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August 31, 2011

……is that piece of star-dust that we were made from, plus building blocks of our environment and family. It’s that part of us we show to the world.

It took me by surprise. That someone was so happy in his work. With a broad genuine smile and  a concerned voice, he asked, “What can I get for you guys?” With all the attention he could muster he listened intently and then busied himself to fulfil our order. Showing enthusiasm and the will to please, he reminded me of how I felt in my first job. Joy, in being able to work. He actually cared deeply about his service and effort, all the while watching for a moment to go the extra mile. Exciting to watch. He sang to the music, that was playing, while he worked. When other customers left, he asked them to wait until he could personally say good-bye. Amazing!

The best part of these moments, was that his enthusiasm was contagious. It spread throughout the room with all the customers showing joy in what they were doing in their moment. You can’t put a price on this type of work. Every company should have a person like this in their employ. It makes work joyful, life justified and the soul energized.

I saw it again when I went for a walk-through for an upcoming event at a successful digital effects studio today. The energy in the building from the employees was high and when I met the person behind the energy, you could feel from him the same enthusiasm and love for his work.

It’s so nice to see and be a part of that experience. In contrast, I had introspection and I felt heavy with my burdens and thoughts. The lightness of being was missing in me. Where did it go? What do I have to do to get it back? That joyous energy that contains within itself a feeling that…… it’s great to be alive. I feel I have trapped myself in a place where it’s impossible to give to an un-wanting public which is only experiencing pain in some form.

Needless to say, both experiences opened a part of me I haven’t felt in some time. It created excitement, enthusiasm and I felt energized. There is purpose again in being able to please. Just for the sake of pleasing.

For a moment there, I thought it had disappeared forever.

Sometimes what we need doesn’t come from with-in, it has to be sparked by a piece of star-dust from outside our world.


As Sweet As Sugar Is…..
August 28, 2011


sometimes, it comes in a package.

It’s not that the package is bad, it just has conditions. And, conditions are an innate rejection of most people’s perspectives. We want the sweetness without the sour. Sometimes it’s bitter , or bitter-sweet. But whatever the outcome, we want more. The justification to what a person wants lies in sacrifice. What are we willing to sacrifice to attain what we want in our lives? Does it mean giving up something we cherish or does it mean working to an inevitable end.

 At this point, we have a choice. What do we want to live with? What will make us happy?


Hidden Needs
August 27, 2011

You can share space with someone and be close, but do you know them?

Inner needs and desires are often hidden, even from a loved one. You may enter a situation where those needs surface and are revealed. It gives you a deeper understanding of who you are with, and how deep you need to take your relationship. Finding out the unknown, can open yourself,  and make your life richer.

But, best of all, if you follow through on what you’ve discovered, you can make your other half……… fulfilled……….and you both get to share in the richness.

August 25, 2011


A moment of feeling, uncontrolled by thought. A moment unplanned, from the unknown, that becomes a surprise. True freedom.

How is it that we can recognize the moment, but we’ve lost the ability to feel it from ourselves? As we walk through life we watch and notice these moments. They give us great joy. But we forget them far too soon.

Become young again. Freefall.

Escape from your mundane. Throw out your thoughts.

Become spontaneous.

It’s Not The Same Cup Of Tea
August 25, 2011

What was right is wrong now.

What was good has turned bad.

What was honest has become dishonest.

What was decent is unacceptable.

What was just is now unjust.

Phoney is the new sincere.

Less is the new more.

Cheap is the new expensive.

Sex is king. Abstinence is peasantry.

Conscious has become unconscious.

Trash is purchased and is the new money.

Real money is made without work.

Life is viral, not real.

Honesty is a lie. Lies are truth.

Does anyone care anymore?

In a world mesmerized by its virtual self, it’s hard to preserve the passions of the past.

