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Bartender’s Lament
March 23, 2012

It’s quiet when we enter, but there is the lingering energy of a ‘slammed’ moment earlier. We change seats three times and finally settle into our bar stools. Jason our bartender eludes a mystery tonight. Baseball cap with the rim curved to accentuate his narrow jaw line. Spontaneously going with the flow.

Customers. They may be with friends or a lover, partner or date, but they all feel the need to expel their emotions. Here is the place where someone will listen to their innermost momentary need, if only for a second. It is worth the dollars they put down. They are not paying for the drink they receive, they are paying for the acknowledgement without judgement.

It’s better than what they feel now.

And the bartenders. They listen. They comment. With a smile. With a charming care. The more they listen, the more they are tipped.

The energy builds and I watch the conglomerate of individuals and their personas envelop the space between themselves and the bartenders. It’s a short space from the edge of the bar to their needs being fulfilled. And, in that short time they reveal their lives. Some lament in less than a minute. Others take longer. But, they all tell their life story in a miniscule moment.

The stories are personal. Why would they reveal these things to a stranger but not to who they love?

Unconditional love.

No judgement.


And, an escape available in the end, if the moment turns sour. What a beautiful place to be.



March 22, 2012

Differences torment us throughout our lives. We have much to be thankful for and yet we find it hard to accept thinking, actions or variations of ourselves. Is it because inwardly we are different from what we project?

Who are we and do we have a purpose? We go though life not realizing we don’t have to hide from these two questions.

Firstly, we can never be more than who we are. That means ‘be yourself’. Nothing more, nothing less.

And our purpose? Maybe we don’t have one. If we remove our fears and become fearless, we only have our true self and that is the only purpose anyone needs.

March 20, 2012

Absence is a feeling. It occurs from the lack of appreciation. Sometimes we don’t appreciate ourselves. Sometimes we don’t appreciate others. The worst of these is when we feel no one appreciates us. In order to change absence to ‘fullness’, it takes an effort. Effort in love.

We have to love who we are, love what we do and love those around us.

It’s really not that much to ask for, in order to remove the ‘absence’ feeling.

March 8, 2012

We use our minds as an excuse to remain attached to form. An endless stream of thoughts encase us daily and removes any consciousness from getting the real attention it needs. And, as I think back through the last forty years, I remember things about life that moved me. Things until now, I’d forgotten.

Lately, I’ve felt inspired by my work. I keep having flashes back to past years when this same inspiration took me to wonderful fulfilled moments. It occurred to me, that I’ve been the only one in the way, from experiencing happiness on former levels. Re-living lost youth.

When you’re younger and you’re in ‘discovery mode’ it’s like they say……the world is your oyster. All things ‘new’ are discovered and gobbled up insatiably in a quest for accomplishment. Then as we get to ‘I know that mode’, we take the pearl and discard the rest. We have to get back to discovery.

Discovery reborn gives you tireless energy. You get those ‘accomplished’ feelings again and best of all, you feel you’re beginning to live life fulfilled. Like it was meant to be. Not enraptured in the world and it’s problems, but a sence that what you’re doing can change the world around you.

I can only hope that you begin to rediscover, ‘discovery’. There are unlimited joyful moments waiting.

March 4, 2012

A moment presented that disappears unless acted upon. How many moments do we discard unknowingly, in our lives, while living life?


Do we realize this process?

Only when it is over.

Our lesson?

Patience. Can we go back to that missed opportunity? Sometimes, But it takes courage, committment and  fortitude. Does it work out in the end?

No, not always.

But the beauty in all of this is the trying,

If you get rejection, it was never meant. If you get acceptance, you have a dilemma. If it happens by chance, in the future, you know, you have to reconsider your position you hold dear.

 There is nothing like living life to the fullest.

The Formula
March 3, 2012

Like being led down a golden path with rewards, we line-up to be fed our formula. Formula for today, is the name. We consume other people’s perceptions and ideas as if it were food for survival.

A religion gives us God, and we believe. Only later do we find our soul is lost.

A conglomerate gives us a product to help us in our lives. But alas, its actual purpose is to keep us from the truth. It keeps us focused on the outside instead of inwards and we lose sight of what is real.

A restaurant chain gives us their formula for happiness through food. We consume, but leave empty of nourishment.

A politician gives us his formula for prosperity. But before we have time to believe the words turn to lies.

All of the formulas work except the one we rarely use.

Our own.

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