Color Your World – Update 3

Day 12. My day of rest.

Day 13. Drove back to L.A. today. Had time to review the last weeks efforts and reflect on next weeks goals. Did not exercise today, but concentrated on meditation instead.

Day 14. Bike and a great session with upper and lower body exercises. Endless problems at work. I’m glad I kept the exercises up. It’s giving me more energy to handle the flow, coming down the pipeline.

Day 15. I increased the tension on the bike today. A little harder ride, but I made it. My other exercises are getting finished in less time. I guess my speed has increased on doing the same exercises, in less time. I added some squats to my routine today.

Day 16. For some reason, the bike today was very hard to do. By the time I had finished I needed a towel to dry myself off. I felt like I stepped out of the shower. The next twenty minutes I did a meditation instead of my usual upper body work out. I feel I got more out of the meditation than the exercise today.

Day 17. No physical exercises today. A day of rest. Read some of my ooga booga books instead. Exercise the mind.


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  1. R — you’re looking great! keep up the good work and routine. remember, patience and consistency win the race… – g


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