August 18, 2011

Most anger stems from a loss. Figure out what you have lost. It can be anything from sleep, to money, to peace or even love. But you have lost something. All of these losses accumulate. When you figure out what your losses are, you have to accept the losses. Take away your resistance. It’s the resistance that is giving you the anger. Think of when you went on a vacation. The contrast between the holiday you were experiencing and your normal life back home, made you feel relaxed and you had time to enjoy life. The only difference between the vacation and home was your perception. Letting go of your resistance is changing your perception. There is always another reality right next to the one you are experiencing now. You just have to realize it is there. Anger is an emotion. Don’t get caught up in the emotion, get caught up in the solution. Think of a fly against a window. It struggles to get on the other side of the glass pane. But it can’t do it. Yet if it moved backwards into the room behind it would probably find another way out of it’s torment.

This is all hard to do when you are in the midst of a tirade. Even one second of thought will stop your anger, if you view the situation from outside yourself. It will seem like “I can’t believe I am reacting this way”. Enough time for you to take control and place your ego in a corner.

Looking out from where you are now and viewing the world situation, what do you see? Everyone caught up in the emotion. There are very few solutions out there to gravitate to or grasp. No one is taking enough time to step away from the window pane.

If there is too much resistance and not enough thought to back out from the illusion, you’ll find nothing but emotions and a lot of unnecessary pain.

To Tell The Truth
August 18, 2011

What is it that prevents us from telling the truth? Somewhere in our upbringing, lies were introduced. Sometimes to make someone feel better, or sometimes to prevent someone from being exposed to rejection or ridicule. Sometimes it might have been a plain and simple case of, we don’t want the other person to know the truth. For whatever reason. Maybe we’re hiding what we can’t face. Maybe we were exposed to a similar situation and we’re shielding the other person from that experience. Whatever the case, in the end, lies hurt.

They restrict our freedom to be. To ourselves and whomever we choose to lie to. They lead to cover-ups, excuses, stress and pain. But somehow, it seems we’d rather deal with all of these emotions than to tell the truth in the first place.

It comes down to a choice, and the choice is yours. Justify your reason to yourself. You won’t get any argument there.

As an experiment, see if you can go a whole single day without telling one lie.

It’s not easy.

August 17, 2011

That’s a scary thought. How can such an organism keep existing and perpetuating itself while continuing, to seemingly, self-destruct?

As complicated as life is, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Somehow we have chosen to believe that we are separate. Yet, in reality, it is the opposite. We are all connected to everything that is a possibility, in all levels of time and space. Let’s say we look at this in a linear aspect. At one end of the line we have ‘the source’ and depending how far you are from the source, determines the amount of life you feel. The closer to the source, the greater your awareness to everything. However, it is better to look at existence as a balloon, where the interior represents ‘ the whole ‘, in which you are an intricate part. Now peel away the skin of the balloon, while still existing, and that is really what you are a part of. You’re still there, but you have a greater perspective of infinity. Whether you take the ‘linear’ or ‘whole’ approach in life, it all boils down to ‘perception’ of ‘what is’.

Humanity takes perceptions and places limits so that there is some order and less chaos. This is where passions and emotions come into play. If it happens to be a perception that someone holds dear, our innate traits of inhumanity rise to the surface like a volcano erupting.

Now, if humanity put as much energy into ‘feeling’ ‘ the source ‘ as they do chasing sex, our universe would be a totally different existence.

The saving grace in all the insanity and joy that is life, is in humanitys’ ability to love.

When this happens, we are ‘home’.

August 13, 2011

Such a nice word. It connotes perception on a deeper level. A knowing of immense proportions relating to knowledge unknown by others or the unperceived.

It’s an all knowingness, and, most of us are not privy to the source that reveals this information. Maybe a king or priest from old could have this knowledge, but it was not given to the masses. All for control and power.

Today, clarity is still clouded by controllers of our worldly lives.

Search past the clouds into open sky.

Seek the sun for energy and life.

Discard the rain. It will only make you sad.

Listen to your own CLARITY.

Know thy self.

It’s Nice To Have Time
August 13, 2011

Time to enjoy a coffee.

Time to think.

Time to ponder the sunrise.

Time to be and not worry.

Time to be thankful.

Time to smile.

Just having enough time.

Be good to yourself today. Make time work for you.

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