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September 28, 2013


He sways in the wind. I look at the flags hanging across the street from where he is standing and they hang limp. There is no wind.

His eyes light up like a child when they first experience ice cream or a candy store. His facial expression beams with joy. He is describing a former lover who passed away in ’91. He is still in love with his past and a meaningful time in his life. He becomes his past and the energy he exudes makes us wish for more.

His life is simple and without want. His allowance was increased, so he paid for dinner. “What’s an allowance I asked him?” All the while knowing the answer. Enough to cover other people’s needs.

He struggles with need. There is the moment to moment of trying to make ends meet. Fighting one fire after another. Scared for where it may all end up. His only wish is for hope. Hope for another moment, another chance to succeed. Just one more time, one more chance to make it happen.

She misses the birthday card that never arrived. She saves them because they are the only cards she ever gets to remind her that someone hasn’t forgotten. Even though her bank account was pleasantly surprised, it was not the card. There was no attachment of words or feeling or caring. The card is much more important.

He feels used and scared that all his love is for naught. He is deeply in love and worries that his emotions will be hung out to dry for something new. He hopes for new signs of deep caring, love and connection. His best thought is patience.

All moments are timeless. We just don’t realize it at the time that matters.


September 27, 2013


Without recognition.

Some go through their whole lives as the support function to great moments, people and events, but never get applause. These people make the world go round. Without them, greatness would never happen.
They are usually in the background watching as the upfront spectacle gets the applause and thunder.

But as innocuous as they seem, they are the lightning.

Choose how you want to be known.

September 25, 2013


A moment away.

I’m walking to my car after a long extended work day. There have been many lately. The parking lot gates are open and the inner lights of the church light up the stained glass windows casting warm color on the surrounding area. It resonates peace and warmth.

I breathe in and try to absorb what I am seeing and feeling. It’s our own inner light that keeps us strong. When we resolve to use it, we shed light around us for others.

It is also the best refuge on this planet.

September 21, 2013


An area we don’t understand.

It’s like a knowing that is unrelated to our soul.

It’ meaningful only when you accept its parameters.

She looks like Maria Shriver with her laughter and teeth showing a smile from ear to ear. Where’s your drink she asks? Among other questions I can’t hear.

It’s not the unknowing I feel, but the lack of connection from a world that has left me behind.

It’s inoffensive in its questioning and I want to respond, but all I feel is a lack of coherence. I recognize the music but not my reality in this moment.

It’s better to leave in an unknowing state than to figure out what has happened.

September 20, 2013


An energy that keeps us real.

Spinning at 36,000 miles an hour we feel stable and walk up-right. But our love for un-change trys to deny gravity it’s dues.

Deep furrows on a young brow are plowed with persistence to rigidity.

Bright blue eyes of youth in a mind of freedom are dominated by cause and effect.

Un-doing gravity is futile. Our mind tells us we can do it, but only because of the loss we feel as we age.

The key to gravity is to abandon resistance. Resistance is knowing you can’t succeed.

Acceptance is knowing it’s possible.

September 15, 2013


An empty nest of wishes.

I follow him through the crowd. Boufont hair and a sway that would entice masses. He offers shots of liquor laced jello with an empty ending.

He moves with the grace of unrelenting joy. Music moves his being and he responds in kind.

The go-go dancer is lame in his repitore from go-go school. No feeling just moves on an empty crowd.

I want to dance, but I question ……why?

To enjoy? To compete? To satisfy my release of feelings?

It’s not important.

Like the early evening. Empty promises on wishful ears and mouths.

Is it better to be wanted only to find you’ve been robbed or not to have loved and find you missed nothing?

September 8, 2013


They are placed in the band surrounding his torso. He pulls them out and crumples them into his hand, making them invisible to the onlookers.
I question his intent. Why would he do this? To entice more people to fill an empty band, or though fear of losing what he has gained.

Probably a bit of both. Our society hordes its wants and vacuums life, like it will not exist tomorrow.

Fear based upon fear. Fear of loss, fear of lack.

In a universe that is unlimited, the only emotion they should feel is generosity.

Ask and thou shalt receive.

September 6, 2013


The process that holds us to our beliefs.

Beliefs are temporal.

Much like life,

It’s more important to believe, than to …..


Your belief will open any door

Your wishes will leave you dry.

Leave wishes behind.

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