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January 24, 2016



Unbeknownst to ourselves, as we live and grow we create a cage around ourselves. It consists of our trials, errors, hopes, desires and mostly, what we believe. The trouble with cages is that they are confining. They limit us. They limit our thoughts, our dreams , desires and life. Somehow, without knowing, we let these cages encompass us until one day we wake to entrapment. And then………we desire freedom. What is this freedom based on?

Knowledge…Beliefs….Trials… Life Experiences…..Regrets….Love….Hate….

And we realize it’s been a game we brought upon our self because of conditioning, environment, or acceptance.

Then we try and d-construct our cage.

Truth is a hard realization.

But it is love, only in it’s truest meaning, that we evolve.

Love truth.

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