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“There’s An Elephant In The Room”
January 31, 2011

” It’s like there’s an elephant in the room”. My friend Nick was commenting on everyone’s inability to register the fact that Dow had passed away. We had finished dinner with our friends, and we were discussing what had just happened.

Nick had arranged for several of us to get together for dinner at Dow’s favorite restaurant. I had just arrived in town from Los Angeles, and we thought we’d reminisce about old times we had with Dow. At least that’s what we had hoped for. Even though some of us hadn’t seen each other in years, there was an emptiness as to why we had gathered in the first place. Everyone totally ignored Dow’s death and talked about themselves and what was going on in their lives. There was an elephant in the room and no-one was willing to see, hear or talk about it. No one would acknowledge Dow’s death.

But let me back track a little.

Three days before Dow passed away I awoke with an unusual dream. In the dream, I was driving on a road, in my home town, Edmonton. There was a clear blue sky. Suddenly, black clouds appeared, in the middle of the sky. They were volatile, churning and becoming larger. They joined together and filled most of the blue sky that had been there before. Lightning was shooting back and forth between opposite sides of the cloud. Even though there was so much lightning, there was no thunder.

It started to rain. The rain came down so hard, I thought it was going to hail. I looked for shelter for the car and I pulled into an apartment complex that looked like a motel. In front of each unit, were carports, and I thought I’d pull the car underneath one of the carports, for protection. When I pulled into the first car port, there was a large picture window and someone inside a room, motioning at me with their hands to move along. I pulled into the next car port and I had the same result. This continued with each unit. Each with a person in every room waving me away, until there was nowhere to drive but back into the rain.

As I drove, I looked up at the cloud again and from inside the left hand side, a classic car came out of the cloud. It turned right and drove away until it became invisible. After it disappeared, another classic car came out of the cloud and repeated the journey of the first car. Two or three more cars, all different, repeated the scenario and then, they stopped appearing. Next, an all white single masted sail boat came out of the cloud. It too made a right turn and disappeared, just as the cars had disappeared.

I awoke. The dream troubled me and I spoke to Eberhard about its context. After some discussion and reviewing one of my dream books, I realized that the dream pertained to Dow. I knew he was in the hospital and it concerned me. I called Dow’s cell phone a few times over the next few days but , there was no answer. I called Dow’s home and reached Dow’s best friend, Curtis. He filled me in on Dow’s condition and explained that his cell phone had been shut off, so he wouldn’t be disturbed. Dow wasn’t well.

On Wednesday morning, I tried calling Dow’s cell phone again. I had had a premonition the evening before. Dow’s sister, Diane answered. After a very brief conversation in which I wished Dow a speedy recovery, Diane replied with, “he won’t be recovering”. Like the cars he loved, and his boat, Dow passed away at 3:00pm.

Dow was a teacher and mentor to all his friends. He was genuine in his nature and in his generosity of giving. He cared about the people he knew and he shared his possessions magnanimously. He touched some of us more than others, and his relationship to us made us better people. He watched as we stumbled along in our adolescence. He gave us his wisdom when he saw our mistakes, and then, he lifted us up, till we were on our feet again. Sometimes it took more than once or twice to lift us up. Sometimes we listened, sometimes we didn’t. But, he stuck by us. When we finally got up, he let us go. He allowed us to be who we are today. He inspired us to be and do better in our lives. His wisdom was something to emulate.

He brought together people who may never have been able to meet, through his gay bar. They too, were allowed to be who they wanted to be. This was his greatest gift. One he didn’t realize he had. He gave this gift to everyone’s life he touched. He cared.

In contrast, his funeral lacked the human element. His eulogy was given by two different ministers, but no words of praise and love were allowed from his friends. The funeral had as much warmth as a walk-in freezer. It was totally opposite of who Dow was in his life. Information and details about the funeral were hard to come by, and there was a constant austere feeling throughout the ceremony and the moments leading up to the funeral. Much like the people waving and shooing me away in my dream. It seemed no one wanted us there. But funerals are like that. They bring out the very best in people when love is shown and shared, and the very worst in people when money is involved.

Dow said to me many years ago, “Robert, my biggest fear in life is that I will have a lot of money in my life, but no one to love me”. Well Dow, your friends loved you, more than you know. You’ve given them their greatest gift. They know themselves, thanks to your caring and love. You’re loved very much Dow. Rest in peace Dow. Rest in peace.


