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The act we ignore unless we want it.

So I tempted him. I felt like the devil, asking for his soul in exchange for all the material things in life.

I lied. I told him the impossible. He liked it and being young, it was entertained as a thought.

I was only looking for his reaction. He held his own, but since he will be here all weekend, I will keep testing him to see what it takes for him to relinquish who he is.

It’s not fair. He’s young, but very knowledgeable about life and how it works. I do it with humor, with laughter and non-expectation. He is welcome to leave the game anytime it gets too much. But he likes it.

We need more of life.

I’m only entertainment.


April 5, 2014 - Leave a Response


That part of us that exposes our inner desires.


Like we pretend it isn’t there.

It’s only exposed when we want something.

And then, we try to cover up the fireworks with non pointedness. Hiding our most inner desires and wants.

We impose these restrictions upon ourselves for, what we call, protection.

There is no protection in this world. We’re only kidding ourselves. Belief in anything else is futile.

You may as well tell the truth to whom ever you need. Yes or no, it doesn’t matter.

Ultimately, there’s only now.


March 30, 2014 - Leave a Response


That which keeps us holy.

And for what?

Disappointment, lies, assumptions, desires, hopes and wishes for fulfilment.

We should live for freedom of whatever…wants, mind, desires and most of all, what we call reality.

Reality doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion we convey to ourselves to keep us focused and whole.

We’re not whole. We just think we are. We’re actually lost.

Just ask yourself.


March 28, 2014 - Leave a Response


Personal, perfect, privileged, protected, preferred, perform.

Like mountains you climb to acknowledge and verbosely tell the world, “you’ve conquered”.

And then, what?

Reality, regret, remorse, re-think.

The image on the outside may be different, but the reality is staked in stone.

Play the game, but live U.


March 22, 2014 - Leave a Response


Criteria for acceptance.

Like we need it.

We surround ourselves with life and it’s incumbrances and then someone comes along and places conditions upon us.

I begin to dance and I feel a presence around me. I look to see where it is coming from and there is only one person.

She appears nonchalant, but she is aware. I embrace the connection and my heart chakra comes ‘on”. It intensifies. She pretends not to notice, but she is aware. We’re both enjoying the connection. Her partner is totally un-aware.

She’s infused. He’s not.

I move from the stream and become one with the music. I see silly get-ups that pretend to be special. Lacking in any energy, they fall short of their expectations.

Lisa drives me home. I don’t feel like walking. She’s searching for fulfilment, like all of us. I give her encouragement, wishing her the best.

Unless we search inwardly, instead of outwardly with falsehoods, it’s never going to happen.


March 9, 2014 - Leave a Response


A moment when you realize things are not the same. It’s a page turning in your life.

Current becomes your past. Future becomes uncertain.

Like being born, everything is new.

When you’re older, it’s a step away from who you thought you were.

Join and enjoy the unknown. As scary as it may seem, there is always a tomorrow.

Whether we are here or not.

Lighted Windows On An Empty Bus

March 7, 2014 - Leave a Response


An expression deep from our souls.

There’s light, there’s darkness. Where do we go?

So we settle. It’s better than nothing.

There’s a moment. A connection. They leave to try out their connection and a possible future.

Is an empty bus better than our day-to-day?



March 2, 2014 - Leave a Response


A constant state of conflict.

A seemingly coherent congruous set of energies portraying a reality that doesn’t exist.

He’s worth all that I’ve ever tipped before, but, he’s so good he’s worth more to watch than to gift.

Maybe that’s the secret. In olden days if you gave more than what was expected, people were surprised and they rewarded you. Now-a-days they expect the most, or more than they want, and the reward is ‘finally’.

Nothing for the giver, everything for the taker.


February 28, 2014 - Leave a Response


A notion conveyed upon us by our parents.

It’s meaningful. We can’t avoid it’s encumbrences.

Those who ignore it have no concience.

It’s for our own good, weather we know it or not. Supposedly it guides to a higher ‘state of being’.

What is this state?

A connection we fail to observe in any moment to moment.

There is only us here in a universe of vibrating material to guide us to the next moment.

Wake up and enjoy your surroundings.


February 22, 2014 - Leave a Response


A step away from presumption.

An emotion that rules our day-to-day lives. It’s a comparison.

Comparison to what? Just our own life experiences. What if our life experiences have been limited by factors.

Factors like environment, society, the status quo, or even inner desires.

To presume almost says ‘we know something the other doesn’t’.

But the spoils go to the ‘controller’. We either hide what we most inwardly want or we take the step to freedom.

Scary if your young.

When you’re older and have nothing to lose by ‘knowing different’, it’s just another day.


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