Fear without Knowing
January 21, 2017



So, I’m coming around the corner to go to the boy’s room and there are two people waiting in line. The first person is standing  about four feet from the restroom doors. The second person is standing sixteen feet from the restroom doors. A line is forming, but neither of these two people move forward to take up the distance in the line.

What keeps them from moving forward?

Is this a sign of the times?

Is their fear of moving forward greater than their need to release?

One person comes out of the left side restroom and the first person takes his place. But, the second person in line refuses to move forward, even though the line behind him is forming quickly and reaching out the exit doors of the building. Finally, the second restroom becomes available and the person ahead of me moves to take his position inside the restroom. I immediately take up the lax in space of close to twenty feet and wait for the next restroom to become available.

If fear is this obvious in a nondescript environment, what does it say about the county under Trump?

Are we going to be governed by our small but innate fear of ‘not knowing’, or fear of ‘who we are’ as a replacement for I AM?

Move forward! Take a stand! Be who you were meant to BE!


Birds Do Rain
October 6, 2010

It’s raining today. The sound of rain hitting the stovepipe woke me last night and I was up listening to the pitter-patter for a couple of hours. Just letting my mind drift and reminiscing about past rainy days. Baking apple pie, pot roast, fireplace, warmth, coziness, security and safe feelings. Younger days, family, friends.

I stepped outside to feel the rain against my skin. Cold, wet and refreshing, and somehow reassuring that part of the universe still gives us a constant. Something we can count on.

As I drive to work I see the subjective moods the rain has placed people into. One more problem in their lives. Something else to deal with. A bird swoops past the car to join another on a lamp-post. They shake their wings free and settle into enjoying the bath of life.

We instinctively protect ourselves when out in the rain. We normally don’t let it penetrate our skin and wet our clothes for fear of getting a cold or worse. Instead of making rain into something to run from or fear, we should feel the rain. It’s a chance to cleanse and shake free our burdens.

There’s nothing like starting over with a fresh look at things.

And afterwards, giving a great big thank you.

The Fall
July 28, 2010

At some point in our lives, everything that we know as our world, crumbles around us. It can be an emotional or physical experience. Things change. Nothing is the same. We feel lost and we don’t know which way to turn. Some of us ask for help. Some do their re-building on their own. But there is a period of re-building. Everyone I’ve ever known has had this experience. I didn’t know the Romans, but it happened to them too.

People talk about safety. Everyone wants to feel secure and ‘safe’. Look what the government has done to secure our safety. We do our daily routines with the premise that our actions will keep us from harm. We are taught from child-birth how to be safe, and we put enormous amounts of energy and money into anything that gives us a secure feeling. And still we fall.

There is a part of us that likes insecurity. It gives us a sense of self, or identity. Something we can wrap our minds around and identify with, or spew out to close associates. Conscious or unconscious, we allow choices in our lives that bring us to the point of the fall. Can we stop the fall from happening? Probably not. Part of having the fall is a learning and growth process. We can, however, minimize the fallout. Forgetting the past and not focusing on the future will keep us more focused on what is happening in the present moment. Your reality is now and the more you can sustain the ‘now’ in your life, the less pain you’ll feel and the more conscious you will become. That said, you may prevent the fall. The only true safety is in loving. Loving the moment.

The Egg
March 15, 2010

I was in one of my meditations after work at Beans and Barley and I felt I slipped into an encasement. I was surrounded by what seemed a clear gelatinous sack in the shape of an egg. The feeling was an all-encompassing sense of security, safety and protection, and I was travelling. Travelling with stars all around me. Some close and very bright and some further away, but all had an energy I could feel through the egg encasement. It lasted throughout the night.

Afterwards, the following week or week and a half I felt like I was outside my body conducting my body through its daily routines and motions. I could see myself cooking or walking or whatever and it was like I was guiding all of my actions, but all of my feelings were with me as I watched. Everything was effortless and no matter how busy the cooking became, there was no sense of anxiety, panic or stress associated with the amount of work.

This experience helped me set a pattern from then on to view my inner life in the same way.


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