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December 31, 2011


She stands behind her table in the small booth. Thick silver hair encases a loving face and eyes lit with giving, hope and anticipation. Before her are her creations. Individually wrapped cookies of traditions gone by. The Italian flag is symbolized on each package. Her heritage of red, white and green.

I recognize some traditions and even one type of cookie I have made myself. I try to get my friend to purchase some. He recognizes the ones his mother makes. He won’t part with his money or emotion. The seller watches us as we ponder a sale. Her love is wrapped into each cookie and she wants us to taste her time and experience, but more than this, her giving.

We pass through life turning down love. It’s around every corner, it’s in every move we feel, but we’re blind to its presence. To enjoy life you have to participate. When you participate, you create. When you create, you love.

What better reason is there for today?


Pre-emptive Strike
December 31, 2011

We like to prevent things from happening. The problem with this thinking is that by the time we think of it, we’ve already created the thought and energy that will make our pre-emptive strike happen.

The rooms are filled with people milling around like locusts waiting for a mass feeding. Even though they want a single feeding, their energy is  masses of duplicity. Smell permeates the dance floor. Shirts are off and wrinkled muscles pretending to be youth mix with bodies that could be clothed. Still they want what they are feeling, be it fulfilling or non-fulfilling. They need the experience. This experience is freedom on their level.

I walk across the street on the cross walk, but I am nearly hit by a police car on a mission. He makes a frail attempt to slow for the stop sign , but disregards it’s meaning and proceeds. He’s followed by numerous other reinforcements. They are looking for something they consider dangerous. They let me pass. It’s not me. Old age has something to be said for itself. Nice try anyways.

The extended Holiday this year has proceeded  an expectation of more. More celebration. More party. More needs. Most go unfulfilled. Like a wish list from last years Christmas, people surge forward with desires and wants. Subconsciously we feel our desires will never transpire, so we set into place plans, schemes and mental traps for people to accept. Acceptance is a rarity. Those that need acceptance are trapped. Those that don’t need acceptance, play.

It’s the game. We all have a different name for this game, but we all play it.

What do we achieve?

If you step back and picture the whole, we can only achieve one thing.

A smile.

Let’s move on.

The next experience is about to happen.

Cut. It’s A Wrap: 2011
December 29, 2011

2011. It started simple enough. We watched the ringing in of the New Year and we were all wishing for the best. But change was the new moment, and the energy unleashed this year was a direct result of a feeling called suffocation. We were held ransom to the life force we breathe. Hense there was change. Not subtle change, but monstrous change. As with any change there is death in one or more elements, and, the vacuum this death creates, needs time to be replaced and fulfilled. It took most of this year for any of us to feel this vacuum closing. And, unfortunately, there still is some waiting ahead.

The earth feeling the neglect of nature’s laws rebelled with upheavals in all four spiritual elements. The rock and roll from these forces was not music in anyone’s ears. Tears flowed like rain torrents. Depression, destruction and disarray were the workhorses we labored under. We fought back with resistance, patience and most of all hope. There were some bright spots along the way and humanity looked for new personas to replace those taken by time and limits.

We have another New Year approaching and we look again for some reprieve. A break in the endless cycle of the treadmill we feel we’ve accepted as fate. In this infinity of vibrations, believe it or not, there is harmony. It’s happening. We may, or may not, see, or feel it. It’s our acceptance or non-acceptance of life around us that sets us free.

If we choose the first primal law…….we end up choosing un-limitedness. Not any year, this one, 2011 or 2012 or it’s expressions can hold us back from the connection we seek.

May everyone’s New Year be greater than your wishes.

A Fine Line
December 17, 2011

We realize what we need to do to correct ourselves, but nine out of ten times we sabotage our own efforts. Fine lines exist  in us between right and wrong, good and bad, love and hate, needs and wants. Life teaches us in retrospect. Connecting the points to where we feel we belong to our actual reality, is that fine line. A threshold of opportunity we keep justifying in our minds. We get backlogged in our efforts to change.

The influences in the world around us are forever making our journey more difficult than it has to be. Our habitual habits are no help either. Efforts lose ground to our inner weaknesses. We choose to accept minor gains as rewards for these efforts, when in reality we have to lose something to make any meaningful gains. There is that fine line again. We won’t give up what we should to attain what we need.

Most of the time we don’t like to look inside ourselves. We don’t like what we see. This fine line is taboo. To cross it means change. Change is painful, so we avoid what we need most. This journey keeps us occupied until the next fine line arrives.

