Hi Self, Nice To Finally Meet You

You know that person that you talk to all day long. In your head. The one that understands you and listens to you, like a friend or your pet. The one that never questions your motives, thoughts or actions. Did you ever meet him close-up? Come face to face with him? He’s unshakeable and all-knowing, and always right.

I faced him this past weekend and actually took the time out to question all that I know about him. I questioned all his abilities, his thoughts and his actions. I wanted to know if the direction he was going was right. I wanted to know what made him happy and why he was doing what he was doing. I examined the construct.

He’s adaptable, sneaky and he lies to you. He never relinguishes control and when you corner him, he creates a duplicate mirror image to throw you into a tail spin. He won’t let you know his source, and the only way to conquer him is to remove him from your mind.

It’s hard to center your thoughts on ‘nothingness’. It’s the inflated balloon with the skin peeled away. Back and forth the game went until I settled into my feelings. I listened to my body and the answers sprung forth from ‘no where’.

It’s good to be back.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks G! That’s very kind. 🙂


  2. ahh, and it’s good to have you back! I always check TWAR right after my internet news sites. Your in-sights are such a welcome counter point to the ‘breaking news’ and media babble. – g


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