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What Is The Price Of Love?
September 30, 2011

He’s in his sixties. His partner for the night is in his twenties. Sixties can dance a good step and feels young tonight. Someone is giving him attention and a good time . His cost is a thousand dollars.

He’s a sailor from another country. His love is passionate and promising. Her love is young and innocent. Her price is a scar that won’t heal.

He’s a recovering alcoholic. His partner’s love is stable and he’s in love. His partner can leave anytime, but he doesn’t want to feel like he failed. His price is lost time and a good lesson.

He’s naive. His lover takes advantage of the simpleness. Naivety is used beyond his compassion to care. His price is a wound that won’t heal.

She lies about her love to someone who cares. They bear children and then she leaves for his best friend. With daggers, hate and revenge, she’s happy for her decision. His price is regret.

He waits. She waits. Their price is loneliness.

There is always a price to pay for every thing in life.

Make it Joy.


Disappearing Act
September 23, 2011

“I loved someone once, but he’s gone”. I want to love again, but no one wants to love me now”. “I’m old, and they want someone younger”. “I still have a lot to give, but I’m old”. “They only see the old”.

And outside love disappears.

He tells of his youth, his former life and experiences, and no one wants to truly listen. They want the ‘now’ of ‘their’ life, not what they’re hearing. He continues and emphasises his former experiences even more to make up for what he is not feeling in attention. To no avail.

He disappears.

There is nothing more humbling than health gone wrong. Longing for the status quo of good health, there’s pining. Over time, disease disappears and the pain and grief are forgotten. The semblance of normality replaces an unwanted time.

Disease disappears.

I had  an object in my hand. One moment it was there. The next moment it was gone. I looked and looked. To no avail. It pained me that I had lost something so close.

It had disappeared. And, I don’t lose things.

Things disappear from our lives all the time. Forgetfulness can cause some of these disappearances. Other things are taken from us because their usefulness has been used-up, or, we let go of them physically, mentally and emotionally.

The last disappearing act we’ll feel, is ourselves.

Don’t let it be sorrow.

Lean On Your Own Spine
September 10, 2011

Your spine is the roadway connection to the source. You have to tune in to its direction to govern your life. Occasionally you will be driven astray, but more than often, the key is to come back to what you know is real…… trust it and begin a new.

Doreen told me this forty years ago.

I have a hard time understanding this point, so I assume you will too.

Your real life is you. Not what someone sees you as, or what someone wants, but it’s your conception and image of who you are. Controlling forces in your life, whatever they may be,  may mean well, but they are not who you are. You are, …..who you are!

Live your life. Feel your inner being. The person you were meant to be.

Be alive!

Be Happy!

Be You!

September 9, 2011

That’s what I felt from people tonight. I felt surprised by their comments, emotions and caring. We all want to be liked and sometimes it’s best to be a non-entity. For if you return from a lapse in time, there’s appreciation. We all need to disappear once in a while. It restores our inner being and strengthens our friend’s bonds.

Disappear for a week. Come back renewed and you’ll find your loving friends have renewed also.

It makes for a lot of appreciation on both sides.

September 6, 2011

What an experience. I’ve been on boats before and ocean liners, but nothing matched this experience. I was fearful, because past experiences have made me sea-sick. But this was different. Something so vast and so encompassing controlling how you feel, but only to the point of letting you control the actions of your destination. Just like life! Underneath you is an ocean that is controlled by the universe, and you’re sitting on top of all of this and determining where you want to go. That’s why people love sailing. I never knew what they were talking about till now. How can you explain a feeling  that has to be experienced as a feeling? 

There were sixty of us and the crew made us feel welcome. We were allowed to swim off the bow, as they took us to a destination that had thirty foot deep clear waters. Then, after everyone was aboard they raised the sails and took us along the coast of Honolulu. For an hour and a half we were captured by the universe in a sea of bliss. Incredible! We danced on the boat, chatted to other guests and experienced a moment in a lifetime. Who knew it was available for twenty dollars. I have friends that sail and I never  knew what they were talking about until now.. There’s a freedom, peace, a luxury of  being and a lot of living like you’ve never experienced.


In your life …..sail!

There’s nothing like living and enjoying what you never knew was possible.

September 3, 2011

What’s this word all about? I heard it as I walked home. It describes a lifestyle, a feeling and a moment. To the uninformed it can be slanderous, a threat and an unknown. Unknown only in the sense of  not feeling. Slanderous if you are in the receiving zone of a derogatory thought and  a threat if you can’t face your own thoughts or other people’s thoughts.

And what does this all mean? It means, there is more than one way to look at life. Another set of rules, another set of perimeters and another set of beliefs. Believe it or not , it’s part of all of us.

Anything we can’t face or accept is telling us something. Mostly about ourselves. We are here to learn, otherwise we would have finished with this existence and moved on.

I’m still learning.

I hope others are too.

September 1, 2011

Privilege is what we receive when we are born. We are given a gift, and everything we receive on this earthly plane is finite. From our first breath to everything we touch, hold, consume, use and discard. Out of all these gifts, time is the most important. We have a limited time in which to give back for our privilege here.

Some take this privilege and turn it around as if it were theirs to give. Everything we have is borrowed from the universe and sooner or later it has to be given back in one form or another. It pays to be humble, even though on the surface, it may seem otherwise.

One way or another ‘the takers’ will have to eventually give back, and they won’t like it.

Maybe next time around they’ll learn, there’s nothing like giving.

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