The Machine and It’s A Job
January 26, 2011

The washer overflowed once already and the noise out of its gear box could wake the dead. There was no inspection on the combination unit during the home inspection, so we didn’t know about the mechanical problems until we used it for the first time.

One of the local stores was having its annual ‘after the Holiday’ sales and we thought it would be a good time to purchase new units and save three to four hundred dollars. Also it would be an upgrade, and the high efficiency units promised to use one-third the water and sixty percent less heat to dry.

The purchase went quickly. It was programmed into ‘The Machine’ and we were offered a selection of delivery dates. Because of previous commitments, we scheduled the delivery for two weeks into the future. ‘The Machine’ accepted our date for delivery. ‘The Machine’ would call the previous day to announce the delivery window.

The previous day arrived, and ‘The Machine’ called us. There was a problem. Only the dryer would be delivered. The washer would be delivered the following week. We had already given the old washer/dryer unit to a friend, who was mechanically inclined and was going to repair the washer on his free time.”’The Machine’ was told that the separate deliveries was unacceptable, because we needed to do laundry that weekend. Back and forth, “The Machine’ called four times. The dryer would be delivered the next day and the washer two days later.

The dryer arrived. It was moved into the hallway, to await the washer, which had to be installed first. Inside were all the correct papers and the stacking mechanism to hold the two units together. The delivery person called “The Machine’. I had to verify delivery and the fact that I had given the previous units away to a friend. I was recorded. I was given a code number. I signed three sheets of acceptance in six places.

One day later ‘The Machine’ called again for the delivery window for the washer. The washer arrived. The installers moved the newly installed drain pipes from the air conditioner out-of-place as they forced the drain hose of the washer into the drain pipe. When they went to install the dryer on top of the washer, they discovered that ‘The Machine’ had sent the wrong stacking attachment. The dryer would have to be installed next week. The installer called ‘The Machine’ after we complained. We spoke to ‘The Machine’. ‘The Machine’ could do nothing. Call the store. In the meanwhile, one of the two installers started up the washer for a test. All of a sudden the first installer ran into the laundry room and stopped the washer. They had forgotten to remove the manuals and installation guides, which came out in a plastic bag, which was now full of water. They poured the water out into the kitchen sink.

The installer apologized, handed me a sheet of paper describing their service rating. He asked me to give them a ‘five’ (highest marks – anything lower was considered a failure), when ‘The Machine’ called to verify service. The installer shook my hand, and left. We called the store and explained the circumstances. The store would call us back. Three hours later after no reply, we called the store again.

They had ordered us new manuals. The stacking mechanism they had in stock was only in the color black. Our machines were white. The white stacking unit would be available in two weeks. They agreed to send one of their local service technicians out the next day to install the black stacking unit, and when the white one arrived, they would send out another technician to install the white unit, and remove the black unit.

‘The Machine’ called later that night with the arrival time of our stacking unit. When the technician arrived, he had forgotten our new manuals. ‘The Machine’ was called again. They were re-ordered. The dryer was installed on top of the washer and after final signatures and one more conversation with ‘The Machine’, the technicians left.

What has happened here? It should have been a simple delivery of a washer and dryer, in an allotted time, with an installation. How did it get so out of hand, complicated and inefficient?

‘The Machine’ was created over a period of time to eliminate all the previous problems that had been recorded over time, when units were ordered and delivered. ‘The Machine’ was installed to prevent problems from happening and to allow a perfect delivery and installation. However, something was forgotten.

Human nature. When everything becomes programmed, the process of independent thinking is taken away. No one is allowed to think, because ‘The Machine’ is there to do the thinking. Human nature kicks in and says “good, let it do the thinking”, I’ll just do the job.

All the human caring is gone. Only ‘The Machine’ cares.

It’s A Job
January 25, 2011

That’s the problem. It’s just a job. No caring and no passion. A pseudo impression is made that seems real enough, but underneath is empty. How many of these encounters do we come across each day? People don’t seem to want to take the time and make the effort to do work that they love. Part of the reason is the traps we build for ourselves. They’re built out of impatience, and needs we determine are important at the time. We have bills to pay, a family to feed and we can pursue our dreams later.


Take the time to search your ‘self’ and determine exactly what it is you want.

Write It Down:

Make a plan. Review it every day and try to make progress towards this goal every breathing moment. Get rid of the things in your life that are holding you back, including debt (don’t spend what you don’t have-credit) and people who are nay-sayers. Don’t be unkind. There is a right way and a wrong way to all things in life.


