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November 29, 2013


An energy. Variable in its meaning and use.

It can be empty. It can be fulfilling, But, It’s noticeable.

The dance floor is full and the word “space” comes to me. I leave.

I don’t feel crowded. As a matter of fact, everyone moves from me to give me space.

Like I have a pox, I do my thing. Then, abruptly, I leave.

It’s not necessary that I stay or ‘be’. It’s more important that I noticed.

There is a hundred times and more, of bountifulness surrounding me. On a Thanksgiving weekend.

It’s important that it happened. It was great to be part of the happening.

Sometimes, that’s enough.

Feeling trumps mind.


Scribles / Strange
November 24, 2013


An attempt at remembering.

I look at what I’ve written, hoping for revelation of some sort.

Instead, I see garbly-gook….
Here’s what I can decifer… a Moment…..

It’s a drop in time. When everything comes together in an awe-fullfilled moment. It is something that no-one wants to accept. In togetherness, without inhibitions or pre-conceived ideas, there is joy. More joy….is another drink. Enjoy what you’re imagining.

Strange… a concept out of the ordinary.

Most of the evening, I watch. Words that turn to disappointment. Moments that are misleading. Wants unfulfilled. Insincerities that feed an ego. Emptiness. On assorted levels of being.

Part of seven billion thoughts that need a conclusion. Non- forthcoming.

Taylor Oceans
November 10, 2013


Too cool for words.

More inspiration than life itself.

A being who ‘is’.

Take note world.

There’s a lot to learn from this being.

November 10, 2013


A severance.

A need, unfulfilled.

Output of energy with no return on expectations.


An acquired fact of life.

November 9, 2013


An imaginary feeling of want.

A needing to fulfill or sustain, that which is temporary.

Remembered only when the energy input matches an output of reward.

Reward is only a justification and a need for acceptance on some level.

Let it go…..


November 9, 2013


The moment you realize you’re vulnerable.

Protection, that doesn’t exist.

You secure your life around an image of safe-ness, that is illusionary.

Safe-ness is in you.

Don’t go outside yourself to find protection. Create what you need to sustain your being. Delve deep, within yourself.

Come up from the depths with a rose between your teeth.

November 2, 2013


Mediocrity at best.

We choose to believe. We accept what we see, but we don’t acknowledge ‘the knowing’.

Then we expect miracles.


We’re needy.

Like the dancer who says, “I’ve been blessed”, and sexually drives the crowd. A crowd searching for fulfilment on some level with the means at hand. Some are intoxicated, some are drugged, some are bewildered, some just know.

Basically a “wanting”, because they are not feeling what they need.

What led us to this point?

Our choices in life. It’s a freedom we can’t handle when it comes to fruition. We wonder. Is this what I asked for?

Apparently so. That’s why we grow and change.

We always need more.

Until we realize everything we need is here and now, inside us.

It’s just us.

Who we are.

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