Youth, Energy, Horse and Water.

It’s a strange sky. Steel grey with blue, stenciled against the mountain by a fine point pen. Tree line topped mountain so finely imaged it looks photographic. A moon so large, I think it’s my butt.

It’s been a long week, and dinner sounds like the nurturing a body needs. We eat. I feel better.

A week ago Thursday, amidst turmoil in the mideast, earthquakes and tsunamis (like I should worry about insignificant things in my life), the sewer backed up through our shower and ran out into the bathroom with sewage an inch deep. By Sunday it had been rectified outside of a last clean-up. Two hours later it was sterilized and done. The rug shampooed took another two days by the time it was finished.

Last Tuesday we were invited to Long Beach. The bartender was a magician. With his antics and his love of work, he kept us mesmerized while he cheated us on drinks. But he was young, beautiful and full of energy. So much energy. Envious energy. Slightly corrupt, but enticing enough to keep us there. He played us like a musical instrument, and we were singing to his song of ‘gotcha’. But we loved it.

Our week days at work were like a toilet seat. Up and down. And then, ‘the talk’. Communication is the best and the hardest part of relationships. Thought separates us from love. And love creates ruptures in your bond. Each of us leads the other to water, so we can drink of the wisdom we know. Neither of us drink.

What do you do? Do you let each of us die of thirst, or,………. do you force us to drink?

We went to work.

We’ll love tomorrow morning. We’ll have love words for breakfast.


2 Responses

  1. Happy it helped you. Sometimes, a little time is needed to absorb another person’s feelings and thoughts. Things are usually better after you sleep on it or focus on work.


  2. shred guitar lessons…

    This post solved my problem – keep up the good work!…


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