In yourself, and be determined. Don’t sway from your destination. Think about it often. Picture yourself already in the job you want. It should be work that makes you feel happy when you do it.


Don’t give up. Life is full of ups and downs. By pass the ‘downs’ and head for the ‘ups’. Be relentless in your quest.


Put your ducks in a row. Make sense out of the disorganization. Change your perspective so your ‘letters’ make sense.

Most of all:

Be happy as you do it.

The Wrong Type Of Love
January 24, 2011

There are many types of love. And, we all have different definitions of what love should be.

I was talking separately to a couple I know who have been together for twenty-two years. Although they share the same roof over their heads and some common denominators, I discovered they had different definitions as to what love meant to them.

One persons’ view of love was based on a personal intimacy, while the others’ was based on a form of giving. I’ll call one ‘Intimate’ and the other ‘Giving’.

‘Intimate’ was wanting and needing love that was very personal. A love based on touching, physical contact, caring and a sense of knowing who ‘Intimate’ is.

‘Giving’ was wanting and needing love that showed appreciation. A love based on giving gifts with expectations of being loved in return through the act of being thoughtful.

Neither were connected in love. More like they were connected because of the length of time they had been together. Neither had talked to each other about their ‘love needs’. Each was assuming the other knew what the other needed or wanted.

Relationships are difficult, and we forget through time, to keep our desires and needs open to our partners. There is a way through this. You have to be willing to sit across from each other and look each other in the eyes, while holding the others hands. When you start this exercise, do the first three to five minutes in complete silence, all the while thinking about the kind of love you need and want. Many emotions will come to the forefront. Talk about them. Reconnect on a level that makes you both feel comfortable. Discuss the emotions you are feeling.  You will feel exposed and vulnerable, so go slowly. Listen to each others needs carefully. See if there is a way to re-connect your missing desires into one love that binds you emotionally and physically. You will both have to share what you’ve lost in each other.

It will help you re-discover the type of love that brought you together in the beginning. And, you’ll find all the conditions that love can create for each of you, just as love does, when making a fine wine.

The Matrix – Deciphered – Part Five
January 16, 2011

Morpheus is wounded and captured, taken to a military stronghold and chained to a chair. Agent Smith begins his interrogation of Morpheus. During this time Agent Smith, orders a Sentinel attack on the Nebuchadnezzar, then unplugs from the Matrix and describes to Morpheus his feelings about humans versus the machines. Agent Smith correlates the human race to a virus that spreads and devours everything on the planet. The machines are the cure. The one thing Agent Smith detests the most is our smell.

In our world of form we have either order or chaos. Man does not mix well with nature. He tries to change it because he doesn’t balance himself. All things in the universe are interdependent. Any in-balance in man creates in-balance in nature. As we are able to raise our consciousness as a whole, so will the planet become more balanced. It’s a fallacy to think that if machines were allowed to govern the world, our problems would be gone. They belong to the world of form and are paradoxically themselves, a virus. They keep us focused externally instead of internally. As chained as Morpheus (understanding) is to his chair, so are we chained to our misperceptions. As we release our grip on nature, so will the air purify and perfume the world in heavenly scents.

Unknown to Agent Smith and during his soliloquy to Morpheus, Neo and Trinity have entered the building below and have begun the rescue for Morpheus. Armed with weapons from the construct, they defeat the security at the entrance to the fortified building, and head to the rooftop where they battle agents.  There, Neo’s’ altered perception enables him to see bullets in flight and dodge them. He is beginning to bend the rules of the Matrix. Trinity commandeers a helicopter, and Neo and her rescue Morpheus. However, in this effort, Trinity’s life is threatened. Neo rescues Trinity and all three head  to a subway station to be rescued from the Matrix. Neo was the last to use the phone to depart the Matrix, but before he could leave, he was ambushed by Agent Smith. Trinity and Morpheus watch from the hovercraft as Neo begins to battle the Agent. Morpheus says to Trinity, “he is beginning to believe”, in reference to Neo, as he battles Agent Smith. During a prolonged battle between Neo and Agent Smith it seems that Neo defeats Smith. However, Smith reappears and the conflict continues.

Our inner struggle, while on the path, will take us through many fights. Some we choose, some will choose us. The most important ally we will have during these encounters, will be love (Trinity). We will have to save it from being swallowed up by the conflicts we engage in. It is our purifying force.

