An instrument used for power and control.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Humans have always needed a ‘higher’ power to be subservient to give them purpose, a sense of control and worthiness. Someone to say ‘be good’ or ‘try harder’ or ‘you have more to give than what you think’.

We don’t trust ourselves for inspiration, for knowing, or for believing.

Someone ‘bigger’ has to do it ‘to us’ or ‘for us’.

We need structure and we let the doors of religion enter.

Time has taken its toll on religion, but it has led us to what we believe now. It has taken us from narrow-mindedness and chaos to a broader perspective and a different chaos.

But it is an accomplishment.

Not all of life can be boiled down to rational thinking. Somewhere there has to be ‘feeling’.

A key, that religion has never found.


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