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January 31, 2014


The thoughts we use when we forget to love.


It All Began With A Dream
January 19, 2014


Twenty-three people were asked to bring a pound of substance. It could be whatever.

When they arrived with their pound of ‘whatever’ they poured it into a mixing machine and it was mixed.

Before they left, they were given back a pound of substance.

People took the substance and they were healed of their ailments. Anything from constipation to cancer.

I saw a view of what they were taking. It contained ‘nuts and bolts’ and herbs and elements.

The people were cured and it was documented.
The contents were deconstructed upon the arrival of miraculous healings, but they couldn’t determine why or where it all came from.

Later that day I received a telephone call from a nemises.

Consilitory in nature, it led to a personal meeting in person and an exposition of feelings and explanations.

Somewhere in all of this was a connection, unheard of, for at least three years before.

I surmised it was my dream. Twenty-three people had input as to what was to happen with regards to a will. After all the input was extracted, there was only my discord that was left. The ‘nuts and bolts’ were from the expression. They are the items that hold everything together. The healing was with an unexpexted realization, that we were both on the same train of thought and not really enemies after all.

It was a happy ending. Also a complete surprise.

Things change. As in life, we should be ready for the unexpected.

It can really be quite pleasant.

A Waste Of Time
January 17, 2014


Most things in life are a waste of time. Our minds and life experiences train us to believe these experiences are important.

But they are not!

What is important is the ‘feelings you feel’ from an experience. That’s what teaches us. That’s how we grow. That’s how we really begin to live.

Experiences are the precursor to reality in feeling.

Learn to decipher the difference.

You’ll be much happier.

To Listen
January 17, 2014


One of the kindest acts you can bestow upon another human being.

January 16, 2014


An emotion created in you by yourself or others.

Moments to ponder with resolve and finality, less they burden you forever.

Drop your guard, feel your need, cast out your blame, needs and desires.

Wake up in the morning free and refreshed.

Dump the shit!

The Moon Is Not Quite Full
January 11, 2014


And, neither is the night.

We look for whatever, not knowing what we are missing in front of us.

Our parameters keep us barren.

At the bar, they sing to the videos. Memorable are: From The Age Of Aquarius is sung as ‘The Age Of A Hairy Ass’. I Will Follow Him is sung as ‘I Will Swallow Him’. Don’t you wish you were here? It is a lot of fun.

But there is a lot of emptiness.

In a world so full.

Why can’t we see it?

We’re spiritually blind.

January 5, 2014


Those thoughts that make us feel we’re real.

We long for acceptance in a world of non-deliverance.


It’s all about hope. That energy we sustain for our innermost desires.

Funny enough, we give up on relevant moments to obtain the “its never going to happen scenario”.

What a monumental waste of time and energy.

Sometimes it’s better to be empty than to be “full”.

January 4, 2014


What we believe, but not what we know.

Let me talk about energy. You have to look at everything you see, hear, taste, feel and smell as a form of energy. It permeates our existence.

Energy can be manipulated.

But, only by our thoughts. What are thoughts? The energy we use to create what happens in our lives.

Who knew?

We think,…….we are!!!!!

Be careful of what you think. You bring into your life and realm of being, exactly what you think. I’m old….so be it, I’m young….so be it. I’m rich and so it happens. I believe and so it transforms your life.

Belief is the strongest force behind a thought. The stronger the belief, the stronger the result. The weaker the belief, the weaker the result.

Don’t think weak or small….that’s all you will get.

Who knew you could change your world, by “just thinking”?

January 1, 2014


Better than 2013.

You can feel it. 2013 Sucked.

I cannot tell you the scenarios I experienced tonight.
I can only relate the results.
From aids related deaths of a twin brother, and a truck diving death of a family member, to a need for fulfilment sexually, to a need to consummate an evening, to a want of need, in something they feel is them and real.

I leave everything, to walk home alone.

He tells me “I saw you and you were the “light” at the bar. How am I suppose to feel?

I don’t know how to react. I am, who I am.

It is really all too much to digest……mentally and emotionally. I place the desire in the hands of the light master, who made us look beautiful under rose lighting.

I walk home alone.

Thank goodness. Give me peace.

Happy New Year!!!!! to everyone.

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