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Towel Dry
July 31, 2010

I’m stepping out of the shower and I have a flashback. My mother has this large fluffy towel and she’s drying me off after I’ve had my bath. The love pours through her hands into the towel and touches me in a way only a mother can give of herself.

She drys my chest and then my back and last but not least my head. Rubbing it gently. The lost art of giving of youself for no reason except to love.

Find someone you care about or someone who cares about you. Towel dry them or have them towel dry you. Go back, …. go way back.

Unlock the love you felt as a child and then give it to the world.


July 29, 2010

The song ‘Crazy’ is playing on the van radio. I’m at a stop light and in front of me is a woman walking on the cross walk dancing to the music on my radio. Making all the right moves and following every beat. The only thing is, she can’t hear the song playing on my radio. The windows are up and the music is down low. She continues to the other side of the street and starts talking to herself and every vehicle that passes. Still dancing, still boogieing it up. She’s commandering stares from everyone around, and I wonder.

If someone doesn’t fit into our predetermined connotation of acceptable we throw out a label. It’s easier to put someone into a box and throw away the key, so that we can move on with the important things in our lives. I’m thinking, this woman is tuning into something we have no conception of knowing. We don’t take the time to talk to her…that’s too dangerous…. or even, find out what she’s all about. The label is easier. How many things in our own lives do we miss out on because we won’t take the time with someone to know what they are all about?

Who knows? She may already be enlightened, and we’re the ones on the short end of the stick.

Are You Listening?
July 28, 2010

Noise abounds. We were given ears so that we could interpret this noise. It allows us to bond with our other four senses and make sense out of the world we live in.

Our listening begins before the womb experience. It is intuitive and is linked to divine order. Noise is divided up into different sounds, languages and images, and by listening, we begin to learn according to where we grow up.

What if we were deaf or had no ears? Could we still hear?

The answer is yes. We all listen to the voice in our heads. It is when we take the time  to start watching what we are thinking that we begin our path to freedom. When we start to watch our thoughts, we garner a new presence. We become linked to part of ourselves that is our consciousness. This consciousness is really who we are. It gives us freedom by breaking our identification with the mind. By breaking this connection you will begin to create ‘space’. This space is the beginning of  peace. Your thoughts begin to lose power over you. Slowly the randomness of involuntary and compulsive thinking begins its end.

Behind any sound, there is silence. Behind silence there is space. Try to listen to silence. From star-dust to seed, we are always a part of the ‘Whole’, and if you listen during silence, there is one sound.

The sound of I AM.

The Fall
July 28, 2010

At some point in our lives, everything that we know as our world, crumbles around us. It can be an emotional or physical experience. Things change. Nothing is the same. We feel lost and we don’t know which way to turn. Some of us ask for help. Some do their re-building on their own. But there is a period of re-building. Everyone I’ve ever known has had this experience. I didn’t know the Romans, but it happened to them too.

People talk about safety. Everyone wants to feel secure and ‘safe’. Look what the government has done to secure our safety. We do our daily routines with the premise that our actions will keep us from harm. We are taught from child-birth how to be safe, and we put enormous amounts of energy and money into anything that gives us a secure feeling. And still we fall.

There is a part of us that likes insecurity. It gives us a sense of self, or identity. Something we can wrap our minds around and identify with, or spew out to close associates. Conscious or unconscious, we allow choices in our lives that bring us to the point of the fall. Can we stop the fall from happening? Probably not. Part of having the fall is a learning and growth process. We can, however, minimize the fallout. Forgetting the past and not focusing on the future will keep us more focused on what is happening in the present moment. Your reality is now and the more you can sustain the ‘now’ in your life, the less pain you’ll feel and the more conscious you will become. That said, you may prevent the fall. The only true safety is in loving. Loving the moment.

“Free Your Mind”
July 27, 2010

In the movie Matrix, Morpheus says to Neo, “free your mind”. What did he mean?

It is total expansion without limits. We tend to use boundaries in our lives and numerous limitations. This prevents us from experiencing a truly full life. I’ve touched on this previously, but lets go a little deeper.

The first thing we should keep in mind is ‘no resistance’. There is perfect order in the Universe and we are exactly at the point in our lives where we should be. No more and no less. If we would be something or somewhere else, our choices would have taken us there. It is not necessary to change. It is only necessary to know who and what we are, so we can continue to expand. Expansion will create the changes automatically.

