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Lost Time
July 27, 2013


Like a resurrection from infinity, he appears.

Ten years have passed, but he longs for you.

At first you melt from the spell. Then your memory kicks in.

There has been gallons of water under the bridge.

Do you still take the plunge or do you do what you’re feeling?

Always what you’re feeling. Listen to your body. Not the mind.
The mind has a million and one reasons to seduce you. Be comfortable. Feel ‘who you are’.

It may not be right for him, but you’re not him.

You are you.

You have changed.

Move on.



Green, Green Grass
July 27, 2013

green grass

Is a part of bigger, better, best.

Like a mirage it enters our lives with promise for the better.

We’re secretly searching for something better than what we have. We find the green grass. But slowly the sun turns it brown.

Maybe from lack of moisture or nurturing, but it always fades.

We have an insatiable appetite for more of ‘what we are missing’.

Guess what?

If your energy was on the green grass from home, you’d be home and satisfied.

Look more closely at what you have.

Most times it’s in front of your face.

And,……all you need.

Fault Line
July 25, 2013

fault line

What is your fault line?

That is the question we should all be asking ourselves.

We all have faults and for whatever reason, we ignore them. Even when we know better. We recognize some, and we usually make a modest effort to overcome these traits of personality. The other traits we totally ignore, even when we know it could heal us or make our lives better.

Is it because we like the crutch, or that it gives us a ‘life’ to talk about with our friends? Somehow, we like our situation. It’s comfortable and if we keep it, we don’t have to change.

Change brings disruption and usually emotional stress.

And, who wants that?

So we go day-to-day, hoping that things will change.

Unfortunately, our fault lines remain in place until there is an earthquake in our lives.

July 20, 2013


A moment we love, but won’t admit.

Excitement. Challenge. Fear. Unknown. Life. Death. Expansion. Growth. But…..most of all….living.

That’s what attracts us. Surviving what we can’t possibly know.


July 20, 2013










What would it take to combine all these unknowns in one euphoric moment?




July 20, 2013


Have you ever gone through an evening out and noticed the odors around you?

This is only awareness, nothing deep, nothing spiritual, just smells.

My first smell was humidity. Overhead fans spinning fervently with misters in the background, surrounded by foliage. A moistness in your nose with hints of earth and sky.

The bowl of soup emanated strong chicken background with hints of green onion, shrimp, chicken and beef.

His cologne was from Abercrombie. He told me the name as he leaned over. My nose rubbed against his neck. It enhanced his strong image as he texted at the speed of light.

Another is dancing with grit and gusto. His smell is body odor, but his moves entice the viewer.

Three walk through the dance floor. The last gentleman farts. Unknowingly, I walk through it on my way out.

The water in the still fountain smells like tomorrow.

The best smell is bed.

Fresh clean sheets.

A memory from youth, mother, caring and love.

July 19, 2013


A disruption in your innate ebb and flow.

It may be external or internal in application.

But the result is the same.

A contraction of energy.

In an ever-expanding universe, pressure will only give you pain.

To release the pressure, you must expand.

How do you expand?

Love what you feel.

July 18, 2013


A precious moment unveiled when we finally ‘let go’. It can be magical, soft, tender and loving.

The only way to let this feeling surface is to relinquish.

To relinquish, you must forgive on some level.

More than likely, it will be ‘you’.

July 14, 2013


A moment when we feel disconnected.

I gave a comment in jest, to inspire, but it was rejected with utmost disdain.

It was a composed response from someone on a mission to invoke a necessary negative feeling. Not their fault.

Their parameters of acceptance have narrowed and they are only open to acceptance on a certain criteria and level. Unfortunately, they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And there are no coincidences in life.

It’s never going to happen.

Secrets Unveiled
July 14, 2013


I guess we all keep secrets to ourselves. That’s what keeps us human.

I met an individual tonight who knew more about this city and it’s goings on than anyone could imagine. It only took a few drinks before he spelled out to me everything that was going on around us.
More than anything else, it was interesting. He worked for those who know.

I feel more informed, but no different than before.

As life reveals its secrets to you, you have to be willing to accept what you have learned. Your input is neither here nor there.

Secrets are a matter of existence.

We’re just all a part of the whole. It’s up to us how we interact with what’s happening at any given moment.

Just be. You can’t be any happier than who you are,

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