Our energy should be increasing, and with it will come an expansion in awareness and perception. We will gain insight into many ‘form ideas’, and find out, that is all they are –  just ‘ideas’. Your new beliefs will become rooted and you will begin to use them as guidance and as a physiological barrier to obstacles. You will begin to believe in yourself, and that fact alone will give you great strength, and powerful energy. You will gain abilities you hadn’t had before. It is important not to get caught up in these ‘special abilities’. As with the limbs on a tree, these abilities may leave you hanging at the end of a branch if you take up their intoxicating power. More important truths lie ahead, and you would be wise to save the energy for those and a permanent reconnection to the source.

After many battles, you may think that you have defeated all of the controls over you. The ego is relentless and will keep reappearing in a new form. It will chase you down until you come to the final stand-off.

As Neo flees from the agent to get to a connection that will take him back to the hovercraft , he finds himself cornered with two agents and Agent Smith. Agent Smith shoots Neo and he dies. Meanwhile, the Sentinels are closing in on the Nebuchadnezzar and begin to break through the hovercraft’s hull.  The Oracle predicted that Trinity would fall in love with ”The One’ , and she refuses to believe that Neo is dead. She kisses Neo. Neo reawakened from death in the Matrix. He recovers and holds his hand up, as bullets are showered at him, from the Agents. The bullets stop in mid-air and fall to the floor. Neo has a final battle with Agent Smith in which he enters Smith’s body and destroys it from the inside. At this point, the other agents flee and Neo is taken back aboard the hovercraft just as Moprheus engages the protection sytem (EMP) to destoy the sentinels with a blast of white light.

Neo dies, but this is symbolic of his old self. The ego must completely die in order for you to experience enlightenment. You will view things from an inner perspective without the secondary comments coming from your brain. There is no more duality. There is only a ‘oneness’.

Trinity represented by love and total expansion, kisses Neo. Love is the greatest power of all. When there is divine love, there is only spacial eternity. There is no death. Our souls never die but live on permanently in endless realms of infinity.

The source of our protection represented by the Nebuchanezzer will be under attack constantly from outside forces. To shield ourselves we will need light. Light gathered through our progression through meditation. You become what you meditate and if you use ‘I Am Light’ as a focus your body over time will transform to  light as you draw down from the source.

 When Neo wakes from death, the scene changes, as does how he sees things. At his point in time he is experiencing ‘enlightenment’. The false veil of illusion is lifted. He is one with all he feels and perceives. He sees, and, he is the Matrix. Neo attacks Agent Smith by going into him. Fears are dissolved this way. When you enter anything you fear it looses it’s strength over you. In reality, there is no fear, if you are love. There is only I Am.

In the conclusion of the movie, Neo promises to free the people trapped in the Matrix. This is not the end, but the beginning. After enlightenment, you don’t just stop in growth. Enlightenment is the stepping stone to spacial purity.


The Matrix Trilogy should be seen in its entirety. The Matrix movie can stand alone and be watched separately by itself. The other two movies Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolution should be watched in sequence together. There was a bad artificial break made between the movies and the second movie does not make much sense with out the third movie to back it up. 

I have only commented on The Matrix from a spiritual point of view. It can be interpreted from many points of view including the whole information technology aspect. Because it can be interpreted in many different ways, it created a love/hate relationship with a lot of viewers.

For me, it was an absolutely brilliant work of art.

The Matrix – Deciphered – Part Four
January 15, 2011


The Oracle represents and portrays our “choice” and “free will”. She also represents the un-knowingness of fate. She likes to bake cookies. I took this to be ‘memories’, and her way of preserving them. Our memories evolve out of  our choices and our free will to be able to make these choices. Memories can be fed with love, so they last, or they can be erased. As the Oracle mentions to Neo after she feeds him one of her cookies which he eats.  “You won’t remember any of this when you leave, out that door”.

The oracle has been part of the Matrix since it’s beginning. She has existed since the revolution against the Matrix. She has told both Trinity and Morpheus their purpose and future in life. Morpheus was told that he would find ‘The One’. Trinity was told that she would fall in love with ‘The One’. Because Morpheus trusts The Oracle, Neo is taken to visit her, so he can find his true purpose.

We all question what our purpose is, in life. Some of us find our purpose, some don’t. It’s not from the lack of trying. Fate is that part of us that is dependent on our choices in life. It is not predetermined. You can forecast a reasonable prediction of your future from the choices you are making now, but anytime you change direction, so does your fate. This is Neo’s problem at the time.  The Oracle tells Neo two things. One, that he is not ”The One’ and second, that he has a decision to make in the future that will determine which direction his fate will take him. He has already made up his mind that he is not ‘The One’. If he believes this to be true, then that will be his fate line. His pending decision will determine a major turning point for Neo. It’s at that point in time, he will begin to believe in himself. This point is paramount. In all of our lives. We need to believe in ourselves. When you believe, you create magic, and the greatest magic of all is love.

