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February 26, 2011

Contrast is an opportunity for us to open a window to our inner purpose. Simple enough. Contrast allows us to be aware. Awareness brings us closer to the source and in doing so forms a bridge for us to separate ego from self.

This weekend I was reminded why I love Palm Springs so much. A friend was visiting from Los Angeles and her first comments were how beautiful and peaceful this area made her feel in comparison to her life in L.A. Just a short drive away, but such a new reality in comparison.

Many realities live side by side. We just have to realize that they are there. You can be angry one minute and happy the next minute. What changed? Your perception. From anger to happiness is just dropping your resistance to what is a fact. We become so entangled with our lives and our life situation, we forget to drop our resistance and mellow out to a point where we can appreciate formlessness. That’s why holidays and vacations work for us. We get to change our perception.

Try to take a mental vacation once in a while, and just be. Look for a contrast.


It May Look Hopeless
February 24, 2011

If you watch the news lately, you get this overwhelming feeling of despair. And rightly so. People around the world are breaking free of their bondage. It is happening right down to a personal level with most of us. Somewhere in our daily lives we seek freedom from our constraints, and everything we do to get to that point seems futile. Rebellion seems to be the answer.

The nice thing about rebellion is that it releases pressure. When we dump the crap in our lives, rain usually comes to wash it away. Then there’s sunshine.

” My Situation”
February 18, 2011


What does that mean? To me it shows limitations. It also shows me that there is anger for past events in their lives. They are unable to overcome the life situation of the past and be here now. They focus on what could have been . I hear this a lot.

What is wrong with you? If you want more in your life you have to go after it. Become who you see in your mind. If you want a better ending to your life, you have to ask for it. Get up and do! It’s not going to be given to you on a silver platter. And even if it was, it will never be to the expectations that you hold in your mind.

You shrivel up and assume you are going to die. This is true. Eventually we all die. But until it happens, it’s up to you to live to your fullest. Anything else is a suicide mission.

Get off your ass and live!

Danger – Egypt – Danger!
February 13, 2011

Egypt is free. But along with this freedom, comes danger.

Years ago when I was working at Terra Mines in northern Canada, I was a shift boss at the mill. On the shift was one individual that persistently knew how to milk the hind tit. He had hiding places that no one could find, when he was supposed to be on the floor, and he knew all the right answers to say, when questioned. He made it seem like he was working, when he was visible, but he was actually on a distant planet. He always miraculously showed up when ever a supervisor was present, and looked the part of an ideal worker. However, there was no substance to his presence and I was persistent in trying to eliminate him from our shift, since we did all of his work. My supervisor refused to believe the facts and it took some time before the truth was found out and he was finally fired. In great expectation, I was promised a new employee who would be different and would resolve the problem. Finally, news arrived that the company had hired a new employee. He arrived on the plane into camp and began the following day on my shift. Lo and behold, and I couldn’t believe my unfortunate luck, the replacement was worse. He wasn’t as smooth and refined at deception as the previous worker. He was just blatantly lazy. In full view of all the other workers, he defied you to do anything, since he was on contract, and it would cost the company too much to fire him and ship him out. It was a good lesson on ‘be careful what you wish for’, it may not be what you expect.

I feel Egypt is in the same boat. They are experiencing an euphoria at the moment, but there are many forces at play in that region, and many are radical. New elections will be held shortly and with them will come promises of all the freedoms the Egyptians have been denied. The new party will swoop into power and become the sheep in wolf’s clothing if not thoroughly scrutinized from the core up. Then when there is new euphoria to ring in the new era, they may find, they have traded one prison for another. It will be called something different in name, but the results may be worse than the previous dictator.

When the Egyptians look back on this time a year from now, will they be, just as happy?

Secret This, Secret That
February 7, 2011

We all have secrets. By all, I mean people, governments, big business and even the church. By having our secrets, we are controlled. If not by others, most definitely by ourselves, through fear.

What causes us to have secrets?

Somewhere along the line through guilt or some other means, things we did as a child or as an adult, were unacceptable to our peers or family or both. Whatever repercussions or perceived non-acceptance came from our misdemeanors, solidified in our consciousness.  We came to the conclusion, that if we kept our indiscretions to ourself, as a secret, we would get approval in some way or form. After all, if we are accepted for who we portray, we are loved, or at least remain in our selected group.

Why would we risk taking a chance? It’s partly the mystery, partly the excitement and partly having knowledge that no one else knows about. Secret knowledge gives us the feeling of power. It’s all emotion and emotions drive us hard.

And if secrets are revealed? The consequence is usually pain. Another emotion.

Worth the risk?

Apparently so. We all have secrets.

Fine Food
February 4, 2011

Anything described as ‘fine’ has depth in character. It transforms  a thought form into reality. Somehow the essence of ‘simple’, and it has to be ‘simple’, has to be purity. Hard to achieve in a world of imperfection. But, it can be done. Most ‘fine’ work is not recognized in its purest form. It is usually discovered too late or after a passing of an individual. In rare cases it can be experienced here on this plane. Thank you, to those trying so hard to live what they feel.

You’ll know it when you experience its soul. It comes from the person preparing or making it happen, behind the scenes. Their very being is allowed to leave their body and become part of what you’re eating or experiencing. As a book is only as great as its writer, food is only as great as it’s creator. Nuances are only appreciated if you have yourself experienced the same life changing experiences as the food’s creator. That’s what makes it all encompassing and memorable. You get to re-live your life experiences through what you’re tasting, feeling and consuming.

It’s not just with food. It happens in all aspects of life. Look for the purity in simple things. You’ll touch the source.

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