Color Your World – Update 1

This is day two. I woke up with the feeling that I exercised. Subtle aches throughout my body. I repeat yesterdays scenario, but find I have to cut the exercise bike time by three minutes. I developed a charlie horse cramp in my left foot and lower calf. I’m jumping around the room to get rid of it. You must remember, I’m sixty-two, not twenty or thirty-two. I manage to get rid of it and follow-up with my other exercises. I do one-hundred counter push-ups and forty crunches. I also increased my leg and arm exercises by twenty each. I manage ten minutes of exercise before I go to bed.

Day 3. I don’t feel like getting out of bed to do the exercises. I feel a few more aches today, but they are muscle aches. My body is resisting. I can’t let my wishful thinking stop me. I get out of bed and climb on the bike. I watched an exercise infomercial program on TV last night called ‘Insanity’. I picked up a few pointers, and when I was biking today I held my core stomach muscles tight during the complete exercise. I also tried some of the moves I saw on the program, but I didn’t use the intensity that was shown. I plan to work up to it, in a short while. I managed my fifty minutes and as I finished I looked in the mirror. My butt still has two droopy wrinkles and my chest has not hardened yet. But, it does seem better and I definitely have more energy in the mornings and during the day. It makes me feel happy.

Day 4. I’m laying in bed and my arms feel like they are going to fall off. My lower abdomen is also hurting. Yesterday I did leg lifts where I pulled my knees right up to my chest. Fifty on each leg. I guess they worked.

I’m in Palm Springs today and the setting is different. I don’t have an exercise bike, so I will have to adapt and do my fifty minutes of exercise without any external machinery. They do it on ‘Insanity”, so why not here. I’m going to try to do regular push-ups today and a few other things I want to try out. I’ll let you know how it goes when I’m finished.

Well I managed to put in my fifty minutes, but it was more difficult. I did manage twenty-five regular push-ups and more upper body and leg work. However, when I looked in the mirror later, my body looks somewhat lumpy. Worse than it did before. I’m trying to even out top and lower body work outs and times, but maybe it’s the fat layers that are different in different places. Anyways, I’m still sore, but still happy.

Day 5. I ache all over, but I get up anyways. I do some warm-up stretches. That seems to help. I feel strangely quiet on the inside today, as I do my exercises. A lot of the excitement of starting this routine is ebbing. I know I have to keep going, but I’m quiet about it to myself. I look outside and there is a lot of sunshine and a brilliant blue sky. It helps me. I continue. I’ve been good with my food intake. I switched to a lot of fruit and vegetables and very small portions of meat or fish. About four to five  ounce portions. Little or no carbs right now. I drink more liquids. Yesterday for lunch, I made myself a salad sandwich. It was really quite good. Cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, whole wheat bread and some non-fat dressing. It filled me up and made me feel healthy after I’d eaten it. Breakfasts have been whole grain cereal or oatmeal (a small portion really fills you up), or lo-fat yogurt, or a hard-boiled egg, or fruit. Lunches overall have been generally a salad with a small portion of meat of some kind, or depending, no meat at all. Dinners have been small portions of protein with a vegetable and small portion of carbs. If I snack, it’s been a handful of nuts or some kind of fruit. Last night Eberhard and I went to our favorite Chinese restaurant and had Mongolian beef and Wor Won Ton soup. I kept my portions small on the steamed rice and beef. I felt full even though I didn’t eat a lot. The soup helped.

I didn’t increase any of the amount of exercises today. I kept the status quo. I did manage twenty-five more regular push-ups and fifty sit-ups, plus my other routines. The exercises felt very hard to do today, but I did them.


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