While waiting to see The Oracle, Neo encounters ‘the spoon boy’. The boy is bending a spoon and he tells Neo, “Do not try to bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth”. “There is no spoon”.

Neo fails in his first attempt to bend his spoon, when he tries the experiment. On his second try, he succeeds. You can’t change the way things are, you can only change yourself. When you change your perspective towards anything, so will your life change and the events that follow. This is Neo’s first realization that he has the ability to change his destiny by changing his thoughts.

 Morpheus, Neo and Trinity, plus Cypher, Switch, Apoc and Mouse have entered the Matrix to take Neo to see the Oracle. Cypher fulfilling his traitorous agreement with the agent (Agent Smith) drops a cell phone into a garbage can so their signal can be traced. While they wait outside, Morpheus takes Neo in to see the Oracle. When their time is completed with the Oracle,  they head for the hotel, and the contact point that will get them out of the Matrix and back to the real world. As they enter the hotel and escape point, Neo notices a deja vu. The Matrix seals the hotel and prevents their escape. Agents and a swat team arrive to capture Morpheus and the rest. Morpheus and the others manage to escape temporarily by hiding inside the main plumbing wall of the building. They begin to crawl down the pipes. They are discovered and Morpheus chooses to stay and fight, so Neo and the others can escape. The agents need Morpheus because he holds the codes to Zion, the underground resistance, and city. Cypher is first to escape. He returns to the Nebuchadnezzar, where he electrocutes Dozer and Tank. He then phones Trinity and the others stuck in the Matrix. With Morpheus captured Cypher continues with his plan to destroy the others.  He then pulls the plug on Apoc and on Switch, killing them, and threatens to unplug Neo. As this is about to happen, Tank appears and seems only wounded. He kills Cypher and then brings Trinity and Neo back to the ship. Neo and Trinity make a plan to rescue Morpheus.

Cypher represents our inner Judas. That dark part of us that wants to sabotage our own efforts at success. Basically a form of fear. Fear to change and fear to accept the new. When we believe in our fears more than our possible accomplishment to succeed, we entertain causal actions to justify our thoughts and beliefs. If they go unchecked, we believe them and a downward spiral results. It’s all based on insecurity, fears and deception. Mostly with ourselves. It also causes great pain to those around us. You may end up killing off any love there was for you from your closest allies and friends. They will disappear from your life. Worst of all, you  close off the very thing you need the most. Love.

Tank represents intervention and reprieve. It may be from the least likely source, or even words that someone tells you, but it registers deep inside you and you become aware of your misguidance. You turn around and focus on the source again.

Your guide(s) will do everything within their realm to protect you from straying off your chosen path. Mostly from yourself. Questioning and not believing in your inner guide (Morpheus) may result in a temporary loss of guidance. You will have to fight hard to get it back. Your failure to accept the new instinctive truths because of your old beliefs and resistance will cause you tremendous emotional pain and suffering. Even if what you are seeing and feeling is uncomfortable you must love it for what it is, if you want to increase your vibration level and your ability to love. The things that you retract from most, are the things you have to learn how to love. It will be your freedom.

Morpheus is drugged and tortured by the agents so he will reveal the sought after codes to Zion. Trinity and Neo arm themselves and re-enter the Matrix to rescue Morpheus.

The Matrix – Deciphered – Part Three
January 12, 2011

With Neo secured on board the Nebuchadnezzar, his journey of discovery begins. In the beginning, discovery will take more time than in later years. Your inner body is weak and it needs to be transformed before you can experience higher forms of energy. This is represented in the movie when Neo begins medical rehabilitation. Progress is slow in the beginning. You’re removing the embedded past and replacing it with a freer way of thought. Your awareness and acceptance of that awareness is increasing.

After Neo’s initial recovery, and before his trip to see the Oracle, he begins his training. Morpheus shows Neo the construct. In order to accomplish this, Neo is strapped in a chair and a probe is inserted into the back of his head. This connection in the back of the head, connects the brain and his nervous system directly to the Matrix computers. It allows Neo and the others to travel back into the virtual world of  The Matrix.

