Predator and Victim

Desires bring out our predator instincts. The stronger our desires, the stronger our intent and victimization. Victims of predators are not guiltless. Somewhere in their psyche is also a desire or need, that they haven’t fulfilled on some level. When predators and victims of predators come together, a balance happens. Both get their desires fulfilled.

The viewer of a predator/victim situation can only judge the outcome through their own life experiences and knowledge. So reactions will be varied. In the end, it will be a slurry of emotions that we recognize. It can be any of the major emotions: joy, fear, guilt, freedom or love.

The outcome, for each individual at play, in this scenario, will always be the determining factor in their growth. If the deed is consummated, both parties must accept the outcome.

If they don’t, they will be burdened with torment for quite some time.

It’s this torment that changes victims into predators and predators into victims.


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