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The Masters
April 11, 2012

There have been numerous Masters that have come before us. Some artists, some writers, some philosophers, some spiritual. They all had one thing in common. They were in tune with their infinite self. They all tapped that inner energy that makes The Whole. All of us have that same ability. We’re just not aware of it or we just don’t think we are a part of that ‘special something’.

A recent example with someone using this same ability, and from a surprise candidate, happened at the latest PGA Masters Tournament. When interviewed about  that final incredible shot on the last hole, Bubba Watson said, “I saw a picture in my mind”. That picture he saw comes from being in direct contact with your being. What he didn’t say is, ” with this picture, there is ‘a knowing’ attached to what you are seeing “. This ‘knowing’ is the source. It is everything that ‘is’, here, now, past, present and future. By tapping this moment, you are in tune with the infinite. These moments are rare, but can be attained more often that we think.

You obtain them through feeling. Not thinking. Your essence is guiding you. You are at that moment ‘I Am’. I Am as the whole, encasing every aspect of infinity. To get there, you have only to be yourself. You must tap your innermost ‘being’. That’s the one we suppress though fear. You have to open your awareness to this presence.

Life will become simpler for you. When you connect, you’ll become transparent, so to speak ,and life will pass through you, because you will be in this moment.

Please try it out.


Water Burns
April 5, 2012

He’s been here since 2:00pm. The server asks if the drink in front of him is his. His reply is “no,…..its water”. “It burns”.

If water burns, what is your body experiencing? But he’s the most loving human being. Warm, giving and misguided. But all in all, so beautiful. His torment is an answer we refuse to accept. He lives with it daily, and he waits. Is it restitution, revival or reprieve? Too late for the answer, but just enough time for the enjoyment.

It’s a cacophony of sound. The videos, the people and the surrounding experience. I watch the videos, so programmed to entice and so un-natural in their movements and portrayals. What are they conveying?  A movement of motion rewarded with a dollar.

What has happened to ‘naturalness’.

What if  there were a video that portrayed  an unencumbered human emotion?

Would it sell?


But then again who wants to take the chance that water may burn?

April 5, 2012


Extraction is a process of elimination. It might be something you have, that is needed or desired by another.

It can be a form of energy or even a systematic series of endeavours. But it is a need.

Extractors are likened to a preying mantis that is mating. In the beginning, they’ll give you attention, and when finished with their desired extraction, they turn around and eat you as a reward for your giving.

But here is the saving grace.

Knowledge, wisdom and your belief.

They can’t take these from you.

They can’t take anything from you, but what you give,

If you’re only giving  love they will only receive what they deserve.

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