We end up, no worse for wear, and although this journey is interesting, it is also a fine line.

Ten Ways To Know The Answer
December 10, 2011

Why are we consumed with lists, amounts and finding answers? Is it the search for knowledge we need, or a search for things that will make us a better person?

‘Lists’ give you an expectation. An expectation that what you are reading will solve your ‘immediate’ problems. The truth is, they are there for only one reason. We need to feel some kind of instant gratification in us. We need to be fed. On some level, we lack fulfillment and ‘lists’ are the quickest way to that point.

We are not willing to open our inside book of knowledge for the true answers we need. We’ve been taught to get our ‘knowledge’ from outside sources, and that’s where we look. And, for all accounts, we go though life unfulfilled.

We never find the ten ways to know the answer.

If we keep looking to these outside ‘lists’, we keep ourselves separated from true knowledge.

Sub vs. Dom
December 9, 2011

Sub vs. Dom. It’s what most everything boils down to, now-a-days. Will you dominate or be subservient. There lies  the underling emotion and the root of our being.

Not a pretty picture, but none the less, an acceptance of what is happening now.

Somehow, we gravitate to one or the other, in the above limitations. We do this, without realizing we have a choice for change.

What makes us subservient?

Programming and life’s experiences.

 What makes us domineering?

Power and control.

Feeding an ego or denying what is rightfully your essence is a sin. Not religious sin, but sinful from the point of view, for humanity.

Forget what you’ve been taught.

Live what you feel.

Just A Moment
December 9, 2011

There’s anger coming from the clothes I see strewn on the road, as I drive to work. The garments and shoes continue for at least a street block. I can’t feel what caused this, but a residual picture of these items been thrown out a car window with revenge and anger conjures up in my mind.

We all live separate lives from the world around us. It’s ‘our world’ and ‘that world’. Blending them to stay happy and content is another matter. Events happen to us, either good or bad (perception) because somewhere down the road, we had a thought and acted upon it. That’s cause and effect.

Because we entertain hundreds of thoughts at any given moment, it’s not always easy to choose the right one. This gives us life experiences. It’s what we do with these life experiences that make us who we are.

Focus on this moment, every moment.

You could be in heaven and not even know it.

December 3, 2011

Solo can be lonely. It’s one, its single, it’s alone , by itself, and un-loved. It needs fulfillment. But one, is who we are. We enter as one and we leave as one.

Duality is who we are.

Contrary to: ‘one is who we are’. Both are true, and , we fight these two parameters our whole lives. We think we know and have all the answers. But then, we think we need…. ‘the second opinion’….. to make it truth. Again, both are true.

It’s our choices that screw us up.

‘The grass is always greener syndrome’, makes us feel there is something out there that is better than what we are experiencing.

We want the best for ourselves. But only through our conditioning.

We are where we are, because we are always no more and no less, that this moment.

This moment is paramount.

Change your moment, and you change your reality.

P.S. Nice to see you again Charles, after so many months. Happy Birthday!….r

Life and Weather
December 3, 2011

Life can be like the weather.

I look out my window and see the mountain before me holding back a black sky. Yet, the sun shines brightly on the mountain. The winds increase and the palms bend to their demands. Debris is in the cool air.

Our thinking brings us to our goals and desires. We place mountains or walls around us to protect our interests. We feel safe and secure in the calm sunlight of our making. Then, from one moment to the next, there comes the inevitable winds of change. Unplanned and unexpected. We muster our defenses only to find wind permeates all things no matter how well we’ve sealed the cracks. In the end, we restructure and remake our path. We clean up the debris and make the yard beautiful again.

When the winds subside, it’s warming to feel the sun on your face again.

The Day The World Stopped
December 1, 2011

It was a strange dream.

Everyone on the planet was given tokens that were equivalent to who and what they were, and what they had accumulated. The tokens were all the same size. You were also given a basket to hold the tokens. When everyone’s tokens were in their respective baskets, everything came to a stop. Work, people and life as we know it.

An entity removed one token from each basket and gave it to each individual, with the message that this was the new starting point. Life would not resume for anyone until each token in each basket was neutralized. The entity gave a hint. You had to rotate your basket and start from the opposite end. The oldest part of your life had to be dealt with first. When you had gone through each and every token, then your new life could begin.

Time was a factor. Some tokens took a long time to neutralize, others, a very short time. Strangely enough, when everyone’s tokens had been neutralized, it was noticed that everyone finished at the same time.

Life began a new. Everyone was equal and at peace.

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