Sleepy Hollow

Nestled between two apartment buildings and attached to a small house in the front, the guest house I live in is the perfect getaway in the center of L.A. Close to work, easy freeway access and just the right amount of space to live in for the week days I spend here. It’s in a working class neighborhood with families and children that play until they’re called in for homework or curfew.  Sort of reminds me of growing up in Edmonton. Working for a life and trying to get ahead. At nights, you can hear a pin drop it is so quiet.

Except last night. Someone had guests over for a get together or  a celebration of some sort. There was all sorts of communication going on between people and everything from arguments to laughter. During the arguments each side would hold true to their respective issues, neither giving an inch of territory. Their doors and windows open, the festivities continued through the night as I watched the clock tick away each hour. The noise woke other neighbors who had comments. I heard babies crying and trying to be consoled back to sleep. Ten o’clock, elven o’clock, midnight, one a.m., two a.m. Will this ever stop? Yes! Finally, as they made their exit as loudly as they had continued all night. The last baby finally fell back asleep and there was finally quiet by two thirty a.m.

A little tired today, it reminds me of how there is always the unexpected to deal with in our lives. Everything has the potential of change associated with our given routines. It was temporary, and as much resistance as I had to the event last night, this morning I accepted what couldn’t be changed. It’s a nice release and I can get on with my day.


2 Responses

  1. R, I appreciate your accepting attitude. You’re right, resistance would only amplify the disturbance. (ear plugs also work wonders.) – g


    • Thanks G. I’m going to take up your idea for the ear plugs. This is the first time I’ve had anything like this happen since I moved in, so I’m hoping that this scenario will be rare.


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