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Invisible Shield
February 16, 2016

As I was leaving the office last night, I noticed a fly resting on the window, watching the world outside. Soon, it began a frantic dance back and forth trying to get through the invisible barrier, so it could join the blue sky. In many ways we are like that fly. Our hopes, wishes and dreams are on the other side of that pane of glass. Each day we are at the window trying to make it through the barrier.

Occasionally the fly would back away from the window and move into the room behind. Not realizing that there was a whole room to fly in, he persistently attacked the window. The fly’s wants (outside with unlimited freedom) outweigh his realization of what he has been ignoring.

We’re never satisfied with what we have and we end up at the window each day. If we take a step back and look at our present condition, and be content with our situation and life, we would eliminate the struggle from being too close to the window pane. The office is small, but there is enough room to fly around and accept the surroundings. As a matter of fact there is a doorway leading out of the office.

Accepting our own space and it’s limitations, until we know it well, will lead us to a doorway. And, there is no telling what is on the other side. The point to note here is that we haven’t made our options limited. We’ve just realized that there are other options. If we ignore any fear we might have and step through the doorway, what do you think you will find? Well looky here! It’s a whole other room. And, its ten times the size of the room you were just in. New flying space, new things to become aware of and a new sense of freedom. Growth! And, what is the pace or speed you use to discover new things?  The pace of your heart beat. Slow and steady. When you have fully discovered the new room, and you know all there is about its space and time, you will discover something else. Another doorway. And look!

Blue sky.

When I arrived in the office this morning, the fly lay dead on the window sill.


February 6, 2016


That’s what I gave him. It was my ride home in a taxi, but he needed it more than me. To me, it was nothing, to him it was everything. I’ve seen him before. He’s young, maybe 28ish, his dog loves him. As all dogs do. Maybe this is the lesson.

Love without condition.

So, since I was walking and had no money for the cab, may as well stop in at the local watering hole. It’s Bear Weekend. And what I see is only what I don’t want to see. Beer bellies are not my thing. As I leave, I say to the door man “That was scary”. He ignores me.

So I walk home, and I think.

That’s the best $6.00 I ever spent in my life.

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