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August 25, 2013


I was chatting with a lawyer friend the other night, and he was boiling down life to what amounted to everyone’s ‘zero’ quotient.

He said that everyone had a number that satisfied them. Some were minimal in their desires and only need one or two zeros. Others needed more, like three or four zeros. And then, there were those who never had enough zeros on the end of a dollar sign that satisfied them. When you look at our society here, as it plays out the daily routine of life, he does have a point.

Why? Who taught us this backward system?

What if the dollar sign was removed and we only had ‘zero’ as a starting point. We could assign it any value that we cared deeply about.

For starters, we might really start to live for the first time and do what was meant.

Enjoy this life we have.


August 18, 2013


Something that is inherent in your core that no one sees.

He first passes me while I sit away from him. He returns shortly from his sojourn. Later I approach the empty seat next to him and take my place.

Small innuendos take place while I calculate what I am feeling from this man.

I give him a ‘reading’, as I feel what I am experiencing next to him. This boy is tough. He acknowledges what he hates to and leaves me guessing as I move forward.

He’s a thoroughbred if he was an animal and I tell him that fact. He seems to like it. He also acknowledges his intensity and penchant for order and ….let’s call it ‘harmony’ in his life.

As the night progresses and I reach out to him in a physical motion do I feel his need and lack of physical contact. If I didn’t know better, I would describe it as ‘desperate’.

It is not until I’m about to leave that I feel his hands and there it unfolds. I tell him, your mate in life will feel what your hands reveal. It’s your inner world locked up in your hands…..primary your palms. Here lies your key to satisfaction in your life. Everything else you have produced outwardly, your incredible physical body, your thoughts, your wants and desires, are all locked up in your hands.

If anyone can unlock your being, it will be someone who can break through this short cut to your heart.

His form is perfect as he dances, but his shoes make him look clumsy. I tell him to take them off, but he looks at me like I am nuts.

Every second word from her twenty year old mouth is f*%#@…k as she describes her rapture with Palm Springs. Unknowingly she has entered a time warp she has no connection with outside of a companion.

The dance floor is full and envelopes itself with its own juices of merriment. I take a space and it widens to accommodate my energy.

I smell perfume and sweat, desire, want and need. Longing for something that makes them whole. An endless needing that can never be filled.

They all exemplify a special part of their being that no one is recognizing.

Is it our delivery system, or our lack of conveyance of our needs?

It’s really all about timing.

That moment that doesn’t really exist.

We just hope it happens in our lives, so we can feel whole.

August 15, 2013


The amount of energy extracted from an ever-expanding universe.

In all aspects of this nature, the energy extracted is replaced with more of the same. Because we are moving forward towards a goal, we don’t always feel the back-up energy that replaces what we are using.

Maybe this is because we’re not in sync with the purpose. The effort we use should be ‘effortless’. Is most cases it is not. It’s our unknowing and fears that create the resistance.

Open yourself to all that there is to draw from.

Don’t pass through life.

Let life pass through you.

A Myriad
August 9, 2013


…..mostly of thoughts. I’ve had a dozen and one topics I thought I’d like to expound on as I walked home. But, as I sit here typing, I can only think …..blank.

The thoughts are all about life and how we interact and play out our lives.

I try to grab onto one thought or aspect and multiply it into a meaningful concept or image to take us out of our reality.

Tonight I can only give you…..trying.

Sometimes that’s all life needs.

What Do You Want?
August 3, 2013


That was a scary question.

I’ve known him over thirty years and he asks me this question.

I had to stop, ……….and think.

When I first met him, years ago, I wanted him physically. We’d tease each other over the years. We always left our emotions hanging in the realm of possibility.

When he confronted me tonight, I could only say honestly, ……. nothing.

I wanted the status quo. Our friendship. Our history. Our comfortableness and honesty.

More would be wonderful, but why spoil perfection as we know it.

To Shed
August 2, 2013


A bulk action which resorts in a removal of everything unwanted.

Emotionally or physically it could be clothing or a certainty.

What is remaining?


Remove the body and what is remaining?


Remove ambiguity and what is remaining?

A sense of freedom.

Remove freedom and what is remaining?

You. A single oneness.

Remove oneness and what is remaining?

The ‘Whole’.

It’s Omega.

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