Factors like environment, society, the status quo, or even inner desires.

To presume almost says ‘we know something the other doesn’t’.

But the spoils go to the ‘controller’. We either hide what we most inwardly want or we take the step to freedom.

Scary if your young.

When you’re older and have nothing to lose by ‘knowing different’, it’s just another day.

Lost Years
February 16, 2014


I’ve reconnected with an old acquaintance. We never really knew each other, but we were aware of each other’s existence.

Today and tonight we got to relive missing pages from out past from each of our own perspectives. It was a long time ago, but it answered many ‘unknowns’. Probably 28 years in the offing.

A part of life we like to settle in our minds if there is ever a chance to reconcile.

The details are not important. The important part is the resolve.

When we are young we have all the time in the world. We’re fearless and nothing stops us in our quest. We only know what we want, not the repercussions from our needs.

As we age, time seems to run out. There’s not enough to accomplish the thoughts we think.

But time is nothing. We just think it is. It is only a condition to limit us.

Take time out of your equation and you will live forever.

Much love….r

The Path Of Least Resistance
February 16, 2014


As humans, we’re like water. We flow. Unable to accept our conditions we seek to find the level of tolerance we can accept.

He’s a doctor, trapped within his own man made circumstaces of “really?”

He wants an out. Three years of “on and off”. I meet “on and off”. Dump this sorry ass!

Be who you really are. It’s a bit of work, but well worth the effort.

Soul mate is just around the corner.

February 15, 2014


Like Valentines. Should be love, lust, fulfilment on some level.
There’s a full moon out. It’s a long weekend and the scent of lemon blossoms fill the air early. What more is needed?


Does it happen?


More often than not, it’s a prelude.

Prelude to life.

A message that says…..not…….NOW.

February 9, 2014


An emotion. Catch 22. Because of its state, you’re not suppose to feel it. But, it’s a deafening roar. An opposite.

It allows us a breather. An ability to shut out the surroundings. Eventually however, we have to ‘feel’ again.

It’s either pain or love.

Choose love.

February 2, 2014


An emotion transferred into body movements set to music.

These body movements describe who we are in the dance moment. We can be sexual kings or desirable queens. We can be demure, enticing, strong, weak or silly.

It’s to let the immediate world around us know who we are and what we need and want.

We’re telling a story as we dance.

Make sure the story you’re telling is what you want.

A Prelude To Spring
February 1, 2014


I’m walking home. The scent of new blossoms are in the air. It’s early, but we haven’t had winter. The fragrance is intoxicating. I think of many things.

Forgiveness: an act we fail to commit to each day.

Love: an emotion we can’t control.

Laughter: a song unsung when we need it the most.

Realization: watching youth.

Be well, be good, and for you who know Oceans, be a gentleman.

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