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Man’s Shadow
May 23, 2012

Man as a being is very much like an eclipse of the sun. His shadow is always in the way of the light. The light which he needs, to be free. Our shadow begins at birth with our upbringing. It continues with schooling, religion and the people we meet through our lives which form our life experiences. This shadow is our duality. It is made mostly of noise. If you remove the noise, the shadow begins to disappear and the sun behind it gets brighter and stronger. We are so accustomed to noise in our lives, many people cannot live without it, in some shape or form. It is the basis from what they make-up their being. In some cases if you remove the noise from people, they disintegrate.


They have to look at what remains when the noise is removed. In many cases it is not a pretty picture. But that is the place we should be headed for on a daily basis. It will let us discover who we truly are as a being. You will end up realizing , we are a part of a greater whole. Your shadow made of fears will dissipate and you’ll end up from where you started.

In silence.

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