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The Ant
January 28, 2012

The ant walks across the pitted cement sidewalk on its way. So in tune with the universe but totally unaware of its smallness. It toils to its being and disregards contraction.

Man speeds off to nowhere believing his mission is important. He is full of ego and contraction. He is bound by his attachment. His freedom is perceived but never really felt. If his freedom were ‘real’ he would not be here. He can only try to expand. With this expansion will he truly feel release.

Our walk across the pitted cement should be no different from the ants. The burdens we carry are our own. Should we choose to discard them and the attachment we feel to them, we too will be free.


Fifty Candles
January 12, 2012

The darkened street is lit by a memorial of fifty candles. A mild wind makes the flickering lights a dance of love. A recent tragedy. This morning news reports numerous other life occurences that match what I see.

A feeling called ‘hurt’ wells up inside me as I drive to work. Thoughts created this feeling. Current and past. Thoughts can remove this feeling. In a place we call time, we have to remove our expectations and replace them with peace. Peace can only come from within, not the mind. When you feel peace, there is an absence of thought. Peace is the rare substance that is the only replacement for ‘hurt’. It’s based on love, and you have to be willing to accept love. It’s as natural a high as you’ll ever be. Unconditional.

It takes an understanding to displace hurt. Remove your energy from this feeling. Life will always be full of disappointments. We have to limit our exposure to painful experiences.

Think love. It’s a much warmer feeling.

Is The World Going To End?
January 1, 2012

Not really. It may change from what we perceive it to be now, but it will not end. There is an alignment of the planets that happens on December 21, 2012 that may cause some upheavals because of resisting polarities, but overall, we will still be here.

Does that calm you? What would you lose if the world ended? Life, love or feeling? How important are these things to you now? Is there more beyond this moment of now?


Wake up!

You better appreciate this moment. What if it were your last moment?

Make it count.

January 1, 2012

Softly, like a kitten’s purr. We entered the compound. A kidney-shaped pool headed by an inflatable movie screen was playing images of life submerged in earthly music of the ages. Flanked by a half-moon, venus, and hidden mountains, darkened by night. The perfect foliage was a silhouette and stage.

Humming voices of human congestion surrounded a receptical of food and drink. The hosts were scurrying between needs, wishes and harmonious greetings. Like stepping into a movie scene created for an academy, people played their roles. Draped in the latest coverings to hide their desires, they consumed offerings to placate suppressed societal correctness. But it looked and felt perfect.

Newly renovated, the lodging held the accumulation of acquired tasteful and sublime experience. Years in the making. Yet, one host seemed to subordinate this residence.  Designed with every amenity, art form and precise perfection known to man at this time, in my consumption of feelings, it only brought one word to mind: impeccable.

As likes attract, I couldn’t help but feel the energy generated here by all those attending. A party of thirty turned out to be nesting sixty or more. Perfect food, perfect beverages, perfect execution of same. And out of all of this,…… light.

Young, vibrant, heady, like a new perfume unveiled. Natural in the expression of knowledge and giving, the nuances sublimely filled vacant spaces. A highlight of the evening.

Great energy needs nurturing. Sometimes another vibration pools and makes joy visible. We all lack something. It is always nice to come into an unknown vessel and be surprised and overwhelmed. People open and giving of themselves brings great joy. The greatest of us all is the servant to all. Openness allowed new thoughts to take hold and be seeded.

Long live LOVE.

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