Fear without Knowing
January 21, 2017



So, I’m coming around the corner to go to the boy’s room and there are two people waiting in line. The first person is standing¬† about four feet from the restroom doors. The second person is standing sixteen feet from the restroom doors. A line is forming, but neither of these two people move forward to take up the distance in the line.

What keeps them from moving forward?

Is this a sign of the times?

Is their fear of moving forward greater than their need to release?

One person comes out of the left side restroom and the first person takes his place. But, the second person in line refuses to move forward, even though the line behind him is forming quickly and reaching out the exit doors of the building. Finally, the second restroom becomes available and the person ahead of me moves to take his position inside the restroom. I immediately take up the lax in space of close to twenty feet and wait for the next restroom to become available.

If fear is this obvious in a nondescript environment, what does it say about the county under Trump?

Are we going to be governed by our small but innate fear of ‘not knowing’, or fear of ‘who we are’ as a replacement for I AM?

Move forward! Take a stand! Be who you were meant to BE!


December 15, 2013


Most of our lives are spent on waiting.

Waiting for the right moment. Waiting for the right person. waiting for the best opportunity. Waiting for “whatever” to happen.

In stead of waiting, what if we started living in this moment….. now?

There is so much to experience in a timeless reality of now. There’s no anticipation, no want no need, it is just what it is.
This moment.

Live it to its fullest.

Have the most fun of your life.

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