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Keeping Your Core
December 27, 2010

With technology raging ahead at break-neck speed, it’s important to keep your core in tact. There are new products being developed every day that are aimed at pulling us away from internal realities to external realities. Coming down the pipeline and being developed now is the DNA computer. Once fully developed and produced, it will change our lives as we know it…more so than you can imagine. More so than nine-eleven. Everything you do in life, every machine and every electronic device will change. How things are done, perceived and implemented will be transformed.

Being well grounded will transition you though this coming phase. You should liken it to a major shift in energies and everything you’ve taken for granted is and will be different. You will have to resort back to yourself and your own ingenuity to transition with these changes. This is where your core beliefs and strengths will come in handy.

Take time to strengthen them now. Be prepared for the unknown and the unexpected.

When strengthened and ready, your core should feel like you are looking out from the most peaceful place on earth.


December 27, 2010

Breathing is one of our innate forces. It keeps us alive. And, we take it for granted. When you consider how important a breath is, how is it, that we assume it will be there for us every moment? Breath equals life. Can’t get more important than that. Yet, we let ‘life’ supersede everything.

There are endless books on the subject of breathing. Everything from brian breathing to skin breathing. But, surprisingly enough, most of us don’t know how to breathe properly.

As you go through your day today, try to concentrate on your breath. Come back to me tomorrow and let me know what you’ve found out.

December 25, 2010

Candy usually comes in a wrapper. This wrapper can be plain or beautiful. Usually, the more beautiful your wrapper, the higher your cost. It’s the sweet inside that makes it worth the price you want to pay. The candy you choose has all of your preferences and feelings you want to experience. It will give you one of  three distinct memories. Either it will encase you in a former memory that you can’t forget, or two, it will give you a new memory to cherish.  The final experience may be to fill your desire for something that you’ve wished for a long time.

Everything in this world of form, eventually falls into the common denominator…. sex. Years ago , a person I met was trying to teach me a lesson he had learned very early in his youth. He told me everything in life revolves around sex. power and money. I really didn’t take him to heart at the time. But, as I’ve lived my life, I found out that I probably would have gotten a lot further in the material world, if I had believed him.

Still, you must give these things a chance in your life. They will open you to new experiences and in some form set you free.

Remember, more than half of what you’ve learned is wrong.

Tinted Windows
December 25, 2010

Looking in the rear view mirror you can see the car behind approaching at break neck speed. They are on a mission and ‘you’ are in their way. Impatient, they ride your back bumper until their impatience carries them into the next lane. They break the laws to pass you, but their mission is important. As they pass you, their tinted windows hide their faces from view.

If they weren’t in their cars and they were in a line at the bank of grocery store, they probably wouldn’t be as bullish. In the car, they have total anonymity. They don’t have to face you or consequences from their actions. There are no repercussions. Facing you in a line-up somewhere, they would have to listen to you or someone call them on their actions. That’s what makes their act even more insidious. Tinted windows hide them from their responsibilities.

In the end, during their life’s review, I hope they can absorb the brightness of love they will feel from all their previous actions. There are no tinted windows there.

December 25, 2010

Connections in life are very interesting. Just when you think you’ve come to a point where you need an answer or a solution, a catalyst appears. It can be a person or thing that precipitates a life changing event. You may not even realize it has happened until you look back and see a chain of events. A catalyst is a gift of giving. The giver, in this case, is usually totally unaware of their profound effect on your life. The giver’s life goes on unaffected and normal with no residual effects.

But you,…. you have changed, and you will never be the same. You see things differently. You feel you’ve grown. You’re changing for the better. It usually comes with a sense of freedom. Freedom from your own self-imposed chains. Chains you didn’t realize were there, until you saw past them. The catalyst can come in many forms.

Many so-called evil things (as denoted by society) have been catalysts in my life. The word ‘evil’ was created by someone who needed control over our emotions of guilt and fear. Interestingly enough, ‘evil’ spelt backwards is ‘live’, as told to me by a friend the other night.  ‘Evil’ and ‘live’ are examples of a single word containing a perception of both good and bad. We should not be harsh on ourselves or others when we label an event as bad for us. My best changes in life were the result of so-called evil people. But the fact they were in my life opened me to my best realizations. Their connection to me allowed me to ‘live’. Live like I’d never lived before.

In this season of giving, called Christmas, I want to give back, and thank them all from my deepest depths for setting me free.

Imagination 101
December 21, 2010

Imagination is one of our greatest gifts. It is our starting point to accomplishment and fulfillment.

I was listening to an acquaintance expel about his plans for the future. He does cellphone tower work. Each shift he is at a different location and site. He was talking to his employer who contracts with Verizon and was amazed at what his boss invoices for his work. He feels that if he got some of the same equipment that he trained on, and used a location he has, he could train others to do his job and make the same type of money his boss does. As he was telling his story, many gaps in realism seemed to fill his idea. The more he spoke, the more unrealistic the whole idea seemed. Not to discourage him, I encouraged him to reach out and get the common sense information he would need to progress. However, my input seemed to fall on deaf ears. Not that I know anything about cell phone towers and their maintenance, I do know some of the basics in making things work in your life.

Wishful thinking and pipe dreams are just what they say. You do need some common sense. You have to take a good look at your life and see where you are at, and then, where you want to go. Imagination used correctly is incentive to make you change. At least an incentive to change your thinking.

