The Matrix – Deciphered – Part Two


Neo is taken to a ‘safe house’ where he meets Morpheus. Morpheus shows Neo images of what the world is like. Morpheus explains to Neo, the circumstances leading to this current existence. The truth is hard for Neo to comprehend and believe.

In relation to these facts, we, as individuals have created our own darkness in our lives. This darkness permeates deeply into our psyche and being. It is part of who we are. It will take a lot of effort to clear the debris.

There will be disturbing images, during your first initial steps into meditation. You will see images you can’t understand, and images that make you feel uncomfortable. Your choice to leave this world behind and explore new worlds will create a vacuum.

It’s like, all this time, you’ve been resting on top of a lake, waiting. Now, your decision to change, makes you want to explore the lake. During some meditations you will go deeper than expected and you will stir up the mud on the bottom. You’ve accumulated this mud over a long period of time, and it will take some time until the waters clear again. Eventually, these disturbing images will pass and you will come to understand their meanings, especially as you progress on your quest. You also have a ‘safe house’ during your meditations. It will be times when you feel connected to a safe feeling. This is quantified as, ‘peace that passes all understanding’. You connect with your ‘higher self’ , you begin to expand in awareness, and intuitiveness begins to guide you. Your self-imposed bondage from the untruth will begin to lessen, and lose its grip on you.

By connecting with Morpheus, Neo is opening his intuitiveness.

Morpheus offers Neo the choice of one of two pills. One blue pill or one red pill. The blue pill will keep the status quo, and nothing will change in Neo’s life. The red pill will let Neo see the truth. He will be able to go into the rabbit hole as deep as it will go and discover his true self.

Neo chooses the red pill. This decision in life, is where we define and choose our path. We seek the truth. Once this decision has been made, you will never be able to go back, to what you have believed in before. Everything will change.

After taking the red pill, Neo looks into the mirror beside him. He extends his arm, and his hand touches the mirror. This is your first glimpse of the inner world. Your mirror image is beginning to be revealed to you. You may not like what you see. There are opposites to contend with, and your beliefs will begin to morph and change. You will also notice frequent changes in time and spacial direction. Imagery of what you thought were solid forms will take on a new dimension. Again, think of ‘Alice In Wonderland’.

In the movie, the red pill is referred to as a ‘locator’. It is so Morpheus and his crew can locate Neo, in the ‘Machine City’, which is the power plant for the Matrix. To locate Neo, they use the Nebuchadnezzar. This is the hovercraft that Morpheus and his crew maneuver through the remnants of the previous world, outside the Matrix. Nebuchadnezzar, the name, was also chosen for its ties to biblical references.

The dedication plaque on the hovercraft reads “Mark III No. 11; Made in the USA; Year 2069,”  which corresponds to the Christian  Bible’s Mark 3:11. It reads “And whenever those possessed by evil spirits caught sight of him, they would fall down in front of him shrieking, ‘You are the Son of God!'”  King Nebuchadnezzar in Biblical times was famous for his conquests. He also built the Hanging Gardens of  Babylon one of the lost Seven Wonders of the ancient world for his wife.

A reference here to you discovering and conquering your inner self and beautifying your world. To do this you will have to tap your own energy source. Our power plants are located in our solar plexus. We draw energy from the universe directly through this vortex gate. It is where we begin to transform that energy into light and transform light into space.

Neo is found after he awakes and disconnects from the feeding tubes imbedded in his body. We disconnect from our normal sources of information. We begin our freedom from bondage. Neo’s pod is opened and he slides down into a pool of feeding liquid. From here, Neo is plucked and rescued before he drowns, and brought aboard the Nebuchadnezzar.


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