With the choices we make, we create our own universe. The important thing to remember here is that every choice you make has it’s opposite created simultaneously. Life is like a pendulum. You can’t have good without creating bad at the same time. The pendulum does not rest only on the good side. When you have ‘no resistance’ to the idea that there can be both good and bad you are not restricting your mind. Or in other words, contracting. You will keep expanding  and your vibrational level will rise. Acceptance will take you from an energy level to a space level.

Freeing your mind allows everything to be possible and available NOW. Your reality is only determined by your present vibration. There are endless realms around us. We have only to realize they are there.

Expand through love.

Let’s Connect
July 27, 2010

There are a few ways to raise your vibration. Meditation is one. The advantage of meditating is that once you use it, you generally get to stay at your new level of insight. Unless, you voluntarily start contracting like I mentioned in an earlier blog, Tempered Tempest. I’ll try to give a short cut here so you don’t waste thirty years like I did trying to regain the connection. I want to make this simple for you.

Choose a position that won’t let you fall asleep. You should also be comfortable.  I use to lay on a cement floor. Not the most comfortable, but it kept me awake. One more point. You should be alone and have as little disturbances around as possible. Turn off the cell phone. Ten minutes or so is good for the first time.

We’ll start with breathing. Why? It’s about the only thing that is a part of us, that has no ‘form’ or ‘mass’. Your mind can’t get locked on it. Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your lower abdomen. Concentrate on your breath, while doing this. Next, and this is important, FEEL your inner energy field. Forget about your body and concentrate only on feeling this energy. Feel it having no boundaries. Go as deep into this feeling as you can so that there is no duality between ‘you’ and what you are feeling. There should only be a ‘one’ feeling. Stay at this point as long as it feels comfortable to you. When you’re ready, you may slowly regain your physical feelings. The ‘feeling’ you felt is your connection to the Source. Whenever you can, try to feel this during your regular daily duties so that you are aware of your connection on a regular basis.

The purpose of this exercise is to re-connect with the Source, which is constantly there, but unrealized by most. You want to have the realization that there is no separation between ‘You’ and the ‘Source’, or whatever name is important to you. This connection is possible to every entity on the planet. It is the combined connectedness that makes up ‘the Whole’. The total connection of all equal entities (and we are all equal) is the Universe.

Don’t separate!

July 26, 2010


This is probably the first word out of someone’s mouth, when there’s a situation. Other words of ‘transference’ are ‘I didn’t’,’ its not my (or me)’, or any other means of throwing the owe ness off of one’s self for a mistake, mishap or mayhem.

Here are a few recent examples:

Last week, when we were in our car accident, the person who hit us got out of his car and his first words were, “YOU were suppose to move forward”. My response was; “The car in front of us didn’t move. What was I suppose to do? Drive into the back of him like you drove into the back of me?” Another example: I typed up an order for a client and she told me that she wanted it delivered on Tuesday the 28th. The 28th happens to be a Wednesday, so I added a note to her confirmation which politely asked her to check the date, so there wouldn’t be a delivery problem later. Her email response was as follows: “YOU made a mistake! Change it to Wednesday the 28th.” She’s a nice lady. Troubled, but nice.

I am not immune to this problem. I constantly say things that take me out of the picture and place the responsibility onto anything but me. Eberhard’s first response is always; “Is that your excuse for the day?” It makes me think.

If a person is confident enough within themselves, they can admit responsibility for a mistake they’ve made. But, most cases are referred automatically to the next person or thing. It is alright to say, “I’m human and I made a mistake.” Most times it would be a lot easier.

July 23, 2010

Sorry for the delay on my posts. I am moving this weekend, but will post in the next week. In the meanwhile if you happen to have a dream and would like to have my ‘one’ sided interpretation, and you don’t mind me posting it, please email me at

Thanks for your support.


Is It Bad? Or Is It My Perception Of Bad?
July 21, 2010

We’ve had numerous breakdowns. An air conditioner, our car, our vans, our coolers, and even communication levels. The breakage has seemed endless and the universe still keeps throwing out ‘bangs’ to deal with on a daily basis. We’ve had three vehicle accidents, two with the vans (others fault), and the last one, last evening while we were stopped waiting for the traffic light to change. The car behind ours, drove into us from behind. When a series of mishaps occurs it’s usually the start of a vibrational change. I think it all started with ‘The Seed; The Matrix is Changing Blog’.

