Morning Scream

A high-pitched incredulous scream filled the air. It woke me and at first I didn’t know if I was dreaming or not. Then I heard it again.

“What’s wrong?”, I shouted back.

Sue frantically responded, “there’s a rat in the toilet and I nearly sat down on it”.

I really didn’t believe her, but I rushed up to check it out. I opened the lid of the toilet and sure enough there was a water-soaked rat staring up at me with snarling teeth. I closed the lid, so it couldn’t get out and flushed the toilet a couple of times, hoping it would go back to wherever it came. No such luck. A lot of splashing and squealing later, I returned with a pair of tongs. All good cooks have a pair of tongs handy for emergencies. I didn’t want to try to grab it with my hands in case it had rabies and I got bit.  It was wreathing and squirming as I grabbed its tail. I ran to the front door and threw it down the hillside outside the guest house we affectionately called “the shack”. It scampered off and we settled down to a cup of coffee and a good laugh.

Two days later it was back. Same toilet, same look! How did it get back in there I wondered? Unless, it was the brother of the first one. Same pair of tongs and same hillside run. I really hoped this would be the end of our rat encounters. Sure enough, a few days after that I saw our friend being chased by one of the house cats and we never had the problem again.

Just another beautiful day in sunny L.A.


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