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I Don’t Want To Talk About it
April 20, 2014

I Don't Want To Talk About it


An escape from reality as you’re feeling it.

Truth exposed!

I’d rather live with myself.

At least I would know the lies.


April 10, 2014


The act we ignore unless we want it.

So I tempted him. I felt like the devil, asking for his soul in exchange for all the material things in life.

I lied. I told him the impossible. He liked it and being young, it was entertained as a thought.

I was only looking for his reaction. He held his own, but since he will be here all weekend, I will keep testing him to see what it takes for him to relinquish who he is.

It’s not fair. He’s young, but very knowledgeable about life and how it works. I do it with humor, with laughter and non-expectation. He is welcome to leave the game anytime it gets too much. But he likes it.

We need more of life.

I’m only entertainment.

April 5, 2014


That part of us that exposes our inner desires.


Like we pretend it isn’t there.

It’s only exposed when we want something.

And then, we try to cover up the fireworks with non pointedness. Hiding our most inner desires and wants.

We impose these restrictions upon ourselves for, what we call, protection.

There is no protection in this world. We’re only kidding ourselves. Belief in anything else is futile.

You may as well tell the truth to whom ever you need. Yes or no, it doesn’t matter.

Ultimately, there’s only now.

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