Your own personal construct is going to be ‘an open mind’ as you delve deeper into your higher self through meditation. You can begin with a clear slate, so to speak. You search for knowledge in aspects of life you know nothing about. You become a human sponge for knowledge and understanding. Knowledge becomes strength.

Neo is programmed with all aspects of life that will give him the strength and abilities to conquer The Matrix, in the world of form. After his training, Morpheus challenges Neo.

In our lives, as we progress on this path, we will automatically be challenged with new situations that we have to deal with on a daily basis. We are never tested. That is a myth. But, we will attract to ourselves, those balances we haven’t processed. These new challenges will keep coming until we find a way to assimilate them. At that point, they don’t re-appear. New awareness brings new beliefs.

At one point in the match between Morpheus and Neo, Morpheus says to Neo, “free your mind”. I did an earlier blog on this concept in July 2010, which you may review.

At the end of the challenge between Neo and Morpheus, Morpheus shows Neo ‘the leap of faith’. When Neo falls and is hurt, he realizes that he is still human, with human frailties.

We have to trust what we’ve learned, to be truth. We, ourselves, will test our new-found energy. We don’t always make the first jump successfully, either. We should realize however, we still have to abide by the rules in the world of form, even though we believe we have changed inwardly. “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” (Matthew 22:21). You still have to keep your life in order on this plane. The more order you have, the better you’ll be in control of your energy and the challenges that will come your way. They go hand in hand. Keep your life immaculate. Eventually, your new-found energies will merge, and your new beliefs will become your new truths. In turn, they become ‘a knowing’. They are linked with the source.

There is foreshadowing in this movie, and it underscores a secondary plot taking place, while the main theme unfolds. At the beginning of the movie ‘the agent’ mentions ‘an informant’, after Trinity escapes from The Matrix. This informant’s name is Cypher. As with other names, his is not a random choice. One of the definitions of cypher is: nothing: a quantity of no importance. Strangely enough, cyphers in our lives can reek a lot of havoc. They are emotionally based. And everyone knows what emotions can do.

Cypher represents the uncertainty in our lives. The never-ending questioning. The questioning that can steer you in the wrong direction, or leave you immobile. Like the persistent ego. Some, on the road to discovery, are impatient and try to go back to where they were. Its like wishing you could go back to that time in your life when you considered everything perfect and you were happy beyond your wildest imagination. But that time is in the past and you can’t bring it back. You can only know what is happening to you now. But this trying to go back, is like sticking a piece of wood in the spokes of a bike when it is travelling. There are a lot of broken pieces that won’t be able to be repaired. Never the less, some try. As does Cypher. He becomes our inner Judas.

After Neo has been trained, it comes time for him to meet the Oracle.

The Matrix – Deciphered – Part Two
January 10, 2011


Neo is taken to a ‘safe house’ where he meets Morpheus. Morpheus shows Neo images of what the world is like. Morpheus explains to Neo, the circumstances leading to this current existence. The truth is hard for Neo to comprehend and believe.

In relation to these facts, we, as individuals have created our own darkness in our lives. This darkness permeates deeply into our psyche and being. It is part of who we are. It will take a lot of effort to clear the debris.

There will be disturbing images, during your first initial steps into meditation. You will see images you can’t understand, and images that make you feel uncomfortable. Your choice to leave this world behind and explore new worlds will create a vacuum.

It’s like, all this time, you’ve been resting on top of a lake, waiting. Now, your decision to change, makes you want to explore the lake. During some meditations you will go deeper than expected and you will stir up the mud on the bottom. You’ve accumulated this mud over a long period of time, and it will take some time until the waters clear again. Eventually, these disturbing images will pass and you will come to understand their meanings, especially as you progress on your quest. You also have a ‘safe house’ during your meditations. It will be times when you feel connected to a safe feeling. This is quantified as, ‘peace that passes all understanding’. You connect with your ‘higher self’ , you begin to expand in awareness, and intuitiveness begins to guide you. Your self-imposed bondage from the untruth will begin to lessen, and lose its grip on you.

By connecting with Morpheus, Neo is opening his intuitiveness.

Morpheus offers Neo the choice of one of two pills. One blue pill or one red pill. The blue pill will keep the status quo, and nothing will change in Neo’s life. The red pill will let Neo see the truth. He will be able to go into the rabbit hole as deep as it will go and discover his true self.

Neo chooses the red pill. This decision in life, is where we define and choose our path. We seek the truth. Once this decision has been made, you will never be able to go back, to what you have believed in before. Everything will change.

