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How Can You Find What You’re Looking For
March 26, 2016

spyglasswhen you’re all about ‘Me’?

Your wants, your desires, your needs and answering those questions only to yourself. You talk to strangers and they comment on ‘you’ so you can express ‘yourself’.

But you forget to ask back to the source…’what are you feeling’?

Therefore you get lost in yourself. Your this and your that. There is no room for anyone else.

Hense….your loneliness. You’ve made everything external. You’ve forgotten that it’s all internal.

Are you feeling empty?


March 25, 2016


An energy like a rogue wave.

Surprising, dangerous, scary, an unkowing, intense and fearful.

Numerous scenarios permeate the evening.

Many wants, desires, unfulfilled wishes and dreams.

They latch on to what they feel will make their lives whole, only to find emptiness again.

Life starts and ends from inside.

You can’t make your life heal in a moment from beauty you feel at this moment.

It takes time, energy and awareness.

Leave what you know, seek what you feel, consume what is real.

March 19, 2016


A moment in time when all relative emotions collide. It’s a conjunction of emotion and feeling.that makes you feel happy. Simple, flowing and encompassed.

No strange feat of endurance and civility.

But it’s all worth it.

Joy is a moment in time we cherish and very rarely enjoy.

Always too many things in the way.

Mostly, ourselves.

Love helps.

March 17, 2016


An instrument used for power and control.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Humans have always needed a ‘higher’ power to be subservient to give them purpose, a sense of control and worthiness. Someone to say ‘be good’ or ‘try harder’ or ‘you have more to give than what you think’.

We don’t trust ourselves for inspiration, for knowing, or for believing.

Someone ‘bigger’ has to do it ‘to us’ or ‘for us’.

We need structure and we let the doors of religion enter.

Time has taken its toll on religion, but it has led us to what we believe now. It has taken us from narrow-mindedness and chaos to a broader perspective and a different chaos.

But it is an accomplishment.

Not all of life can be boiled down to rational thinking. Somewhere there has to be ‘feeling’.

A key, that religion has never found.

March 15, 2016


A seemingly unintended emotion to create in our lives what we are missing.

We invoke desire.

We invoke a wish.

We invoke a memory.

We invoke what we want to be.

What’s missing here?



Invoking something into our realm of being is just the first step in realizing we have the power within us to be and have whatever we desire.

But realize this.
Invoking can make your wish come true.

What if what you wish for isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be?

Then you change your evoke statement.

It’s part of what makes life interesting.

The unknowing.

It’s a great trip.

In a Sky Full of Stars
March 12, 2016

stary shy


Why would you pretend than you are more than what you can see?


Like a virus we can’t control ego dominates our every move.



The result?


Not good!

It’s Tasty!
March 10, 2016

Like all observations, they only hold as much water as the vessel they are carried in.

He stands alone deep in thought, oblivious to his surroundings. He is checking out who he is in this moment.

Old Memories re-surface, as do the suppressed fears.

He walks proud, head held high , with a stride that is going to conquer the world. Deep in his being he is who he is now, and he likes the moment.

A puff of smoke and his barriers are dropped. There is an awakening and a gigantic rush of energy as previous closed gates to his heart are opened. The room fills with light. Mesmerized, because side by side realities exist simultaneously in the same space. The equation is not linear, it is infinite in all directions.

Eyes of crystal blue, built into a body that can’t reconcile the connection of what it feels to this reality.

Wrapped up in his goals, and the immutable laws of attraction, he misses the spoken information that will get him to his dream. He was listening , but not hearing.

Tasty food is presented and because of a dry palate, its essence is lost, its beauty un-recognized, it’s meaning carried away on sounds of plates hitting counter tops.

Visions of ice cream, an apron of thorns, a mother and child. Surrounded by glimpses of assorted personalities. A night of rest with eyes wide-open.

Haste makes waste, and the only waste is time, not relished as it should be, in caring moments.

It’s a tasty moment to see, to feel, to experience. Let these moments go. ‘No resistance’ will free you, for the tastier moments ahead.

March 9, 2016

We all need someone or something that makes us feel special. We take ourselves for granted. We forget to be kind to our feelings and in turn become critical of who we are and who we project. Because we don’t see the love we are, specialness from inside is lost. We seek it from an outside source. We carry guilt from our lives, our religion and ourselves.

Our thoughts define us. If we’re a sacred soul, we’re angel like. Caring, thoughtful, sincere and giving. There’s fathoms of beauty in our being which formulate politeness and joy. We have only to project this into the world around us to make us feel special. Our dreams can be fulfilled by enjoying the smallest things in life. The beach. Smiling. Chatting with strangers. Breathing. Radiating love.

If you meet someone with special qualities, or your feelings expess your specialness, consider yourself loved.

