How to Choose an Escort
February 26, 2010

I was washing the dishes last night and it occurred to me I could probably help out with some information on this subject. Jorge gave me this list after repeatedly asking “what about me and my life?”

First, you should know exactly (and I mean exactly) what your needs are. There are always repercussions to any event in your life, so weigh your decisions carefully. Make sure (as a take on what Jack Nickelson said in that movie) “you can handle the truth”. Ask yourself, what’s the purpose I expect to fill? A whim? Some sort of freedom because maybe you feel you’re religiously, morally or socially limited in some way? Different sex that you can’t have now, a fantasy, or just a new experience in your life.

A lot of people are sexually frustrated and that’s why there are always a numerous amount of sexual scandals with celebrities, clergy and political figures. If the truth be known, most people in their own lives have sexual scandals. They’re either “don’t ask, don’t tell” situations, or they just haven’t been caught.

Comfortability is key. Talk (in the broadest sense of the word)to your escort, on the phone, on-line, or whatever. Remember escorts have usually seen a broad selection of humanity and not too many things shock them. Your chances of a heightened experience are very good and as a surprise it may open you to a more broad perspective on life. You will get honesty from an escort, so you should be able to be honest to them in your needs. Remember too that they are human with their own needs and emotions. Don’t forget to compliment them. Your best experience will come from treating them right. Because you are paying them, it’s like any other transaction for goods rendered. Usually their primary function is to please their client. Why? They want repeat business. Time is money. Let’s not waste it. Ask about body type, age, their experience. The younger they are, the less life experiences they can relate to, but if you are young yourself this may be a perfect match. Just two other things. How’s their personality? Does it suit your temperament? And, the last thing is price. Personally, that’s up to you.

You want your experience to be seamless for the duration of the time you’re together. This goes back to comfortability. Think of how you want this situation to transpire. I relate to food, and some of my best sex was in the kitchen. If you’re a gardener, maybe you’d like to try it outside. I did it in the rain once and it was great. There are probably a lot of examples out there.

Where do you find your escort? There are lots of blog and regular sites out there. Check some out. You can learn a lot from what they say and how they say it. Some sites I find brutally honest. Isn’t that what you’re really needing most? Especially to yourself.

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