After taking the red pill, Neo looks into the mirror beside him. He extends his arm, and his hand touches the mirror. This is your first glimpse of the inner world. Your mirror image is beginning to be revealed to you. You may not like what you see. There are opposites to contend with, and your beliefs will begin to morph and change. You will also notice frequent changes in time and spacial direction. Imagery of what you thought were solid forms will take on a new dimension. Again, think of ‘Alice In Wonderland’.

In the movie, the red pill is referred to as a ‘locator’. It is so Morpheus and his crew can locate Neo, in the ‘Machine City’, which is the power plant for the Matrix. To locate Neo, they use the Nebuchadnezzar. This is the hovercraft that Morpheus and his crew maneuver through the remnants of the previous world, outside the Matrix. Nebuchadnezzar, the name, was also chosen for its ties to biblical references.

The dedication plaque on the hovercraft reads “Mark III No. 11; Made in the USA; Year 2069,”  which corresponds to the Christian  Bible’s Mark 3:11. It reads “And whenever those possessed by evil spirits caught sight of him, they would fall down in front of him shrieking, ‘You are the Son of God!'”  King Nebuchadnezzar in Biblical times was famous for his conquests. He also built the Hanging Gardens of  Babylon one of the lost Seven Wonders of the ancient world for his wife.

A reference here to you discovering and conquering your inner self and beautifying your world. To do this you will have to tap your own energy source. Our power plants are located in our solar plexus. We draw energy from the universe directly through this vortex gate. It is where we begin to transform that energy into light and transform light into space.

Neo is found after he awakes and disconnects from the feeding tubes imbedded in his body. We disconnect from our normal sources of information. We begin our freedom from bondage. Neo’s pod is opened and he slides down into a pool of feeding liquid. From here, Neo is plucked and rescued before he drowns, and brought aboard the Nebuchadnezzar.

The Matrix – Deciphered
January 5, 2011

When I first saw this movie years ago and discussed it with friends, I was surprised how many didn’t understand what the Wachowski brothers were trying to say. The reviews I read on the movie were no more enlightening. The reviewers spoke about the special effects or about an un-understandable theme/plot/character synopsis. Or, they analyzed the script.

Here’s what I thought the movie was all about. Because there is much to know and understand about this movie, I will break it down, and submit it for review in sections. This is the first section.

Matrix is an allegory/metaphor about self-realization in life. The movie uses deceptive imagery to strengthen its impact and meaning,  through layers and layers of symbolism and subtleties.

Depending on where you are in your soul’s growth, you’ll likely decipher different meanings than your friend or neighbor. I liken it to reading a book six months after you first read it. Based on your perception at the time, you will recognize different areas in the book that you hadn’t noticed before. The reason for this is because, six months later,your life has changed, and your awareness has changed.

The opening scene shows the Matrix. In the movie, the Matrix was created by an entity, later known as The Architect, to impose an illusion of reality on the people in the Matrix. This illusion leads them to believe that what they are able to hear and see is real.  They are unaware that anything else exists.  They are living in a virtual world. The Matrix was built for this purpose, with superb sophistication, in the sense that it also controls all of their other senses – touch, taste and smell. Absolutely everything they experience for all intents and purposes is real.

In truth, the ‘real’ world is a much different, invisible realm.

To relate this scenario to what we presently experience in our everyday lives, what we see all around us now in this earthly world, is also an illusion. Our perception makes it real though our mind. Going to work, driving cars, shopping, eating, walking, and all of the conflicts we experience.  The real world that we fail to see and know, is inside of us. Our mind is the gateway to realize this inner world.

The names of the main characters, certain places and events in this movie, were not chosen at random. They all had subjective meanings and had an important part to play to enhance the theme, plot, action and your understanding.

Neo, the main character’s name, is an anagram. He is referred in the movie as ‘The One’. A reference to saviour or avatar that comes to save the masses by conquering the Matrix and guiding everyone towards enlightenment. Much like Jesus, Buddha or Mohammed.

Trinity’s character represents love, through the combination of the father, the son and the holy spirit. But love in its highest form, which is total expansion on a space level.

Morpheus’s character represents change through understanding. To ‘morph’ is to expand awareness so you may transfer from one reality to another. Morpheus is the great teacher.

The first action scene shows Trinity in the virtual world of the Matrix, being chased by an agent. The agent represents control. He is there to make sure the truth is never revealed. Through the movie, three agents are prevalent. I always took these to symbolize government, big business and the church. In one way or another, we are controlled by these three entities. These agents are in the Matrix to keep the status quo and they have the ability to change any program to conform to their present needs. They make sure control is always being kept and the truth is never known.