Echo Bay
March 8, 2016

A view of Echo Bay Mines from the hill above the camp

When I returned from hitchhiking in Europe I didn’t know what to do in my life. Just seventeen, I had university entrance, but I didn’t like the whole schooling thing. I’m not an academic.

My parents were having their home painted at the time and I was talking with the painter. He told me about a government agency (in Canada) called the Chamber of Mines. He said he had gotten work through them, but they usually sent you to one of the mines in northern Canada. I had no idea what it was all about, but I thought I’d go and put in an application for work at their office. I showed up in suit and tie (you have to remember this was back in ’67). I wondered why everyone looked at me funny, but I was independent for the last ten months and I felt confident with myself. I’d show up every day to see if there was any work and I think they got so sick of seeing me they gave me a job. I was to be a “bullcook”. I didn’t even know what it was, but I took the job anyways. It paid four hundred and fifty dollars a month (good money back then), free room and board and if you signed a year contract, they’d pay for your airfare in and out of the mine. If you broke the contract, you’d have to pay for your own airfare. Sounded great to me and it gave me an out from going to university. I told everyone I’d try it out for a year and then go back to school. Part of the job was having a physical that I passed, and a few days later I was sent to Echo Bay Mines.

Echo Bay Mines was located on Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories. It was three hundred miles north of Yellowknife or twenty-three miles south of the Arctic Circle. The actual site of the mine was at a place called Port Radium. During the war Port Radium was called Eldorado Gold Mines. It is the place where the uranium came from for the first atomic bomb. Madame Currie and a few other famous scientists were there during the crucial times. It was now a silver mine, that had gold and copper extracted as secondary minerals.

It was a three-hour plane ride from Edmonton to Yellowknife by jet. From Yellowknife to Port Radium was another three hours by single engine Otter with pontoons. We landed on Great Bear Lake and taxied to the pier. A truck took myself and a few miners to the office for sign-in. When I gave them my papers, they told me that my job had already been filled and that I would be working in the mill instead. Stroke of luck. My pay doubled and I found out a bullcook was a janitor. Nothing wrong with that, but when I saw what they had to do afterwards, I was glad I got to work in the mill. It was twelve-hour shifts per day with no days off for one year. The shifts rotated for one month periods. Morning, afternoon and evening shifts.

The camp was built on a rocky hillside with long buildings that housed the living quarters (bunkhouses), a main kitchen, two powerhouse buildings, the dry for the mine, the mill, an assay office, an office building, personal residences for the mine manager and his family, a commissary, a carpenter shop, a mechanical garage and several other buildings. These other buildings were derelict from the uranium days and consisted of a leaching plant and the acid plant. All buildings were connected to each other by a series of pipe boxes. These pipe boxes housed all the heating, water and sanitation pipes for the camp. The whole camp was heated by steam. The steam pipes in the boxes kept the other pipes from freezing during the winter months. There were only two months of summer and the ice never totally left the lake. The camp housed about one hundred and fifty men.

I stayed here (and another mine on the other side of the lake called Terra Mining) off and on over the next five years. There are many stories to tell, but this will introduce this location for later blogs.

March 8, 2016


gosia janik’s

I’ve always likened life to a spinning vortex. Much like a tornado. With birth, we’re trust upon an already moving stream of activity and volatile forces. We’re cradled for a while, but then we’re left to our own devices and means to navigate upwards towards some light, or, we succumb to the downward pressure and are eventually swallowed up by the darkness. The journey can be mild to wild. It depends on our selection of choices from moment to moment. During this entire time, and to make matters worse, we age. There’s a finite time limit to what we can learn or accomplish. Any time we choose to stop participating while still in the vortex, leaves us at the mercy of any numerous unknown forces. Our fate left unknown, unless we continue to shape and govern our lives.

Some people check out of the main stream by using governments to subsidise their living, while still taking up space here. Others reach an age when they feel they’ve contributed enough and they bow out also. Others lack caring or just want an easy way to experience life. In all of these cases they may feel the forces to deal with day-to-day living are too overwhelming. I call this cocooning. Much like the caterpillar, they wrap themselves in a protective shield of their beliefs and wait until they’re reborn as something more beautiful. What I question is the timing? What determines when this process should begin? I do know one thing. When the mental choice is made, the deterioration begins to take hold at an accelerated rate. I’ve seen people age over night and show an age greater than they are. At this point, there is more taking than giving. And, as the day is long, once they stop giving, they cut off the source from love and slowly but surely suffocate their life force under a self-imposed close mindedness.

This is not to mean that people don’t deserve a rest after a long and fruitful life, but you must sustain some purpose for your existence here. Do the things you love, but don’t stop giving. On an earlier blog called The Gift, I mentioned how the performers of the Palm Springs Follies are still enjoying their lives and contributing far past when they should be. As is someone like Betty White. These are examples to follow and hold dear. There is always something new to learn and always something you have that you can contribute.

Break free from the cocoon and really become something beautiful.

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