What is it that you’ve always wanted in your life? Your deepest desire? Why has it never happened?

If your current thinking was right it would have taken you to your dreams already. Or you would be on a constructive plan that would be bringing your desires into your reality. Apparently something is missing or wrong…especially if your current thinking has been this way for years, and years and years. There is a clue here.

Without a workable constructive plan in place, you’ll never make it to Reality 101.

Let your imagination be freeform, but don’t let it burst your bubble.

Heart Complications
December 18, 2010

It’s rough sometimes. There are so many ins and outs to life you really don’t know which way to turn. You may have preconceived ideas on how you are supposed to act, and to be, and what is acceptable in your life. But on the other hand, you feel deep inside, there’s that lingering question. Is this the right  thing for me?

What to do?

The easiest answer is, escape. It is so much easier than facing any sort of reality. Every second is a risk or chance in life. Fear blocks reasoning. To conquer fear, you have to go inside your fear. When you do, you will find that  it disappears. How do you know if your decision is right for you. You have to listen to how your body feels. Not your mind.

In heart conditions, everyone has their own agenda as to what is supposed to happen.

What is supposed to happen?

I’ll tell you.

It’s be who you really are, and tell whomever, what you want them to hear. If it’s something they don’t want, at least you’ve been honest.

 But wait.

What are they giving up by not trying? Or accepting a different reality? What if this is the best thing that will ever come into their life?

What then?

There are losses in the world, and when you shrink it down to individuals, there are losses that are immeasurable.

Face reality in honesty, with yourself, and with another.

December 17, 2010

In the movie ‘Matrix Reloaded’, Neo was trapped on a train that travelled in circles. The train only stopped at one station and was controlled by ‘the trainman’. This ‘trainman’ is a metaphor representing our egos. Cunning, deceptive, antagonistic and settled into controlling every part of our rationale. Preventing us from obtaining truth and keeping us in an ever ending cycle of repetition.

We spend a lot of time trapped in cycles. We feel we are in limbo. Can’t go forward, can’t go back and generally stuck where we are. Some of our cycles are long and some short. Some occur the same time every year. And some keep us on the edge of hope, without letting us get any further. Like the little child and family stuck on the train with Neo. Neo and the family had external help and were released from their endless cycles. But not before a lot of effort.

The help we need is always around us. Unfortunately, we usually don’t listen to it.

I hope you can break the cycle you don’t like.

There’s A Memory I’d Forgotten
December 16, 2010

I was leaving the post office and crossing the parking lot to my car, when I heard loud banging. I glanced over to see what all the commotion was about and that’s when my memory flashed back to me. There were a couple of men banging hammers on the back of a SUV, with a woman standing close by watching. Apparently the owner of the vehicle. They were attempting to pull a bad dent out of her lift gate. One of the men asked her if he could drill a couple of holes into the dent so he could insert a tool and pull out the dent.

The same thing happened to me back in 1985. I had a dent in my side front panel and two men approached me and said they could repair the dent, paint it and make it look new again. It’d only cost me eighty dollars. What a deal I thought. You must remember I’d only been in L.A. a short time. I was naive about the ways of a large city. They drilled holes into the side panel of the car, pulled out the dent, put some filler on and left the patch looking really rough. They said they couldn’t sand the area until it had hardened for a few days. They gave me a disconnected phone number on a piece of paper and told me to call them and they would sand and paint the panel. Two days later I called and realized that was the last I’d ever see of my eighty dollars. The job they had done looked worse than the dent.

However, the story doesn’t end there. About a month later my car was stolen. I had to street park and I was living in that high crime area I’d mentioned in an earlier blog. Third street and Vermont. I reported the car stolen and the police recovered the vehicle two days later. Apparently it had run out of gas at the entrance to an on ramp for one of the freeways. They towed it to an impound and I went to pick it up. Not only did they charge me for the storage, but when I saw the car, it was completely stripped. No tires, no seats, no radio, etc., etc., etc.

I called my insurance company and relayed all the information to them and a copy of the police report. They picked up the car and totally restored it. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Until I saw my renewal policy.

But, at least the dent in the front panel was fixed.

December 15, 2010

A lot of things that I’ve wanted for a long time are starting to come into my life. The fact that I’ve been mentally asking for most of these elements has a lot to do with it. The rules say ‘ask and thou shalt receive’, but it goes further than that saying. There are many factors that combine to make a desire work.

After all this time, I just realized that I was missing one of the most important pieces to the puzzle. I’m sure that in the past, when I was younger, I used this act. Some how, I must have forgotten. This act is to ‘ask’.

Other factors that are important are: focus, defining exactly what you want, timing and energy, of which the aspect of ‘belief’ is key. The more belief you have in obtaining something, the more your chances are of receiving your desire. The rule here is: a lot of belief, gets a lot of results. Little belief gets little results. Belief is an energy form and the more energy you project, the faster your desire will come to fruition. The last part of this scenario is important also. You have to feel yourself already in possession of your desire.

‘Needs’ are always supplied before ‘wants’. And, if you don’t have a workable plan in place, nothing is going to happen.

Try to remember, your first step should be ‘to ask’. Without this step, nothing is going to happen, either.

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