Neo is introduced. He already lives a dual world of realities. One as a hacker and one as an upstanding gentleman who has a reputable job and life. Duality and oneness are two predominant themes in this movie. Much like our existing lives now, we all live a dual life. We portray one image to our friends, and family who know us and a different image to our co-workers or strangers. Still there is that lingering part of us that is not known to any of these people. It’s our hidden self. Our best friend and our worst enemy. Neo also feels this hidden self and he questions what he is feeling. This questioning is the start to our initiation. Neo is looking, like all of us, for the answer to the question.

Neo is contacted by Trinity. Trinity, represented by love, is the first contact with your inner self. Neo is directed to follow the ‘white rabbit’. An analogy to “Alice in Wonderland’.  Alice, in the book, is portrayed as innocence,  and she follows the white rabbit down the rabbit hole. Self discovery is much like this. You follow your urges, but you don’t know where you are going or where you will end up. But you need an answer, so you instinctively start to believe in your quest, and proceed.

Neo meets Trinity. This is Neo, or our inner self, being contacted inwardly by love. Spiritual intervention. You are being guided,watched and loved, whether you know it or not. We are never alone. We all need help to where we are going. Reconnection with the source.

Neo is contacted again. This time by Morpheus. Morpheus will be Neo’s spiritual guide. Morpheus sees Neo’s potential and his life path. Morpheus’ belief in Neo as ‘ The One’, makes Neo a target for the agents. As the agents appear at Neo’s work place, Morheus tries to guide Neo out of his predicament, to a window ledge.  Morheus is unsuccessful in his first attempt to protect Neo. Neo is disconnected from Morpheus by a dropped phone and Neo’s initial weakness to comprehend what is happening to him. Liken this to, not being able to feel connected at all times. We feel lost in the beginning, and we stumble as we endeavour to connect our feelings to what we think. We question much and we don’t know what answers are truth. The window cleaners scaffolding and an earlier shot of the window being cleaned, represents our inability to see clearly at this point in our initiation.

Neo is brought back to his present reality by his contact with ‘the agents’. The agents capture Neo and begin to interrogate him. They try to convince Neo that what he is seeing in the Matrix is real and if he believes them, he will be left alone and allowed to continue on his current path. To make sure Neo does not stray, the agents implant Neo with a bugging device. This device represents our connection with the status quo. If we try to disconnect with what we have been led to believe as truth, outside forces and our egos will try to reconnect us with this earthly plane.

An arranged meeting is set up for Neo to meet Morpheus.  One of the other movie characters in this arranged meeting is ‘Switch’. Dressed in white leather, she represents the opposite of all the other characters, who are dressed in black. Black in its highest form is ‘mystery’. White in it highest form is ‘light’. Switch is a no-nonsense type of woman. Light and darkness play a key role in our lives, and in this movie. Grey areas are only that part of us that wants to be cautious and tactful. To make a choice, to experience truth, you can only choose from white or black. “Switch’ is the precursor to Neo’s choice. She represents the contrast between contemplating truth and being truth.

With some resistance, Neo is debugged by Trinity and Switch. This is the point where we finally choose to believe other than what we’ve been taught. We are looking for new answers.

January 5, 2011


We’ve been trained to accept convenience. Companies and manufacturers produce everything for us so it will make our lives convenient. Everything from a six-pack, to the happy meal, to a dozen roses. We’ve become so accustomed to convenience that we actually look for items, deals and even people that make things convenient for us.

He’s young, mid twenties I would say, and he’s sitting on the other side of Eberhard. I ask him what he was eating, because it was covered in corn and I couldn’t recognize the meal. “Hanger steak”, is his answer. “How was it”, I asked. “It needs more seasoning”, he replies. He tells me his soup that he had earlier, also needed seasoning. He knows how to cook and cooks most of his meals. He’s out for a break tonight. He begins a synopsis of his life, previous jobs and current work. References are made to his independence and how he is not beholding to anyone. However, in his descriptions are comments of “I didn’t pay rent for four months”, “he got me this current job”, “he paid for my schooling with my current job”, etc. He continued, expressing his independence, self-reliance and autonomous ways.

You could argue that he was adapting to his environment and making his life more convenient. But, maybe his friend was being convenienced and was also adapting to his environment.

Our conveniences come in all sorts of packages. But any convenience we use or receive is also being used or received by the giver.

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