Since everything can be boiled down to some form of energy, you could say that my energy experiences have been less than desireable, during the last few months. Because of ‘balance’, we can experience no more, or no less than our own energy level, at any given time. This would indicate that the vibration level of my current energy must be volatile. This only happens under two conditions. You are increasing your energy level or you are decreasing your energy level.

When we label something, like an experience, ‘bad’, it automatically creates its opposite experience.  In this case,’ good ‘. This must be. There has to be balance. We tend to think that you only create one factor at a time. The truth is, you create both. If you accept ‘both’, without resistance, then you are free to create the experience you want in your life. It’s the blending of these two forces that can raise your vibration, and, it’s a misconception to think that you’re being tested for this or that while this process is in play. This can be hard to do if you’ve just stepped into a pile of cat sh*t while taking out your garbage and spent the next one and a half hours on its removal from your carpet. If your mental focus dwells on the negative you end up lowering your vibrational level. You must perceive the moment without mental resistance and a loving attitude if you want to raise your vibration.  Each and every mishap has to be treated this way.The difference comes when your vibration level has expanded enough and lower vibrations cease to affect you and mishaps cease to occur.

The expression ‘love conquers all’ is based on the above premise. Love is the only energy that encompasses both love and non-love. It is always the highest energy form we can obtain.

And in a most loving way, things still suck.

July 15, 2010

Because everything now a days seems encapsulated in some form or way, we’ve tried to do the same with non material subjects also. Like service. Someone, or maybe many, have figured out what ‘the other’ wants to hear and they’ve bundled everything up in a package that can be regurgitated from any place in the world including India. Rarely do you get someone on the other side of the problem you’re having, that actually cares. And when they’re finished with not helping you, they then try to sell you something you don’t want, through fear or guilt. Two of the most powerful emotions on the planet.

The perfect tag line for a lot of companies and their perception of the word ‘service’, should actually read ‘Lip Service’. Here’s an email I received from a friend. Never mind what a microcell is :

“This morning the AT&T MicroCell not only stopped working, but locked up our phones so we had no service.  Spent 2 hours on the phone finding the right group (the number I was told to call didn’t work – how funny is that?) and then answering the same questions over and over and over.  I think these people were trained at Guantanamo.  Their major mission in their script is to (1) make sure all the information you were asked to punch in prior to being connected was correct, because the data you entered in order to continue goes God-knows-where but certainly not to anyone who answers and asks you the exact same things again, (2) transfer your call to some other schlub whose purpose and life and expertise also doesn’t match your problem,  so they can finally and expertly  (3) find what you, the customer, did to f*#k things up”.

Most people can relate to this frustration. We all have many examples that could be listed here. But, maybe its just part of the responsibility syndrome. No one seems to want to take responsibility for anything that went wrong, even if they made it happen in the first place. There are other factors to consider. Like people in jobs they hate or are not qualified to be in, even at the simplest levels. Here’s an example: we were sitting in a restaurant and our food came, but there was nothing to eat it with, (very aware waitress here). I asked for silverware and there was silence from the waitress (duh?), Eberhard asked for cutlery. Silence and an inquisitive look, (duh?) and Joe finally asked for a knife and fork. We got our ‘knives and forks’ and finally got to eat.

Part of the frustration from non-service may stem from how service has been adapted to our present economy. Cutbacks. On all levels. It was in the news more last year, but companies changed the size or amounts that they gave you, for the same price. If they didn’t change the price or the amount they usually added a filler to create the difference. The most popular filler? Water! Here’s a few examples: Green Giant Cream Style Corn has so much water in it now it may as well be soup. Pickles that were straight sliced are all now sliced with ridges. Less will fit in a jar. Even the thickness of plastic shopping bags has changed. I picked one up in the store the other day with a gallon of milk in it and the bag broke. Look at the recent iPhone. Toyota. BP. The list goes on and on.

Greed is a strong factor behind a lot of the decisions being made by companies lately. They pass it off as shareholders interests, but is there a limit to what the consumer should be subjected to? Everyone is entitled to a profit, but it should be with a good product.

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