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Beginning of………
February 3, 2017



Fear without Knowing
January 21, 2017



So, I’m coming around the corner to go to the boy’s room and there are two people waiting in line. The first person is standingĀ  about four feet from the restroom doors. The second person is standing sixteen feet from the restroom doors. A line is forming, but neither of these two people move forward to take up the distance in the line.

What keeps them from moving forward?

Is this a sign of the times?

Is their fear of moving forward greater than their need to release?

One person comes out of the left side restroom and the first person takes his place. But, the second person in line refuses to move forward, even though the line behind him is forming quickly and reaching out the exit doors of the building. Finally, the second restroom becomes available and the person ahead of me moves to take his position inside the restroom. I immediately take up the lax in space of close to twenty feet and wait for the next restroom to become available.

If fear is this obvious in a nondescript environment, what does it say about the county under Trump?

Are we going to be governed by our small but innate fear of ‘not knowing’, or fear of ‘who we are’ as a replacement for I AM?

Move forward! Take a stand! Be who you were meant to BE!

November 17, 2016



We’ve lost our identity. Our true identity. Maybe it’s social media. Maybe it’s because we’ve been trained to look outside of ourselves for respect, gratification and acceptance.

We’re feeling forgotten, left out and we’re in pain. You can’t fill that void with a new President-elect, drugs or any external means.

We have to stop, quiet ourselves…and listen to what we feel. We have to do this each and every day. And, each and every day we will learn truth and the outside world as we know it will slowly change.

We must change inside first, before our outside world changes.


Elect shun
November 11, 2016



Pre-election jitters induced angst and anxiety. Post election results produced anger with one half of America’s population and joy with theĀ other half. It’s hard to reconcile all of these emotions with so many people involved.

The ones in anger feel robbed. They feel loss and they are hurt deeply. Loss is never a good feeling and feeling pain along with the loss tends to breed more anger, hate and prejudice. Possibly the three emotions they were initially trying to remove from the election rhetoric.

In moments like this, clarity is needed. And, unless you’ve experienced and felt an elevated form of clarity throughout your life it may not seem like the solution. Clarity is learned from personal experiences. It’s a feeling which lets you know: ‘you can’t be robbed’. Nothing can be taken from you that you’ve learned, that you instinctively know within or what you won’t relinquish.

The pain must be worked through with love and understanding.

Time will take care of the rest.

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